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THE YORKSHIRE AND LANCASHIRE CONFERENCE assembled in North Parade chapel, Halifax, on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

At the morning service the Rev. J. T. Gale, of Loughborough, read the Scriptures and prayed, and the Rev. Jas. Dearden, of Lydgate, preached from Luke xv. 14" Then drew near unto him all the publicans and sinners for to hear him.”

In the afternoon the Rev. J. H. Atkin. son, junior pastor of the church, presided, and the Rev. J. Wolfenden, of Lineholme, offered up prayer. From the reports of the churches it appeared that thirty-one had been baptized since the last Conference, and that sixteen remained as candi. dates for baptism and church fellowship.

The chairman stated that the Rev. R. Ingham, the senior pastor of the church, had been seriously ill; that earnest prayer had heen made by the church for his recovery; and that although he was unable to be with us to-day, he was now convalescent. The Conference was gratified to hear of the improvement in Mr. Ingham's health.

After the doxology was sung, the following business was transacted :

It was unanimously resolved

1. That the minutes now read be, and are hereby, approved and confirmed.

It having been stated by the Secretary of the Dewsbury Committee that they recommend the Conference to postpone the consideration of the Dewsbury land and chapel question, it was resolved

2. That the consideration of the Dewsbury case be postponed till next Con. ference.

After a general conversation as to the desirability of having correct statistics from the churches, and of the Conference know. ing at least once a year whether the churches of which it is composed decrease or increase in numbers, it was resolved

3. That the churches are hereby respectfully requested to report to the June Con. ference in each year the number of members gained or lost during the year; and that the Secretary is hereby respectfully requested to tabulate the numbers for the information of Conference.

It was also resolved

4. That the consideration of the question, “Shall we celebrate in this district the Centenary of our denomination ?" be postponed.

After a general conversation as to the necessity of economizing as much as possible the funds of our Foreign Missionary Society, and of securing toward this end the united action of all the churches in this district in the holding of Foreign Mission services, it was resolved

5. That the ministers and representatives of the churches now present constitute a Committee to arrange a plan according to which the Foreign Mission services in this district shall be held; and that they be, and are hereby, invested with power to appoint a sub-committee to carry into execution the scheme which may be adopted.

The Rev. J. T. Gale, of Loughborough, was then introduced to the Conference as a deputation from the Committee of “The Union Baptist Building Fund," and proceeded to assign reasons for the union of “ The Chapel Building Loan Society for the Yorkshire and Lancashire Districts" with the Society which he represented, and earnestly urged that if no one knew of

any cause or just impediment” why the two should not be joined together, let the union be consummated. After a lengthy conversation respecting some of the “ impediments” supposed to be in the way of union, it was resolved

6. That the thanks of this Conference are due, and are hereby, cordially tendered to the Rev. J. T. Gale for his kindness in paying us a visit, and for his earnest advo. cacy of the object he was deputed to promote.

It was resolved

7. That the following gentlemen be the Committee of “ The Chapel Building Loan Society for the Yorkshire and Lancashire Districts," namely, Revs. R. Ingham, W. Gray, T. Gill, J. Alcorn, T. Horsfield, C. Springthorpe, R. Hardy, B. Wood, W. Taylor, J. Maden, junr., and Messrs. Rhodes and Lister Mr. Springthorpe to be the Secretary of the Committee.

It was also resolved

8. That we hereby respectfully request the above Committee to correspond with the Committee of “The Union Baptist Building Fund” relative to the conditions of the proposed union of the two Societies, and to report their proceedings to the next Conference.

It was also resolved

9. That we hereby cordially welcome the Rev. Joseph Fletcher, of Todmorden Vale, into this Conference and district.


It was also resolved

10. That the next Conference be held at Burnley Lane, on Wednesday, Dec. 23rd; and that the Rev. Jas. Maden, junr., of Shore, be the preacher.

After tea the Committee for arranging missionary services in this district assembled, and resolved

11. That we hereby appoint the Rev. J. H. Atkinson Secretary of this Committee, and respectfully request him to carry out as far as possible the plan which has now been submitted to our attention.

