TC Publication, Numerot 308–332

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1969
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Sivu 70 - Wine is the product made by the normal alcoholic fermentation of the juice of sound, ripe grapes, and the usual cellar treatment...
Sivu 189 - ... firm, or an appropriate subdivision thereof, is being imported into the United States in such increased quantities as to cause, or threaten to cause, unemployment or underemployment of a significant number or proportion of the workers of such firm or subdivision.
Sivu 73 - ... an imported article which is described in two or more provisions of the schedules is classifiable in the provision which most specifically describes it...
Sivu 219 - Products of Communist countries. — Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions of this headnote, the rates of duty shown in column numbered 2 shall apply to products, whether imported directly or indirectly, of the following countries and areas pursuant to section 401 of the Tariff Classification Act of 1962, to section 231 or...
Sivu 219 - States, or of both, or which do not contain foreign materials to the value of more than 20 per centum of their total value, upon which no drawback of customs duties has been allowed therein, coming into the United States from the Philippine Islands shall hereafter be admitted free of duty...
Sivu 13 - President a transcript of the hearings and any briefs which were submitted in connection with each investigation. (2) The report of the Commission of its determination under subsection (b) shall be made at the earliest practicable time, but not later than 6 months after the date on which the petition is filed...

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