William Shakespeare

C.N. Potter, 1987 - 61 sivua
Shakespeare's reputation as a playwright overshadows the fact that he was perhaps an even greater poet. This selection of his poetry -- sonnets, and songs and verse from the plays, some justly familiar, others less known -- offers the quintessence of his remarkable art and provides an enticing introduction to his work.
The songs and sonnets are accompanied by Elizabethan miniatures and illuminated manuscripts, the verse from plays is accompanied by paintings of the nineteenth century.

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Come unto these yellow sands
My mistress eyes are nothing like the sun
The barge she sat in like a burnished throne
Ye elves of hills brooks standing lakes and groves

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (1987)

Peter Porter is a firm believer in the doctrine that poets make the best critics of poetry. He left his native Australia in 1951 to live in London, where he is now well established as poet, editor, critic and broadcaster. His Collected Poems were published in 1983. He won the poetry category of the Whitbread Prize in 1988.

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