At the evening Conference the Rev. C. Springthorpe read his paper on “ CHURCH ORGANIZATION ;” and after a friendly discussion it was resolved

12. That we hereby tender our cordial thanks to the Rev. C. Springthorpe for his excellent paper, and respectfully request him to allow it to appear in the pages of our Magazine.

It was also resolved

13. That we hereby respectfully request the Rev. B. Wood, of Bradford, to read a paper at the next Conference on the following subject, viz., “How MAY WE BEST UTILIZE THE INDIVIDUAL POWER IN OUR CHURCHES FOR THE EXTENSION OF REDEEMER'S CAUSE ?"

It was also resolved

14. That at the next Conference the paper be read at the morning sitting, and that the sermon be delivered in the even. ing. Morning service to commence at half-past nine o'clock.

As there was no holiday in the district, the Conference was not largely attended, but the meetings were pleasant and profitable.

J. ALCORN, Secretary.


the honourable member said, “I have had great pleasure in presenting to the House this evening the very important petition confided to me from the General Baptist Conference. I need not assure you bow happy I shall be to support in every way in my power its prayer in favour of Mr. Gladstone's Suspensory Bill. House of Commons, June 5, 1868."

2. Resolved,"We respectfully request our Secretary, at his earliest convenience, to correspond with those churches which have not reported to the Conference, and to present a statement of the results of such correspondence before we proceed to hear the reports of the churches at the ensuing Conference.

3. The case of the Queniborough Chapel Deeds and Debt was introduced by the Rev. G. Needham. Resolved. That Brethren T. Stevenson, J. C. Pike, J. J. Goadby, J. Woolley, E. Stevenson, J. T. Gale, . I. Stubbins, G. Needham, and J. Hawley, form a Committee to enquire and report on this case. Mr. Hawley to be the convener of the meeting.

4. All Minutes bearing on the proposed Union of the Churches of this Conference with the Churches of the Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Lincolnshire Asso. ciation, were then read. The following resolution, adopted by the said Association at their Annual Meeting held at Derby on June 2nd, 1868, was read.

“That this Association desires to express its cordial sense of the fraternal overtures made by the Midland General Baptist Conference, and fully reciprocates the feelings which led to them.

**That the most careful deliberation and enquiry have convinced this Association that the practical difficulties in the way of a completer union between this Association and the Conference are at present insurmountable.

“ That all our business, pecuniary and other, having to be transacted at the Whitsuntide Meeting, it appears to the Association undesirable to interfere with such meeting, and that, in preferring not to do so, we should consult the convenience and wishes of our General Baptist brethren no less than our own.

That the Association will rejoice in successful arrangements being made for the holding of a United Meeting in the Autumn, and appoints the Moderator and Secretaries to be a Committee, with full power to arrange with the Committee of the General Baptist Conference for the holding of the same."

Resolved,—“That this Conference cor. dially approves of the above proposal for holding a united autumnal meeting, and requests its Committee to confer with the

THE MIDLAND CONFERENCE met at Len. ton on Tuesday, September 15th, 1868.

At the morning service the Rev. P. Gibb, of Wolsingham, Durham, read the Scriptures and prayed. The Rev. J. H. Lummis, of Swadlincote, preached from John xviii. 37—“My kingdom is not of this world.”

At the afternoon meeting the Rev. W. Underwood, D.D., presided. The Rev. D. MacCallum, of Melbourne, offered prayer. From the written and oral reports it appeared that since the last Conference on Whit-Tuesday, June 2nd, six persons had been restored to fellowship, 76 were candidates, and 133 had been baptized.

The doxology was sung. The Minutes were read and confirmed.

