Abraham in History and Tradition

Echo Point Books & Media, 2014 - 350 sivua

Originally published by Yale University Press, Abraham in History and Tradition evaluates previous scholarly insight on the early patriarchal period while challenging many dominant views in Biblical Studies and providing criticism on tradition history and documentary hypothesis. Upon its initial publication in 1975, this landmark work provided fresh insight in the fields of Near Eastern Studies and Biblical Archaeology. Well-researched and cogent, Van Seters' groundbreaking analysis remains relevant and continues to inspire new research in the present.

John Van Seters is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

"An important work which cannot be ignored."

--Journal of Biblical Literature

"The author has undertaken an objective evaluation of the more serious scholarly attempts at reconstructing the early Patriarchal Period during the past half century of archaeologically oriented research. . . . He presents a wealth of extra biblical material, in conjunction with the biblical, to determine how much of the data dealing with Abraham (and in part with Isaac) are historical and how the data in general are to be handled. . . . The study provides a badly needed whiff of fresh air in a period whose scholarly atmosphere has become stale. Three useful indexes . . . bring this volume to a close."

--Harry Orlinsky, JWB Circle

"Old Testament Scholars have learned to expect critical precision and provocative insight from the pen of John Van Seters. His book on the Abraham traditions meets those expectations in detail not previously available in print and this must be welcomed by all involved in Pentateuchal research."

--George W. Coats, Interpretation

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