Jihad!: The Secret War in Afghanistan

Mainstream, 2000 - 282 sivua
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Mercenary soldiers come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. But somewhere in the middle are the specialists. In many cases they live under false names and travel on bogus papers, living in a twilight world under the arms-length protection of the intelligence services; fighting their battles and returning quietly to anonymity, they leave regular soldiers to bask in the glory. One such is Tom Carew. ONE MAN ARMY is a fast-paced first person narrative which will be organised in three sections. Part One will cover Tom's early life and military service, his service in the SAS and his involvement in the Maldives coup; Part Two will recount Operations Fairfax and Felix the mission to Afghanistan and Part Three will describe Operation Clover, Tom's activities in the Balkans. Although Carew was indeed a serving member of the SAS, his story rises effortlessly above the tired cliches and adolescent machismo of the `SAS Memoir' genre and works superbly as a classic, timeless adventure story. Carew's account includes combat action against the Serbian Army, Soviet Spetsnaz special forces and Afghan mercenaries; the high tension of a covert arms buying mission in Poland, Germany and Communist Bulgaria - which included the hijack of a freight aircra

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A memoir of the author's covert operations in Afghanistan, during the initial period of Soviet control there. The SAS man is sent in to reconnoitre possible training locations and to gather Soviet ... Lue koko arvostelu



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