Shoot on Location: The Logistics of Filming on Location, Whatever Your Budget Or Experience

Taylor & Francis, 2011 - 215 sivua

You have a strong vision for how your movie should look, but how do you find the perfect spot to shoot and how do you organize the complex logistics of such a shoot once you find that perfect location? In this comprehensive guide, industry veteran Kathy M. McCurdy provides everything you need to know to get out on location-from how to break down the script, public relations tips for successful location scouting, negotiating with property owners, permitting on public property, how to handle complaints, and even where to put the very unattractive port-a-potties. It also includes samples of all the different forms and contracts you'll need and breaks down everything from where to park the trucks to when you need police on the set. Filled with real-life examples and actual filming situations, Shoot on Location provides everything you need to know from scouting through the wrap.


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CHAPTER 1 You Dont Make Your Movie in a Bubble
CHAPTER 2 The Business of Show Biz
Analyzing the Script
CHAPTER 4 Before You Scout
CHAPTER 5 Your Kodak Moments
Im Location Scouting
CHAPTER 7 Before You Shoot
CHAPTER 8 Shoot and Wrap
CHAPTER 9 Film Commissions and Location Incentives
CHAPTER 10 Student Filmmakers 411

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (2011)

Kathy M. McCurdy, in her previous role as the director of features at the San Diego Film Commission, worked on such films as Almost Famous, Transformers 2, Traffic, and Mr. Wrong. As a location manager, she has been credited on films including The Price She Paid, Tainted Blood, Rubdown, and Accidental Meeting. She worked at the film commission for fifteen years and continues to speak about location shooting every semester at various film schools.

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