Quality Function Deployment: Integrating Customer Requirements Into Product Design

Taylor & Francis, 3.11.2004 - 369 sivua
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is a method for satisfying customers by translating their demands into design targets and quality assurance points. For a thorough "how-to" on the implementation of QFD, we went directly to the source -- Yoji Akao, the creator of QFD and one of the foremost leaders of the Japanese Total Quality Control movement.

In this unprecedented book he explains the concepts and methods of this remarkable systems engineering approach. Filled with case studies, detailed charts, and over 100 diagrams, this book is a complete reference tool for QFD implementation.

It includes—

  • Use of the demanded quality deployment chart.
  • Using and promoting quality charts.
  • Using quality control process charts: QFD at the pre-production.
  • Quality deployment and reliability deployment.
  • Quality development in the construction industry.
  • QFD for the service industry.
  • QFD for software development.
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