The Dynamics of Change: Tavistock Approaches to Improving Social Systems

Karnac Books, 1.1.2013 - 242 sivua
This book contains reflections of the most important theories and practices of the 'Tavistock tradition' over the past 80 to 90 years - psychoanalysis (the role of thought); socio-technical systems (the interaction between people and technology in workplaces); theories of leadership, research and evaluation methodologies; participant design and greater democratization of the workplace.

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Mannie Sher is a Principal Social Scientist and Director of the Group Relations Programme at the Tavistock Institute, London. He manages organizational development and change projects and consults to top management of organizations on the role of leadership in effecting strategic change. He is a Fellow of the British Association of Psychotherapists and a practicing psychoanalytical psychotherapist. Sher has published on subjects of consultancy, leadership, organizational development, ethics and corruption. He is a member of ISPSO, OFEK and OPUS.

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