1. Thos. Tertius Paget, Esq., M.P. for South Leicestershire, presented the peti. tion adopted at the last Conference. His letter to the Chairman was read, in which

Committee appointed by the above Asso- nearly seven hundred pounds. On Lord'sciation, and arrange for such meeting. day, Aug. 30, the Rev. J. Burns, D.D., of

“ That considering the present season is London, very kindly and efficiently served so far advanced, the Conference thinks it us in the ministry of the gospel. He would be impossible to arrange for such preached two eloquent and edifying sermeeting this autumn; and further thinks mons, from 1 Tim. iii. 16—“The church that it would be inexpedient to hold any of the living God;" and Isaiah xlii. 44 such meeting whenever the Autumnal “He shall not fail ;" at the close of which Meeting of the Baptist Union may be in collections were made amounting to the the Midland Counties.

sum of £23 7s. 7d. On the following day “ That it would be desirable to invite was held in the Town Hall a numerously churches in the district at present unasso- attended tea meeting ; the trays being fur. ciated to unite at such autumpal meetings." nished gratuitously by sixteen ladies con

5. The Committee, consisting of the nected with other sections of the Christian Revs. W. R. Stevenson, M.A., S. Cox, H. cburch, viz., the Primitive Methodists, Crassweller, B.A., W. Underwood, D.D., Wesleyans, Independents, and Church of J. Stevenson, M.A., and J. Greenwood, England. A beautiful exhibition this of M.A., were re-appointed to carry out the Christian sympathy and liberality, which resolutions of the Conference in regard to we hope to reciprocate in days to come. the above proposals.

It was estimated that upwards of three 6. The next Conference will be held at hundred persons sat down to tea. At six Stoney Street, Nottingham, on Shrove- o'clock in the evening a crowded congreTuesday, 1869.

gation assembled in the chapel, when 7. Instead of a sermon at the morning prayer was offered by the pastor of the meeting, it was resolved that the next church, who presided ; and addresses were Conference should meet at a quarter before delivered, characterized by wise counsel, eleven in the morning ; that devotional great earnestness, and brotherly love. exercises be continued till half.past eleven; The speakers were the Revs. Dr. Burns, that the Rev. T. Goadby, B.A., of Derby, I. Cooper (Wesleyan), R. Smith (Primitive do then read a paper on the work con- Methodist), R. Kenney, Mr. R. Dutton, nected with our churches; and that the Hoofield Hall, Mr. C. Bate, Mr. Jos. Aston, rest of the morning be occupied by fra- Brassey Green, Mr. Roger Bate, and Mr. ternal conference on the subject.

Thos. Walley. During the meeting it was 8. The Rev. J. T. Gale read an admirable announced that the debt on the chapel and paper on “ National Education,” for which

property was completely extinguished. he received the thanks of the Conference; The assembly then united in singing, he consented, also, to the request that the “Praise God from whom all blessings flow," &c. paper should be printed in the Magazine. The burden of our prayer now is, “O 9. The Rev. J. H. Lummis was also

Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the requested to send his sermon to our Maga

years. Wilt thou not revive us again, that zine for publication.

thy people may rejoice in thee? Shew us 10. The Rev. W. R. Stevenson, M.A.,

thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy preached in the evening.


E. B. CHARLES CLARKE, Secretary. MACCLESFIELD.-On the second Lord's

day in August two able and eloquent dis

courses were preached in the General TARPORLEY. Chapel Anniversary and

Baptist chapel here, on behalf of the SabLiquidation of Debt. It was in our hearts bath school, by the Rev. J. Alcorn, of at the opening of this place of worship, Burnley. The day was very unfavourable two years ago, to open free of debt; but in

for the services, yet the collections and consequence of the cattle plague, from donations reached nearly £28. which our friends suffered so severely, this PETERBOROUGH.- - New Chapel.-It is in. could not be accomplished, and a debt tended to hold a bazaar to assist in buildremained of several hundred pounds. In ing the new chapel in Queen Street, for the prospect of this, our second anni.

the use of the congregation now worshipversary, it was felt to be exceedingly

ping in Westgate. As the work is great, a desirable that an effort should be made to

large amount of help from distant friends clear the chapel and adjoining property is needed. Contributions in money or from all encumbrance; and with this in

goods will be thankfully received by Mrs. view six gentler connected with the

Barrass, Fletton Road; Mrs. Bradshaw, church and congregation promised, in New Road; Mrs. Colman, Bridge Street; various sums, £600; and by smaller sub- Mrs. Mackinder, North Street; Mrs. scriptions, of from £10 down to a few

Pentney, Bridge Street; Mrs. Turner, shillings, this amount was increased to

Market Place.

