Philosophical Dimensions of Privacy: An Anthology

Ferdinand David Schoeman
Cambridge University Press, 30.11.1984 - 426 sivua
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The aim of compiling the various essays presented here is to make readily accessible many of the most significant and influential discussions of privacy to be found in the literature. In addition to being representative of the diversity of attitudes toward privacy, this collection has a coherence that results from the authors' focus on the same issues and theories. The main issue addressed in this book is the moral significance of privacy. Some social science and legal treatments are included because of their direct bearing on the moral issues that privacy raises. In addition to the classics on privacy, the author has included an interpretative essay on the privacy literature, which provides a philosophical guideline as to what the issues are and how various thinkers have contributed to their resolution.

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Quite a few issues around privacy, confidentiality, and the handling of information - applying to many if not most or all sectors of society. Lue koko arvostelu

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Social distance and the veil
The origins of modern claims to privacy
The right to privacy the implicit made explicit
Privacy a legal analysis
an answer
Privacy a moral analysis
Privacy freedom and respect for persons
Privacy and selfincrimination
Intimacy and privacy
Why privacy is important
some arguments and assumptions
An economic theory of privacy
Privacy and the limits of law
Privacy and intimate information
Selected bibliography

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Schoeman is professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina.

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