Appletons' Annual Cyclopaedia and Register of Important Events, Nide 9;Nide 24

D. Appleton & Company, 1885

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Sivu 209 - Hall not provided for the Senators ; for the tellers, Secretary of the Senate, and Clerk of the House of Representatives, at the Clerk's desk ; for the other officers of the two Houses, in front of the Clerk's desk and upon each side of the Speaker's platform.
Sivu 199 - States from any foreign port or place in North America, Central America, the West India Islands, the Bahama Islands, the Bermuda Islands, or the coast of South America bordering on the Caribbean Sea, or the Sandwich Islands, or Newfoundland...
Sivu 423 - Whatever differences of opinion may exist as to the extent and boundaries of the police power, and however difficult it may be to render a satisfactory definition of it, there seems to be no doubt that it does extend to the protection of the lives, health, and property of the citizens, and to the preservation of good order and the public morals.
Sivu 263 - Superior; thence through Lake Superior northward of the Isles Royal and Phelipeaux, to the Long Lake ; thence through the middle of said Long Lake, and the water communication between it and the Lake of the Woods...
Sivu 174 - I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord. I will pay my vows unto the Lord now in the presence of all his people.
Sivu 307 - ... in the proportion of one part of cement, two parts of sand and four parts of stone or gravel, or in such proportion as to produce a maximum density.
Sivu 185 - An act for the establishment of a bureau of animal industry, to prevent the exportation of diseased cattle, and to provide means for the suppression and extirpation of pleuro-pneumonia and other contagious diseases among domestic animals," and to co-operate with the authorities of the United States in the enforcement of the provisions of such act.
Sivu 230 - SEC. 3. The compensation of members of the General Assembly shall not exceed three hundred dollars for the term for ' which they are elected, and one mileage each way for the regular session, at the rate of twenty-five cents per mile; they shall also receive one mileage at the same rate for attending any extra session called by the Governor.
Sivu 425 - Regulations for these purposes may press with more or less weight upon one than upon another, but they are designed, not to impose unequal or unnecessary restrictions upon any one, but to promote, with as little individual inconvenience as possible, the general good.
Sivu 197 - Government, traveling on the business of that Government, or their servants, with a note of such facts), and the names and other particulars as shown by their respective certificates; and such list shall be sworn to by the master in the manner required by law in relation to the manifest of the cargo.

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