Searching for a Cultural Diplomacy

Jessica C. E. Gienow-Hecht, Mark C. Donfried
Berghahn Books, 1.11.2010 - 278 sivua
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Recent studies on the meaning of cultural diplomacy in the twentieth century often focus on the United States and the Cold War, based on the premise that cultural diplomacy was a key instrument of foreign policy in the nation’s effort to contain the Soviet Union. As a result, the term “cultural diplomacy” has become one-dimensional, linked to political manipulation and subordination and relegated to the margin of diplomatic interactions. This volume explores the significance of cultural diplomacy in regions other than the United States or “western” countries, that is, regions that have been neglected by scholars so far—Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. By examining cultural diplomacy in these regions, the contributors show that the function of information and exchange programs differs considerably from area to area depending on historical circumstances and, even more importantly, on the cultural mindsets of the individuals involved.


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What Are We Searching For? Culture Diplomacy Agents and the State
Power Distance and the Promise of Civil Society
Part I Cultural Relations and the Soviet Union
The Third Dimension of Soviet Foreign Policy
Chapter 2 Mission Impossible? Selling Soviet Socialism to Americans 19551958
Part II Cultural Diplomacy in Central Europe
Echoes of Western Cultural Activity in a Communist Country
Chapter 4 Catholics in Ostpolitik? Networking and Nonstate Diplomacy in the Bensberger Memorandum 19661970
Part III Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East
Chapter 5 International Rivalry and Culture in Syria and Lebanon under the French Mandate
Chapter 6 The United States and the Limits of Cultural Diplomacy in the Arab Middle East 19451957
Part IV Civil Society and Cultural Diplomacy in Japan
Nitobe Inazo 18621933 and His Generation
National Commitments to Cultural Relations within Regional Frameworks

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Mark C. Donfried is the founder and director of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in New York City. He is currently based at the ICD European Headquarters in Berlin, where he also holds a Visiting Professorship at Humboldt University. His current research and publishing focuses on civil society–based cultural diplomacy.

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