Civil War Ghost Stories & Legends

University of South Carolina Press, 1992 - 183 sivua
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Few events have sparked more legends and stories of the supernatural than America's Civil War. The accounts of gallantry and heroism have spread far and wide. Nancy Roberts grew up listening to her father's stories of the War Between the States and she trekked over many battle sites with him during her childhood.

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Review: Civil War Ghost Stories and Legends

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This was a neat collection of short ghost stories based on Civil war events and places. Some of the stories were more interesting than others. The book was written well and had some historical background. A good, quick, somewhat seasonal read. Lue koko arvostelu

Review: Civil War Ghost Stories and Legends

Käyttäjän arvio  - Goodreads

I tried very hard to like this book, I just couldn't. It failed to hold my interest and I found it to be confusing and unclear at times, even though it seemed to be written for a younger age group ... Lue koko arvostelu

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Tietoja kirjoittajasta (1992)

Nancy Roberts is a popular Southern writer who frequently lectures on folklore and creative writing. She received a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina. Author of more than twenty books, Roberts blends suspense, mystery, and history with a talent for finding and chronicling stories of the supernatural. Her work has earned her the title of "custodian of the twilight zone" from Southern Living magazine.

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