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ETHICS REVISED EDITION by JOHN DEWEY. Originally published in 1908. PREFACE TO THE 1932 EDITION: IT is a fair question whether to call this edition of 1932 a revision or a new book. The basic plan remains the same perspective and setting have changed. About two-thirds of the present edition has been newly written, and frequent changes in detail will be found in the remainder. The twenty-four years since 1908 have seen a great in crease of interest in the field of ethics. At the time of publication of the original edition few in America were writing on moral problems. Since then a number of texts for college and university use attests the importance of the subject in educational curricula economists, sociologists, political scien tists, and historians discuss the moral as well as the technical aspects of their subject-matter several volumes approaching moral questions from the point of view of the general reader have appeared. In a world where wars may wreck any na tional or individual life, where wealth and insecurity go hand in hand, where class still divides, and religion no longer speaks with unquestioned authority, the need of study and reflection becomes increasingly evident. It is equally evident that if the authors were to arrogate the decision of difficult questions they would thereby defeat the purpose of ethical study. The aim in this, as in the earlier edition, is to induce a habit of thoughtful consideration, of envisaging the full meaning and consequences of individual conduct and social policies, and to aid the student with tools and method. As tools, the processes in which morals took form, and certain of the notable conceptions by which the moral consciousness has been interpreted. As method, the open mind toward new values as well as toward those tested by experience, and persistent effort to pursue analysis and inquiry until underlying principles or assumptions are reached and examined. As regards details, changes in Part I will be found in Chap ters I, III, and VI. A new chapter on the Roman contribution has been added, and the chapter on the Modern Period has been almost entirely rewritten. Part II has been recast the method of presentation has been changed and the material practically all rewritten. Part III with the exception of pages 489-495 is new. J. D. J. H. T. March, 1932.

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