Creating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders

SAGE, 2010 - 151 sivua

A practical guide for building and sustaining top-performing teams

Readers will gain practical skills for navigating, from a group's creation to maintaining highly effective teams. Packed with straightforward strategies for building and supporting well-managed, high performing teams, this book examines why teams are important, how they function, and what makes them productive.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Diversity within teams. Discussions have been added throughout the text, focusing on how different ethnic and cultural groups may have differing perceptions of group interactions. The book details specific strategies for respecting divergent beliefs while remaining effective.
  • More real-life examples and problem-solving skills. Step-by-step directions for becoming a high-performing team are included.
  • New checklists and self-evaluations. Building on those included in the Second Edition, these provide even more information on the reader's personal leader or team member style.
  • Research references added. Readers are provided with the theory and research background for the practical, application-based material in the text.

A bestseller in previous editions, Creating Effective Teams, Third Edition is intended for students and team leaders and members in organizational studies, management, human resources, social psychology, education, group studies, leadership, sociology and communication.



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Susan A. Wheelan, PhD, is president of GDQ Associates, Inc. Until recently, she was professor of Psychological Studies and faculty director of the Training and Development Center at Temple University. Currently she is teaching at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. She also has worked in a number of school, hospital, and clinical settings. Dr. Wheelan received Temple University's Great Teacher Award in 1992. She is coeditor of The Lewin Legacy: Field Theory in Current Practice and Advances in Field Theory. She coauthored How to Discipline Without Feeling Guilty. Dr. Wheelan is the author of Facilitating Training Groups, Group Processes: A Developmental Perspective, and Creating Effective Teams: A Guide for Members and Leaders. She has written numerous articles for publication as well. Dr. Wheelan has provided consultation to a wide variety of organizations. She has led workshops and training seminars on such topics as Executive Development, The Role of the Internal Consultant, Working in Teams, Management Skills, Communica-tion Skills, Dealing With Difficult Employees, Leadership, Conflict Management, and many more. She has been an invited speaker in England, Ireland, Israel, the Netherlands, and throughout the United States. Topics included group and organizational develop-ment, diversity, and conflict management.

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