Temptress: The Linsey Dawn McKenzie Story

Chimera Publications, 2015 - 381 sivua
Linsey Dawn McKenzie was a mere sixteen years old when she made her topless debut in the Sunday Sport. The countdown to her birthday was turned into a media spectacle lasting six weeks of the mega-busted fifteen year old teasing the nation's men in a selection of barely there outfits. Thus began the dazzling rise to infamy of the nation's best-known glamour model. This is the astonishing story of one woman's journey from naïve working-class kid to worldly-wise mistress of the sex industry. Linsey is more prominent in the nation's mind than many other glamour models in the UK - owing to her frequent arrivals on reality television and many a celebrity thrist. Temptress is also an affectionate portrait of a life, and is sympathetic to Linsey as a woman, mother, wife and a daughter. Linsey Dawn was a child when she entered the grave adult industry and has remained within it. It's through her eyes that Vikki Dark will lead you into the murky reaches of this shadowy sphere who, herself, has experienced the industry, seeing herself as reformed and rehabilitated through education. Temptress is suffused with a sophisticated angle of depth and critique, informing and exciting, as it leads the reader into areas they thought they knew about - before telling them the truth.

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Tietoja kirjoittajasta (2015)

Vikki Dark, a mother of three beautiful boys, is an academic, and former glamour industry fodder. She believes in speaking from the heart, slicing through the false veneer, to discover the truths that will transgress society's wrongdoings to find a utopia of true equality for our children's children.

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