The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1993
The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

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Sivu 643 - Government shall (A) utilize a systematic, interdisciplinary approach which will insure the integrated use of the natural and social sciences and the environmental design arts in planning and in decisionmaking which may have an impact on man's environment...
Sivu 28 - The hearing officer shall be the judge of the relevancy and materiality of the evidence offered and conformity to legal rules of evidence shall not be necessary.
Sivu 52 - American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, and Water Pollution Control Federation. "Standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater," 16th ed., AE Greenberg, RR Trussel, and LC Clesceri (eds.), American Public Health Association, Washington, DC (1985).
Sivu 490 - Duration of Spermatogenesis in the Mouse and Timing of Stages of the Cycle of the Seminiferous Epithelium,
Sivu 34 - Quality assurance unit means any person or organizational element, except §792.10 the study director, designated by testing facility management to perform the duties relating to quality assurance of the studies. Raw data means any laboratory worksheets, records, memoranda, notes, or exact copies thereof, that are the result of original observations and activities of a study and are necessary for the reconstruction and evaluation of the report of that study.
Sivu 651 - The environmental impact statement shall list the names, together with their qualifications (expertise, experience, professional disciplines), of the persons who were primarily responsible for preparing the environmental impact statement or significant background papers, including basic components of the statement (§§ 1502.6 and 1502.8).
Sivu 158 - The unconsolidated mineral and organic material on the Immediate surface of the earth that serves as a natural medium for the growth of land plants.
Sivu 649 - Recommended format Agencies shall use a format for environmental impact statements which will encourage good analysis and clear presentation of the alternatives including the proposed action. The following standard format for environmental impact statements should be followed unless the agency determines that there is a compelling reason to do otherwise: (a) Cover sheet. (b) Summary. (c) Table of Contents. (d) Purpose of and Need for Action. (e) Alternatives Including Proposed Action (sees.
Sivu 651 - However, if the statement is unusually long, the agency may circulate the summary Instead, except that the entire statement shall be furnished to: (a) Any Federal agency which has jurisdiction by law or special expertise with respect to any environmental impact Involved and any appropriate Federal, State or local agency authorized to develop and enforce environmental standards.
Sivu 28 - AAA of the name and address of counsel at least three days prior to the date set for the hearing at which counsel is first to appear. When...

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