The Life and Services of General Lord Harris, G. C. B.: During His Campaigns in America, the West Indies, and India

J. W. Parker, 1840 - 551 sivua

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Sivu 552 - The Student's Manual of Modern History : containing the Rise and Progress of the Principal European Nations, their Political History, and the Changes in their Social Condition.
Sivu 476 - Would you not laugh such pictures to behold? Such is the book, that like a sick man's dreams, 10 Varies all shapes, and mixes all extremes. "Painters and poets our indulgence claim, Their daring equal, and their art the same.
Sivu 427 - Baird will communicate to the officers and men who on that great occasion acted under his command, the high sense he must entertain of their achievements and merits.
Sivu 347 - ... of praise. For services so incalculable in their consequences, he must consider the army as well entitled to the applause and gratitude of their country at large.
Sivu 288 - I will order my battalions to be in readiness. " Upon looking at the tope as I came in just now, it appeared to me that when you get possession of the bank of the nullah you have the tope as a matter of course, as the latter is in the rear of the former. However, you are the best judge, and I shall be ready. " I am, my dear Sir, " Your most faithful servant, "ARTHUR WELLESLEY.
Sivu 345 - Seringapatam : no answers have been received; but I expect them shortly, as their families are in the fort. " This moment Ali Reza, formerly one of the vakeels from Tippoo Sultaun to Lord Cornwallis, has arrived from Meer Kummer Odeen Khan, to ask my orders for four thousand horse now under his command.
Sivu 418 - Plunder is stopped, the fires are all extinguished, and the inhabitants are returning to their houses fast. I am now employed in burying the dead, which I hope will be completed this day, particularly if you send me all the pioneers.
Sivu 52 - I wish the Americans may be brought to a sense of their duty. One good drubbing, which I long to give them by way of retaliation, might have a good effect towards it.
Sivu 543 - I leave them mourning rings, in the hope they may at odd times bring their grandfather to memory, and recollect that, under Providence, he imputes his rise from nothing to his affluent fortune to his economy and willing privation from self-indulgence through a long life.
Sivu 549 - A MANUAL of CHRISTIAN ANTIQUITIES ; or an Account of the Constitution, Ministers, "Worship, Discipline, and Customs of the Early Church ; with an Introduction, containing a Complete and Chronological Analysis of the "Works of the Antenicene Fathers.

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