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Letters from General Taylor.

1846, June 25, (No. 55.)-Encloses proceedings of courts martial. [Not copied.]
July 2.-Acknowledges communications. [Not copied.]

July 3, (No. 59.)—Supplies an omission in his report of the action of the 9th of May.
July 11, (No. 60.)—Arrival of boats; commencement of movement to Camargo.
July 16.-Acknowledges receipt of commission as brevet major general.
July 16, (No. 61.)-Encloses returns.

July 16, (No. 62.)-Encloses proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.]

July 18, (No. 63.)-Encloses returns. [Not copied.]

July 22, (No. 63.)—Occupation of Camargo; regular course of moving thither; difficulty of throwing supplies up the river.

July 28, (No. 67.)-Reports action in the case of a lieutenant in the army.

July 29, (No. 68.)-Unauthorized proceedings of Colonel Harney in an expedition on the Presidio.

July 30, (No. 69.)-Arrival and forward movement of twelve-months volunteers; discharge of Louisiana volunteers.

July 31.-Encloses muster rolls. [Not copied.]

August 1, (No. 71.)-Proceedings of court-martial; list of killed and wounded.
August 3, (No. 72.)-Statement of officers in the affairs of the 8th and 9th of May.
August 10, (No. 73.)-Arrived at Camargo; shall move by the 1st of September with

6,000 troops; valley of San Juan reconnoitred; Mier occupied.

August 14, (No. 74.)-Relative to Captain Taylor's company and its battery.
August 15, (No. 75.)-Copies of instructions to General Wool.
August 19, (No. 76.)-Forward movement of the 1st brigade to Serralvo.
August 23, (No. 77.)-Proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.]

August 25, (No. 78.)-Intelligence from the interior; Paredes deposed; state of things
at Monterey; 2d brigade has marched; volunteers have been organized.

August 26, (No. 79.)-Sends papers relative to projected movement of the federal party in the department of Tamaulipas, [the enclosures not copied, being confidential.]

August 28, (No. 80.)-Suggests a clothing depot.

August 31, (No. 81.)-Proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.]

September 2, (No. 84.)-Scarcity of medical officers with the army, with a copy of the Surgeon General's report of the 29th of July.

September 3, (No. 85.)—Organization of troops en route; is about to take the field;

no recent intelligence from the interior; state of things at San Antonio; General Patterson will remain in command in rear.

September 4, (No. 88.)-Report from General Worth, giving intelligence from the interior; sends proclamation of Ampudia.

September 12, (No. 87.)-Concentration of troops at Cerralvo; shall march on Mon terey on the 13th; news from the interior.

September 17, (No. 88.)-Concentration of force at Marin; particulars of advance. September 22, (No. 89.)-Reports operations before Monterey. [Published in Senate Doc. No. 1, 2d session 29th Congress; not here copied.

September 23, (No. 90.)—Operations of 22d and 23d. [Published in Senate Doc. No. 1, 2d session 29th Congress; not here copied.]

1846, September 28, (No. 92.-Departure of the enemy; reports from General Wool of the

15th of September.

October 6, (No. 93.)—Discharge of Texas mounted volunteers; 2d infantry ordered forward.

October 9, (No. 94.)—Detailed report of operations before Monterey. [Published in

Senate Doc. No. 1, 2d session 29th Congress; not here copied.]

October 11, (No. 95.)-Relative to a murder at Monterey.

October 13, (No. 97.)-Reports death of Lieutenant Graham, and refers to an intercepted mail.

October 20, (No. 99.)-Acknowledges communications.

October 27, (No. 101.)-Intelligence from General Wool's column.
October 28, (No. 102.)-Reports death of Captain Ridgely.
November 2, (No. 103.)-Reports death of Major Lear.

November 3, (No. 104.)-Report in case of disabled men; acknowledges communica


November 8, (No. 106.)-Acknowledges communications with respect to Captain


November 10.-Acknowledges communications.


November 11, (No. 109.)-Proceedings of court-martial. [Not copied.]
November 16, (No. 111.)—Has taken possession of Saltillo.
November 16.-Acknowledges communications. [Not copied.]
November 23, (No. 112.)-Correspondence with Santa Anna.
December 3, (No. 118.)-Reports death of General Hamer.

December 4, (No. 119.)-Correspondence with Santa Anna; exchange of prisoners.
December 7, (No. 120.)-Return of troops. [Not copied.]

December 26, (No. 126.)-Colonel Croghan sent to Austin to muster in Texas regi.


1847, February 6.-Letter of Adjutant General, with papers marked

A. Letters from Major General Scott to Major General Taylor.

B. Letters from Adjutant General to General Taylor.

C. Synopsis of ditto.

D. Orders issued by General Taylor.

E. Synopsis of ditto.

F. Special orders issued by General Taylor.

G. Synopsis of ditto.

• Relative to transportation.

Memoranda for the chiefs of staff bureaus from Major General Scott, of the 15th and 18th of May, 1846.

Letters from General Taylor.

