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Bonse nf Lords Krports.

REPORTS of CASES decided in the HOUSE of LORDS on APPEALS and WRITS of ERROR -- CLAIMS of PEERAGE and DI. VORCES. By Charles CLARK, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. (Reporter, by appointment, to the House of Lords.)

Vols. I., II., III., IV., V., and Vol. VI. Parts I., II. and 1II., containing all the Cases decided from 1847 to 1858, inclusive.

(These Reports will be regularly continued.)

(By Authority.) Probate and Divorce Court and Iłatrimonial Canses Reports.


mencing Hilary Term, 1858. By M. C. MERTTINS SWABEY, D.C.L., Advocate and Barrister at Law, of Gray's Inn, and Thomas H. TRISTRAM, D.C.L., Advocate in Doctors' Commons, and of the Inner Temple. Vol. I., Part I., price 78., sewed.

(These Reports will be regularly continued.) "The actual practitioners in the Court must have this, which is the official set of Reports, and other members of the profession would do well to be provided with them, seeing that the Court will act on its authorized Reports rather than on the unauthorized ones, should there be any discrepancy between them."-Law Chronicle.

The Commion Bench Reports.

CASES argued and determined in the COURT of COMMON PLEAS. Vol. X. Parts IV. & V. and Vol. XI. (By MANNING, GRANGER and Scott.)

Dr. Robinson's Ilru Admiralty Reports.

REPORTS of CASES argued and determined in the HIGH COURT of ADMIRALTY, commencing with the Judgments of the Right Honourable Stephen Lushington, D.C.L. By William Robinson, D.C.L. Advocate.

Vols. I. and II., and Vol. III. Parts I. and II., containing Cases decided from Michaelmas Term 1838 to Trinity Vacation 1850. £t: 78. sewed.

(These Reports are in immediate continuation of Dr. HAGGARD's.)

swabry's Admiralty Krparts.

REPORTS of CASES determined in the HIGH COURT of ADMIRALTY, commencing Mich. Term, 1855. By M. C. MERTTINS SWABEY, D.C.L., of Doctors' Commons and of Gray's Inn, Barrister at Law. Vol. I., Part I., price 10s. 6d. sewed. (These Reports, in immediate continuation of those by Dr. W. Robinson and by Dr.

SPINKS, will be regularly continued.)

bessions Cases at the Central Criminal Court.

Taken in Short-hand by Messrs. J. D. Barnett and A. BUCkler, by appointment of the Court. Annual Subscription, if paid in advance, £1:11s. 6d. sewed; but for the conve

nience of the profession and the public, single numbers may also be purchased.



In May, 1856, the Law Magazine and the Law Review were united as one publication, not in name only, but by co-operation amongst the contributors to each of the above Quarterlies, under the general management of the Editor of the Law Magazine.

It is thus proposed to establish on a firm basis, by the union and blending together of the two publications above named, a Quarterly Organ of the Legal Profession, which shall be worthy of the support of all its branches-of the Practising Lawyer, whether barrister or solicitor-of the Jurist, the Legislator and Statesman.

In the Law Magazine and Law Review attention will be given to the law as it is administered, to its amendment and reform, to its consolidation and codification. Further, steady regard will always be paid to measures having in view its adaptation to the wants of the community and the requirements of the Profession.

The efforts now being made for the reformation of juvenile and adult offenders, and for the general improvement of the criminal law, will receive due attention.

Points in the law of Scotland, of Ireland and of our Colonies, will also from time to time be discussed in the Law Magazine and Law Review, as well per se as in reference to the important subject of assimilating the laws of different component portions of the empire.

Especially will attention in this New Series of the two established Legal Quarterlies be directed towards Educational Schemes for the behoof of rising generations of Lawyers, and for elevating the status of the Profession.

The Law MAGAZINE, and The Law Review, therefore now unitedly appear as a New Series, under the blended tille, the LAW MAGAZINE & LAW REVIEW, and the Eleventh Number, just published, price 5s., contains the following articles, viz.1. Legal Education.--2. Broom's Legal Maxims-New Edition.-3. Ancient Reading on

the Law of Sewers.--4. Foss's Judges of England.–5. Mechanics of Law Making.-
6. Bishop's Commentaries on Criminal Law.-7. Title of the Crown to the Sea Shore
8. Meeting of the Association at Liverpool.-9. Lord Brougham's Annual Letter to Lord
Radnor.--Notes of Leading Cases, Short Notes of New Law Books, Events of the
Quarter, &c., &c.


Her Majesty's Law Publishers.

** An Annual Subscription of 20s., if paid in advance to MESSRS. BUTTERWORTH, will ensure the Law MAGAZINE AND Law Review being sent postage free for the space of one year, or it may be ordered of any Bookseller.

COMMUNICATIONS FOR THE EDITOR may be addressed under cover

to the care of Messrs. BUTTERWORTH, to whom all ADVERTISEMENTS INTENDED FOR INSERTION should be sent.


Coote's Probate Court Practice.-The Second EDITION, including the Act of 1858, the New Orders of October, and a very complete Collection of Forms. In 8vo.

Hertslet's Commercial Treaties.- The TENTH VOLUME. In 8vo.

Glen's Consolidated Orders of the Poor Law Commissioners and of the Poor Law Board.— The Fourth Edition, enlarged and much improved. In 12mo.

Christie's Crabb's Conveyancing.–The FIFTH EDITION. By LEONARD SHELFORD, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. In 2 Vols. royal 8vo.

Admiralty Practice. The PRACTICE of the HIGH COURT of ADMIRALTY of ENGLAND. By HENRY CHARLES Coote, Proctor in Doctors' Commons, Author of “ The Practice of the Ecclesiastical Courts ;" “The Common Form Practice of the Court of Probate." In 1 Vol. 8vo.

Stephen on Pleading. - The Sixth EDITION. In 8vo.

Swabey and Tristram's Probate, Divorce and Matrimonial Causes Reports.-Vol. I. Part II. (To be regularly continued.)

Swabey's New Admiralty Reports.-Vol. I. Part II. (These Reports will be regularly continued.)

Clark's House of Lords Cases. Vol. VI. Part IV. Law Magazine and Law Review for February. No. 12. United New Series.

Imprinted at London, number Seuen in Flete strete within Temple barre,

whylom the signe of the Hande and starre,

and the Hovse where lined Richard Tottel,
printer by Special patents of the bokes of the Common lawe

in the seueral Reigns of
Kng Edw. VI. and of the quenes Marye and Elizabeth.

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