Food: The Chemistry of its Components: 6th Edition

Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016 - 599 sivua

First published in 1984, and now in its 6th edition, this book has become the classic text on food chemistry around the world. The bulk components - carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and water, and the trace components - colours, flavours, vitamins and preservatives, as well as food-borne toxins, allergens, pesticide residues and other undesirables all receive detailed consideration. Besides being extensively rewritten and updated a new chapter on enzymes has been included. At every stage attention is drawn to the links between the chemical components of food and their health and nutritional significance.

Features include:

"Special Topics" section at the end of each chapter for specialist readers and advanced students
An exhaustive index and the structural formulae of over 500 food components
Comprehensive listings of recent, relevant review articles and recommended books for further reading
Frequent references to wider issues e.g. the evolutionary significance of lactose intolerance, fava bean consumption in relation to malaria and the legislative status of food additives around the world

Food: The Chemistry of its Components will be of particular interest to students and teachers of food science, nutrition and applied chemistry in universities, colleges and schools. Its accessible style ensures that it will be invaluable to anyone with an interest in food issues.

Extracts from reviews of previous editions:

..". filled me with delight, curiosity and wonder. All the chemistry is very clear and I thoroughly recommend it."

The Chemical Educator, 1997

"The author is adept at describing recent developments in the broad context of food chemistry and human nutrition. ...this book is highly recommended for anyone who wants an accessible, attractively priced introduction to this important subject."

Chemistry in Australia, 2009

"This is a lively and thorough treatment of the subject. I can recommend it to anyone interested in food, as an excellent reference, or just to pick up and browse. It is easy to be hooked by it. It would serve as a useful reference source for A-Level students."

School Science Review, 2010


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Dr Tom Coultate was Principal Lecturer in Food Biochemistry at the School of Applied Science at South Bank University, London, until his retirement in 2000. He first joined the School of Applied Science at South Bank University in 1972, after obtaining his PhD for studies on the biochemistry and physiology of a thermophilic bacterium from Leicester University. Since leaving school he had been first a lab. technician and then research assistant at Unilever's research laboratories in Bedfordshire (Colworth House) at the same time studying part-time to acquire an ONC, HNC and MIBiol. Having obtained his PhD, Tom embarked on a long and successful professional career fuelled by his fascination for food and the satisfactions of teaching! His particular interest was, and still is, the relationship between the essentially chemical nature of all foods and their distinctive, unique journey from field to plate and beyond. Tom is frequently invited to address local audiences and branch meetings of learned societies such as the RSC and SCI on food topics, and been an occasional television and radio interviewee. Previous editions of this book have been translated into Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish have been used by universities, food scientists and chemists worldwide. Although Tom retired from full-time teaching in 2000 he still maintains his links with professional colleagues including new friends at the nearby Open University campus at Milton Keynes. He continues to contribute articles for technical and trade magazines on food topics.

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