Knowledge for Action: A Guide to Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Change

Wiley, 15.4.1993 - 309 sivua
The landmark book Action Science introduced a revolutionary theory of Organizational inquiry that demonstrated ways to solve problems, enhance human development and learning, and promote individual, organizational, and social change. Now, Chris Argyris translates the powerful theoretical approach presented in that work into practical advice for researchers and managers. Knowledge for Action presents a step-by-step description of how to assess an organization's capacity to learn, analyze the data, and design and implement effective interventions that help create a more dynamic and innovative organization. Argyris demonstrates how his proven research methods produce actionable knowledge - knowledge that tests the validity of the research methods themselves when used in day-to-day operations - and calls for a genuine partnership between professionals and researchers both to implement the research properly and to test its results in everyday life. Using a detailed case study of a professional service organization, Argyris illustrates how to reduce counterproductive politics and implement change from the top down. Drawing from interviews with and observations of top management, he shows how to identify and correct defensive routines and political problems that occur in organizations. By presenting transcripts of actual discussions, the author reveals how previously "undiscussable" problems can be resolved and how adversarial relationships can be turned into productive partnerships. He includes checklists, charts, and scoring procedures that researchers and line managers can use to make lasting changes to the status quo.

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Uncovering Roadblocks to Improvement
Defensive Routines That Limit Learning
Diagnosing and Intervening

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CHRIS ARGYRIS is James Bryant Conant professor of organizational behavior in the graduate schools of business and education at Harvard University. His previous Jossey-Bass books include Action Science (with Robert Putnam and Diana McLain Smith, 1985), and Theory in Practice (with Donald A. Schojn, 1974).

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