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and puts not more upon us than we ought to bear; so knowing that your Majesty, although a female, possessed all the noble daring, all the high-wrought courage of a Brunswick's spirit, and that as gold, thrice passing the refiner's fire, shines brighter, and is still more pure, that your Majesty would only rise higher in public estimation from each attack to which you was exposed, permitted traitors to conspire against you. 'Twas only done, believe me, gracious Queen, to gain you that firm seat in every brave and loyal British heart, which your adored, your ever to be regretted daughter, the Princess Charlotte, had possessed. The noble spirit to resist injustice which you have evinced has roused the dormant spark of patriotism in tish breast, unmasked the vile depravity of courts, and done away with that tame, base, subservient spirit that for so long a time had taken all for granted that came from ministerial mouths.

The mighty Ruler of the universe, to whose divine decrees sovereigns as well as slaves

every Bri

must bow, has, for his own wise ends and purposes, decreed the great and arduous trials you have undergone. So on our late revered and worthy King his visitations were severe ; his chastening hand fell heavy on his aged head; still are we bound to think, from his known virtues, his piety, strict justice, love of truth, his solemn firm abidance by his coronation oath, domestic cares, nay, all that made a king or man revered, that he was only chastened to be loved : and that, like another Saviour, he bore the Almighty's wrath to save his people from the blow. If such his lot, if such the love divine, may we not hope the trials you have undergone in these eventful times, replete with danger to the royal power, not only will remove you from all risk of harm or insult, but give you sway to rule the storm, te stem the torrent of a nation's wrath, and show the world, 'tis easier far to govern British hearts by love than arms.

Then shall you not repine at these the trials you have undergone; but think, as England's greatest poet nobly has expressed, that “ all that is, is

right,” particularly if it produces from all your Majesty's subjects, as from me, love, honour, gratitude, and respect, to your Majesty, and the most unlimited devotion to your Majesty's

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The following work appeared to evince such depth of research, and such evident talent in the selection of its materials, that, backed as it was by manuscript notes of great merit, with a very considerable increase of fresh matter, collected with difficulty and judgment; the present editor, into whose hands it fell by chance purchase, thought it too rare a jewel, in times like the present, to be passed by unheeded, or consigned (almost as hard a fate) to the shelf of the book collector. To prevent such from being its fate, he undertook to revise and arrange for the press the manuscript notes, fresh matter, and explanations of its late indefatigable owner ; in the doing of which, he got so warmed and interested in the subject, as to venture to add some few explanations of his own on recent events. He has, therefore, to hope that the goodness of his intentions may plead his excuse, and that he may be pardoned for thus intruding his humble efforts upon the more valuable materials of its former patrons. Those efforts consist chiefly in drawing the attention to such parts as appear either to have been fulfilled, or are at the present moment in the act of being realized. Where various writers, at different periods of time, have predicted the same events, he has, by marginal notes, marked out such concordance. And he has likewise ventured to add, as confirming the many respectable authorities who have explained the Revelations of St. John, an extract from the Sermons of Archbishop Tillotson. He now concludes by an extract from Bishop Newton's Prophecies: “ Alas! if you reject the evidence of prophecy, neither would you be persuaded though one should rise from the dead. What can be plainer? You see, or may see, with your own eyes, the Scripture prophecies accomplished: and if the Scripture prophecies are accomplished, the Scripture must be the word of God, the Christian religion must be true.” Vol. III. page 442, of Newton on the Prophecies, 1760.

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