Index to Precedents in Conveyancing, and to Common and Commercial Forms, Arranged in Alphabetical Order with Subdivisions of an Analytical Nature: Together with an Appendix Containing an Abstract of the Stamp Act, 1870, with a Schedule of Duties; the Regulations Relative To, and the Stamp Duties Payable On, Probates of Wills, Letters of Administration, Legacies, and Successions

Stevens and Haynes, 1872 - 570 sivua

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Sivu 467 - Reconveyance, release, discharge, surrender, resurrender, warrant to vacate, or renunciation of any such security as aforesaid, or of the benefit thereof, or of the money thereby secured; for every £100, and also for any frac¡Stamps, Taxes, and Duties.
Sivu 475 - Every past or future disposition of property, by reason whereof any person has, or shall, become beneficially entitled to any property or the income thereof upon the death of any person...
Sivu 461 - Agreement, letter, or memorandum made for or relating to the sale of any goods, wares, or merchandise.
Sivu 461 - First, where the mortgage shall be made as a security for the payment of any definite and certain sum of money advanced or lent at the time, or previously due and owing or forborne to be paid, being payable.
Sivu 482 - CUNNINGHAM'S (T.) Reports in KB, 7 to 10 Geo. II. ; to which is prefixed a Proposal for rendering the Laws of England clear and certain, humbly offered to the Consideration of both Houses of Parliament.
Sivu 421 - Tarleton for life, with remainder to his first and other sons in tail male, with remainder to...
Sivu 461 - ... and, where the same respectively shall be made as a security for the repayment of money to be thereafter lent, advanced, or paid, or which may become due upon an account current, together with any sum already advanced or due, or without, as the case may be...
Sivu 475 - ... to any other person, in possession or expectancy, shall be deemed to have conferred or to confer, on the person entitled by reason of any such disposition or devolution, a
Sivu 461 - Note) and PROMISSORY NOTE of any kind whatsoever (except a Bank Note) — drawn, or expressed to be payable, or actually paid, or indorsed, or in any manner negotiated in the United Kingdom.
Sivu 467 - ... where the principal or primary security is duly stamped : For every .£100, and also for any fractional part of J100, of the amount secured...

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