Sharing Nature with Children: A Parents' and Teachers' Nature-awareness Guidebook

Ananda Publications, 1979 - 143 sivua
The guidebook presents 42 educational games designed for people of all temperaments and intended to open up nature to children (ages 3 and up) and adults. The games are organized in seven major sections according to the type of activity: Close Up with Nature, How Much Can You See, Nature's Balance, Learning Is Fun, Play and Discovery, Spotting and Attracting Animals, and Adventures. To help the teacher choose the right game for the time and place, each game description includes a quick reference guide indicating the concepts, attitudes, and qualities it teaches; when and where to play; the number of players; the best age range; the specific materials required; and the game's basic mood (calm and reflective, active and observational, or energetic and playful). Among the activities included are a scavenger hunt, animal identification games, bird calls, predator-prey games, camouflage, and observation games. A short introduction explains five rules of outdoor teaching: teach less and share more; be receptive; focus the child's attention rapidly; look and experience first, then talk; and let the experience be joyful. Each game is indexed in four ways according to its mood, its environment, the concepts it teaches, and the attitudes and qualities it encourages. (Author/SB)

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Introduction Mf
How Much Can You See?
Natures Balance

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Joseph Cornell, founder of the Sharing Nature Foundation, is one of the most highly regarded nature educators in the world today. He has written several books, including Sharing Nature with Children, Sharing the Joy of Nature, Listening to Nature, and Journey to the Heart of Nature. Cornell has been a classroom teacher, a school district outdoor educator, a Boy Scout camp naturalist in the High Sierras, a workshop and keynote speaker, and a Living History presenter. Cornell was nominated for The Right Livelihood Award, an international peace prize from Sweden, in 1982 and has received the Honorary Award from the National Association of Interpreters.

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