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T was anciently observed by St. Austin, touching the Prophets under the Old Teftament, Non tantum lingua illorum

hominum, verum etiam vita fuit Prophetica : They did not only prophesie, or reveal the mind of God by words ; but by things done by or upon them. Isaiah must walk naked and barefoot, to shew the shame of the Egyptian captivity. Jeremy must go down to the Potters House, and there see the Vessel marred, to give the Jews a pregnant demonstration, that God could unmake and destroy them. E. zekiel was to remove and bring forth his stuff

, to give them a lively representation of their captivity. Above all, this was eminently seen in our great Prophet Jesus Christ ; He did not only reveal the Gospel, but he himself is the substance and mar

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row of it. He is the very mirror of Divine Truths and Perfections. His stile is the Image of the invisible God, the brightness of the Fathers Glory. As an eternal Son, he is such in himself; As incarnate, he is such to us.

The Messiah ( say the Rabbins ) is facies Dei, the face of God. The Glory of God (faith the Apostle ) is in the face of Jesus Christ. The Divine perfections appear in him, as beauty doth in the face. The invisible one may here be seen ; the inacceslible Majesty may be approach'd unto. Infinity, to accommodate it self to our Model, appears nube carnis, in a Cloud of Alesh, that his glory might not-swallow us up. In our Emanuel we have a body of Theology, an excellent Summary of Divine Truths, in a very lively manner set forth to us. The Atheist, who owns not a God in Heaven, might here, if he had eyes of Faith, see God in the flesh. The Wisdom of God doth here appear, not in the orders and harmonies of nature; but in a plot much greater, and more ad: mirable: God and Man, infinite and finite, Eternal and Temporal are met in conjun&i


on, that the human, finite, temporal nature in Christ, might be the Theater for the Divine , Infinite , Eternal nature to lew its perfections in. The Truth of God manifests it self illustriously, in that no difficulty could hinder the early promise of the Messiah made immediately after the fall of man ; neither could any time bury it in oblivion. He would be true in that which was the hardest thing for him to do, in parting with his only begotten out of his bosom for us. After many ages the Promise must bud and blossom, and bring forth the Messiah. We see here, That God is the holy one, his hatred of fin is writ in Red Characters, in the blood and wounds of our dear Lord. His love to holiness was such, that he would send his own Son in the flesh, to recover holiness into the heart of man again. We have here Providence accurately watching over our Saviour allalong ; first over his Genealogy, then over his birth , life , death, resurre&ion: And lastly over the issue of all; a Church raised up to fing Hosannah's to him for ever. Om. nia plena Sacramentorum, faith an Ancient;




Every thing in Christ reads us a Leđure of Divinity. He being the second Adam, who brought in righteousness and life unto men; we are sure that there was a first, who brought in fin and death to them. From his conception, being an extraordinary one, we may plainly gather whar the Two states of Nature and Grace are ; By the cominon generation we are flesh of flesh, unclean creatures. By the power of the regenerating fpirit overshadowing our hearts, we become spirit of spirit , holy new-creatures. In his life and preaching we have miracles triumphing over nature and all the order of it; Mysteries exceeding Reason, and all its Acumen ; and a Samplar of humility, Meekness, Mercy, Righteousness, Holiness, Obedience, such as the Sun never saw. In his death we have, what the proud Socinian thinks impossible, Infinite Mercy, and Infinite Justice killing and embracing each other. Mercy was seen, that God should give his only, his dearly beloved Son for us. Justice was seen, that God fhould exact of him, standing in our stead, as much as would counterpoize the sin and


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