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Singular Place Names (Vol.v, p. 237, etc). I find the following list of American place names in an English publication: Alkaliburg, Bleeder's Gulch, Bloody Bend, Boanerges Ferry, Breeches Fork, Bludgeonsville, Bugville, Butter's Sell, Buried Pipe, Cairoville, Clean Deck, Daughter's Loss, Euchreville, Eurekapolis, Eurekaville, Fighting Cocks, Hell and Nails Crossing, Hezekiahville, Hide and Seek, Jack Pot, Joker, Murderville, Nettle Carrier, Numaville, Peddlecake, Poker Flat, Poawottomieville, Plumpville, Roaring Fox, Sharper's Creek, Skeletonville Agency, Soaker's Ranche, Spottedville, Starvation, Stuck-upCanon, Thief's End, Tombstone, Villa Realville, Yellow Medicine, etc.



Calf of Man (Vol. v, p. 244).—Our own Delaware affords two examples of the same idea of naming groups of islands or shoals from the image of the animal and her young. The Hen and Chickens is the name of a shoal just below Cape Henlopen and of another above Philadelphia nearly opposite Rancocas creek. The application in these cases of the hen and her brood is peculiarly pertinent to the irregular, straying form of the ridges of rock or sand.

H. L. B.


Parallel Passages. The parallelism noted in Vol. v, p. 251, between Keble's line, "Without thee I cannot live," and a passage from Quarles' "Emblems," brings to mind a third passage from Drayton's poem (1613), "To his Coy Love," which ends, "I cannot live without thee." But I do not think the parallelism in either case is very close, or very remarkable.



Devil in Geography (Vol. v, p. 265). -Devil's river is a considerable stream in Valverde county, Tex. Cañon Diablo is a remarkable chasm of Arizona. Devil's Gate and Devil's Slide are well-known localities on the Union Pacific railroad.

P. R. E.

Owl-shield (Vol. iii, p. 20).-." The Athenians' ensign was an owl on the top of a pole, in honor of Athene, their protector" (E. Cobham Brewer).


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The Atlantic Monthly for November is opened by the new serial, by Frank R. Stockton, author of Rudder Grange," entitled The House of Martha." It abounds in that dry, whimsical humor, which is so difficult to analyze, and yet so easy to enjoy. The short parts which make up this installment are called "My Grandmother and I," Relating to my Year in Europe," "The Modern Use of the Human Ear," "I obtain a Listener," My Under-study," "My Book," "The Malarial Adjunct" (the latter being the invalid husband of an amanuensis). The romantic title,


Along the Frontier of Proteus' Realm," comes rather strangely after Mr. Stockton's delightfully matter-offact humor. The paper with this title is by Edith Thomas, and is a charming description of the sea in its various moods, enlivened by verses of which Miss Thomas is apparently the author. "The Legend of William Tell" is traced to its early beginning by Mr. W. B. McCrackan; and Mr. Frank Gaylord Cook has an instructive paper on 'Robert Morris." Felicia" has some interesting descriptions of life on the stage, and the mutual relations of the singer and his wife become more complicated. "A Successful Highwayman in the Middle Ages," the story of a Castilian bandit, is told by Francis C. Lowell, and is followed by An American Highwayman," by Robert H. Fuller, the mysterious tale of "the only American highwayman who has ever shown himself in any degree worthy of the name." "The Fourth Canto of the Inferno," by John Jay Chapman, and the "Relief of Suitors in Federal Courts," by Walter B. Hill, furnish the more solid reading of the number, while Percival Lowell contributes a brilliant and interesting paper on Mori Arinori, under the title of "The Fate of a Japanese Reformer." Dr. Holmes bids the Atlantic readers farewell all too soon in the closing paper of "Over the Teacups," in which, for a few moments, he steps before the curtain, and speaks in his own person. Kate Mason Rowland's bright paper on Maryland Women and French Officers must not be forgotten by any lover of amusing sketches of society at the time of the Revolution.

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