Pearson's Magazine, Nide 17

C. Arthur Pearson Limited, 1904
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Pearson's Magazine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Pearson's Magazine was an influential publication which first appeared in Britain in 1896. It specialised in speculative literature, political discussion, ... wiki/ Pearson's_Magazine

Books: Periodicals, Two 1897 Pearson's Magazine Bound Volumes with ...
Two 1897 Pearson's Magazine Bound Volumes with Complete Serialization of hg Wells' The War of the Worlds. (London: C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., 1897), ... common/ view_item.php?Sale_No=658& Lot_No=25738& src=pr

bfronline.BIZ - Fletcher Robinson & the 'Mummy' (Part II)
It is interesting to note that both Pearson's Magazine and The Daily Express ... The August 1909 edition of Pearson's Magazine also features an article that ... index.php?id=68& Itemid=9& option=com_content& task=view

C. ARTHUR PEARSON HERE; English Journalist Who Owns Many ...
... proprietor of the London halfpenny newspaper, The Daily Express, and of, a score of weekly and monthly publications. including Pearson's Magazine, ... gst/ abstract.html?res=F40614F83B5414728DDDAD0994DE405B818CF1D3

Heretics -- The Mildness of the Yellow Press
I found it (as the reader has already eagerly guessed) in Pearson's Magazine, while I was communing (soul to soul) with Mr. C. Arthur Pearson, ... ~mward/ gkc/ books/ heretics/ ch8.html

Pearson's Magazine, published Monthly. London: Horace Cox for C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., October 1909: The second part (only) of 'Lieutenant Shackleton's Own ... shackleton-news.php?id=101546

Victorian Studies--The Indian Woman, the Flower Girl, and the Jew ...
In October 1904, Pearson's Magazine announced a "striking" new series of articles to commence in its pages, entitled "The Heart of Things. ... journals/ victorian/ vic42-1.html

Pearson's Magazine Volume 6 - July to December 1898: London, C. Arthur Pearson Ltd, 1898. ... Pearson's Magazine Volume 7- January to June 1899: London, ... newspapers_magazines.htm

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