Puppy ABC

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Puppy ABC is not just a book. It is a tool for a breeder to provide the puppy buyer with good instructions. For a puppy, its first months in the new home are very important. During that time, the basis of the behavior is created for the rest of the dog's life. This crucial time period begins as soon as the puppy arrives at its new home. Therefore, it is worth the effort if the breeder invests time in advising and instructing the puppy buyer. One solution is to give them this Puppy ABC book. The target group of this Puppy ABC book is puppy buyers. Those people, who will be living with the puppy. The book approaches the topic from the breeder's point of view, the emphasis is on the good care of the dog before and after it moves to its new home.


A carefully considered change of life
You live in three times your puppy
Energetic is not naughty
Puppys safety net rips catch 23 Operation output out
You can always be a bad example
Aggression alliance of hairy mohicans
Feeding model and recommendation
Antennas suitable for listening
Counting teeth
A heatstroke is a horrible way to die
Vaccination protects your puppy
lead you not into temptation
Not words but deeds relaxing
Nicely at home getting used
About rewarding

Pleasant manicure or cursed torture?

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Salme Mujunen has Master ́s degree in Philosophy and Chemistry. She is a teacher of these subjects, a pedagog, freelancer journalist, and non-fiction author. She is also an entrepreneur providing different dog-related services like training courses in several dog sports, lecturing and private lessons for dog owners. She acts as evaluator and degree master of the Finnish vocational examination for animal trainers. Mujunen has published six non-fiction dog books in Finnish: Road to obedience championship (2006), Breed-specific behavior in dog sports (2009), From puppy to youngster (2011), Agility courses, part 1 & 2 (2012), Structure of the Dog - Extended Course (2015). Mujunen is a certified principal judge of obedience and agility competitions and has judged them both in national and international levels as well as in championship competitions. Mujunen has successfully bred a Finnish breed, Lapponian Herder, and has received the highest Finnish prize for dog breeders, the Vuolasvirta prize. She has bred several Finnish Champions, Finnish Winners and successful and prized dogs of several dog sports. She has extremely wide experience of different dog breeds and she has been selected in the Finnish list of special dog experts.

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