A Climatic Atlas of European Breeding Birds

Lynx Edicions, 2007 - 521 sivua

The Dignity of Heritage makes a radical break with routinised accounts and definitions of cultural heritage and with the existing or e~establishede(tm) canon of cultural heritage texts. Jacques Derridae(tm)s rallying call to e~restore heritage to dignitye(tm) is taken as an alternative guiding metaphor by which this book critically re-visits the core question e" what constitutes cultural heritage? Engaging with concerns (notably the moral-ethical issues) that shape and define the possible futures of cultural heritage studies, the book aligns with a wider e~anthropological perspectivee(tm) on cultural heritage studies. It chimes with scholarship committed to disrupting the e~Eurocentrisme(tm) which continues to underpin cultural heritage theory/ practice and also with a contemporary e~politics of recognitione(tm) which is bound up in articulating new, alternative or e~parallele(tm) characterisations of heritage value.

The Dignity of Heritage provides the intellectual impetus and critical frame-work by which cultural heritage discourse can undergo a process of radical reflection, fundamental re-conceptualisation and engage in a subsequent reconstruction of its core heritage values, practices and ethics. The Dignity of Heritage is of transformative value in outlining and creating new and future agendas within cultural heritage discourse

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