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Printed for Messrs. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; Becket
and De Hondt, in the Strand; White, in Fleet-
Street; Payne, in Paternoster-Row, and Coors,
near the Rojal-Excbange. MDCCLXVI.


The Right Rev. Father
(Of three years old)


Bishop of O.

May it please your Rt. Rev. R—1 H—fo.

NO impropriety will, I hope, be found in my requesting the protection of a venerable Bishop, for a set of harmless Essays on moral subjects j especially, as I can, with perfect sincerity r assure your R. R. R. H. that I have not the least design upon your cakes or sweetmeats, by way of Dedication-present; in which coin only, I take it fer granted, you have it in your power, at present, to gratify an author.

A 3 Being

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