Japji Sahib - Yoga of the Mind

Tammi, 20.7.2015
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Let yogic wisdom bring you peace of mind!

Japji Sahib - Yoga of the Mind is a practical guide to all who seek a meaning for life and a meaningful life!

Japji is a sacred bani, transmitted by Guru Nanak in the Middle Age in India, yet astonishingly relevant today. The new translation and commentary of Shabad Deep Kaur¿s bring forth a message of love, compassion and tolerance that can wash your day to day life back to it¿s true colour. The commentaries draw from a number of spiritual traditions and lived-out life, offering background to the poetic verses, instructing in how the verses can be used as tools for mind control and mindfulness. Japji marks out a way to a Yoga practice that does not have to make you sweat!Foreword by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

Shabad Deep Kaur (Teija Enoranta) is a Kundalini Yoga as well as Integral Yoga Hatha teacher and a Yoga therapist. She has studied Yoga in the USA as well as Europe, and now teaches in Europe. Her workshops and retreats are known as powerful forums of change. Shabad Deep has also translated Japji Sahib into Finnish


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