1846, June 10, (No. 51.)-Refers to the great number of volunteers arriving at Point Isabel, and the entire want of suitable transportation for a movement up the river. July 1. From the Secretary of War to General Taylor, in answer, with memoranda of the Quartermaster General.

June 17, (No. 52)-From General Taylor; no recent advices from general headquarters; failure in New Orleans to send out other means of transportation, or a

mail; intelligence respecting the Mexican troops at Linares; arrival of volunteers,
[not those under the act of 13th May ;] can do nothing with them for want of trans-
portation, and recommends that they return home; has sent Captain McCullock
towards Linares.

June 5.-From Captain Sanders, of the engineer corps, to the Secretary of War; re-
ports that he is sent as an agent by General Taylor to procure means of transpor-

June 24.-Quartermaster General to Captain Sanders, authorizing the purchase of

July 2.-Captain Sanders to Quartermaster General; has completed his purchases.
July 5.-Quartermaster General in reply, with a note by the Secretary of War, and
statements of Second Comptroller and requisition clerk.

1847, February 10.-Secretary of War to the Quartermaster General.

February 18.-The Quartermaster General's reply.

1846, September 1, (No. 83.)—From General Taylor, complaining of a deficiency in the

means of transportation in the Quartermaster's department.

September 21.-From the Secretary of War to the Quartermaster General, enclosing
the above.

December 5.-Reply of the Quartermaster General.

October 1.- From the Secretary of War to General Taylor, enclosing a copy of an
application from the Quartermaster General for orders to proceed to New Orleans
to direct the operations of his department in the southwest, and the answer of the
Secretary of the 1st October.

November 7.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to trans-

November 25.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to trans-

November 26.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to trans.

November 23.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to trans-

December 3.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to trans-

December 27.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to trans-

December 29.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to trans-

1847, January 1.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to transpor


January 2.-From Quartermaster General to Secretary of War, relative to transpor-
tation, and the deficiency of ordnance and topographical officers.

February 25.-Letter of Colonel Stanton, submitting letters from Quartermaster
General's office in relation to transportation for General Taylor's army.

Letters from officers and agents of the Quartermaster's department, to the Quartermaster General's office, in relation to transportation for the same.

Letters from the Quartermaster General, after leaving Washington, in relation to transportation for the same.

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Washington, May 13, 1846.

SIR: Enclosed I send you a proclamation of the President of the United States, of this day, announcing the existence of war between this country and the republic of Mexico. You will act in reference to this change of our foreign relations, in the discharge of your official duties, so far as they may be affected by it. Very respectfully, your obedient servan',

Brigadier General Z. TAYLOR,
Commanding Army of Occupation

Secretary of War.

on the Rio Grande, Texas.

Brigadier General Z. TAYLOR,

[Addressed also to generals of divisions, generals commanding military departments, and officers commanding posts.]

WAR DEPARTMENT, May 23, 1846.

SIR: Major General Gaines having made calls on the governors of Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri, for volunteers to be sent to your aid, you are informed that these calls have been recognised by the President to the extent of the number already furnished by them. You will receive them in the same manner as those embraced in your requisition. The department is not yet advised of the number sent to join you.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Secretary of War.

Commanding Army of Occupation

on the Rio Grande, Texas.

WAR DEPARTMENT, May 28, 1846.

SIR: As it appears that Major General Gaines, in sending forward volunteers to Texas, has exceeded the call made by you for

that description of force, it would seem proper that this excess should be disposed of in such manner as to cause as little expense and embarrassment to the service as possible. The call of General Gaines has been recognised to the extent of the number of volunteers already sent to you, and you will therefore receive them into service. But as all these troops, as well as those embraced in your requisitions, have been called out under the act of the 28th February, 1795, which limits their term of service to three months, it is suggested that you organize out of that number such as may be disposed to volunteer for the period of twelve months, under the act of the 13th of May instant, until you may have a force of that description sufficient to meet your views and wishes, and then discharge and send home the remaining three-months men. The governors of the several States, from which these three-months men have come, will be requested to aid you in changing them into volunteers for a year, under the recent act of Congress, by giving commissions to those who (not having received them) may volunteer to serve as officers. Should companies, battalions, or regiments, of the present three-months men, organize and offer their services under the act of the 13th of May, you are hereby authorized by the President to accept and at once muster them into service. It is important that you should give the department the earliest information of your proceedings in this respect.

You are advised to prosecute the war with vigor, in the manner you may deem most effective. Not knowing what are the operations you propose to carry on, I cannot well determine the number of volunteers you will be likely to want. I am anxious to hear your views as to the measures you propose to execute. It is hoped that while the season favors, you will make such progress as that your troops may be enabled safely to occupy healthy positions before the less healthy season commences. I wish to be favored with your views as to what should be the future operations of the army on the Rio Grande, and the movement you propose to make before the commencement of the rainy season, which is supposed to be such as may arrest or impede, for a short time, effective hostilities. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

[blocks in formation]

SIR: Enclosed I transmit an order assigning you to duty according to your rank as brevet major general. I also send you a copy

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