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proprietors., 1838

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Sivu 389 - Domini one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, for negotiating and concluding a Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States of America and His Majesty...
Sivu 472 - A recent writer, a right-hearted and right-minded American, says, - — " The walls of Simabara were unquestionably battered by the Dutch cannon, and its brave defenders were slaughtered. Some apology might be made for this cooperation at the siege of Simabara, had its defenders been the countrymen of Alva, or Requesens, or John of Austria, or Alexander Farnese. But truth requires that the measures of Kockebecker should be regarded as the alternative, which he deliberately preferred to the interruption...
Sivu 193 - In the present state of the Revenue of India it does not appear advisable to abandon so important a source of Revenue ; a duty upon Opium being a tax which falls principally upon the foreign consumer, and which appears upon the whole less liable to objection than, any other which could be substituted.
Sivu 517 - Government and the military be prohibited, these being all taken from the scholars and common people, what ground will be found for any such partial prohibition to rest upon ? Besides, having a clear conviction that the thing is highly injurious to men, to permit it, notwithstanding, to pervade the Empire — nay, even to lay on it a duty — is conduct quite incompatible with the yet uninjured dignity of the great and illustrious Celestial Empire.
Sivu 517 - Hung-maou (Red-haired) came thither, and having manufactured opium, seduced some of the natives into the habit of smoking it. From these the mania for it rapidly spread throughout the whole nation, so that in process of time the natives became feeble and enervated, submitted to the foreign rule, and ultimately were completely subjugated.
Sivu 491 - The letter concludes with these words : "You mention, that you have stationed a vukil in Nipa'l, this is a matter of no consequence, but as the ra'ja' from his youth and inexperience, and from the novelty of the circumstance, has imbibed suspicions, if you would, out of kindness towards us, and in consideration of the ties of friendship, withdraw your vakil, it would be better; and we should feel inexpressibly grateful to you.
Sivu 472 - So long as the sun shall warm the earth, let no Christian be so bold as to come to Japan ; and let all know, that the King of Spain himself, or the Christians' God, or the great God of all, if he violate this command, shall pay for it with his head.
Sivu 559 - With the exception of medicines, we can dispense with everything that is brought us from abroad. The stuffs and other foreign commodities are of no real benefit to us. All the gold, silver, and copper extracted from the mines during the reign of Ogosho-Sama, and since his time, is gone, and, what is still more to be regretted, for things we could do well without.
Sivu 515 - ... in silver : now the salt merchants have all become involved, and the existing state of the salt trade in every province is abject in the extreme. How is this occasioned but by the unnoticed, oozing out of silver? If the easily exhaustible stores of the central spring go to fill up the wide and fathomless gulf of the- outer seas...
Sivu 563 - ... brothers ; those who walk hastily before their seniors, are undutiful brothers." " If any one is twenty years older than yourself, treat him as you do your father ; if one is ten years older, treat him as your elder brother ; if only five years older, follow him close to his shoulder.

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