Tears of Rage

Simon and Schuster, 1.12.2009 - 336 sivua
As the host of the immensely popular America's Most Wanted, John Walsh has been instrumental in the capture of nearly four hundred and fifty of this country's most dangeroues fugitives. However, few know the full story of the personal tragedy behind his public crusade: the 1981 abduction and murder of his six-year-old son, Adam. Here, for the first time, Walsh, his wife Revé, and their closest friends tell the wrenching tale of Adam's death -- and the infuriating conspiracy of events that have kept America's No. 1 crime fighter from obtaining justice and closure for himself and his family.
"I've never really spoken about these things to anyone before, but I want to talk about Adam before he died. I want people to know just exactly how horrible it is to lose your child, how painful it is. But I also want to talk about how people can help you, and how you can help yourself. About how to come to terms with life when you think you're dying of a broken heart." -- John Walsh
"I remember thinking, 'our son's been murdered, and now we've got to be the ones to do something about it' It was a sad thing for this country that the fight had to be led by two broken-down parents of a murdered child. But we had to, because no one else was going to do it." -- Revé Walsh

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Great book. Always heard the stories about Adam Walsh when I was a kid, and everything I heard was true. Difficult book to read, but it must have been even more difficult to live thru it. Very inspiring man! Lue koko arvostelu

TEARS OF RAGE: FROM GRIEVING FATHER TO CRUSADR FR: From Grieving Father to Crusader for Justice: The Untold Story of the Adam Walsh Case

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When his son was kidnapped and murdered, Walsh, best known as the host of TV's America's Most Wanted, sought justice, only to be rebuffed by an infuriatingly cold legal system. Here is his account. Lue koko arvostelu


Prologue Bnnkflne
The SearchPart I
The Police
Law Enforcement
America s Most Wanted
The Case File
The Evidence
The Upshot
The Ending

The SearchPart II
Crime Victims Rights Amendment

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In addition to his hosting duties on AMERICA'S MOST WANTED, John Walsh is also co-host and co-producer of both "Final Justice" and "European Manhunter." There are also plans to continue his hit television movies "From The Files of AMERICA'S MOST WANTED."

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