LEICESTER, Friar Lane. - The Rev. prayer by the Rev. W. Lees, of Walsall, J. C. Pike appeals for help in paying the chairman, in his introductory remarks, £1200 of the debt on his new chapel. He enumerated what he characterised as the asks for donations of half-a-crown value human links in the chain of divine provi. in postage stamps, a sum which it would dence which led to his acceptance of the hurt no one to give, but greatly benefit invitation, and what they might expect to him to receive. We wish the appeal may be the subject matter of his public teachsucceed; but sums of larger amount will ing. Two addresses were then deliveredbe necessary to the attainment of the end one by the Rev. H. Crassweller, B.A., of desired. The whole debt is £2,400; but Derby, to the church, on the “important one-half is in process of liquidation by relation subsisting between a minister and instalments spread over a term of years. his people;" the other to the pastor, by

THURLASTON.-The deacons of the church the Rev. W. Lees, on the model minisat Thurlaston have requested us to insert ter.” Afterwards effective and telling adthe following note :-“For the example dresses on various themes connected with and encouragement of small churches, the prosperity of a Christian church were would you be so kind as to insert the delivered by the Rev. T. Yates, Kegworth ; following particulars in your Magazine for C. Clarke, B.A., Ashby; J. H. Lummis, the next month? At the spring of this Swadlincote; E. H. Jackson, Castle Donyear we had Mr. W. Brooks, returned ington; T. Gibb, Wolsingham; J. H. missionary from Orissa, over to make two Fothergill (Independent), Melbourne. collections for that object. The sums This is a very harmonious and happy realized were satisfactory to him.-On the settlement, and it is earnestly hoped that 10th of last May, Thos. Marshall, Esq., with the blessing of God on the ministry kindly came and preached our Sunday of Mr. MacCallum, the cause here may be school sermons; and with what our friends greatly resuscitated and extended. sent, and we collected after both services, ISLEHAM. – The Rev. G. Towler, forthe liberal sum of £9 4s. 9 d. was realized. merly of Whittlesea, having recently settled - Also, on August 30 we held our chapel here, special services were held on Monday, anniversary, when the Rev. E. W. Cantrell, Aug. 31. In the afternoon the Rev. Thos. of Barton, preached us two useful ser- Barrass preacbed an interesting and useful mons, and our collections amounted to sermon to a large congregation. After£6 10s. 7d. This success is surprising to wards, an excellent tea, gratuitously prous, since we have parted with not less than vided by the ladies, was served to more 112 stanch friends, who, to improve their than two hundred and fifty friends. A weekly income, have taken to manufacture recognition service was held in the even. in Leicester. We must record our grati- ing, conducted by the Rev. W. W. Cantlow, tude to God for all His mercies."

who, for nearly a quarter of a century, bas BERKHAMPSTEAD.-Towards the extinc

been a Baptist minister in this place. tion of the debt on their new chapel, the Prayer was offered for the church and the General Baptists of this town raised on pastor by the Rev. J. B. Catlow, of Soham, Tuesday last, by profits of tea and col- and appropriate addresses were given by lections at the services, the sum of each of the above gentlemen, and the Revs. £18 18s. 10d. The Rev. Clement Bail- D. Morgan, of Burwell, and J. W. Inglis, hache, of Islington, preached two eloquent of Soham. We noticed three mottoessermons on the occasion.

The chapel, the one over the pulpit--"Welcome;" which was erected three years since at a another just before it—"God bless and cost of £2,000, has now little more than prosper thee;" and there was one just in £200 debt remaining. During that period front of the end gallery--"Then the people fifty-three members have been added to rejoiced, for they offered willingly." This the church.

last was to attest to the liberality of those MELBOURNE. Services of a deeply friends who without any solicitation priinteresting character were held at the vately subscribed more than £20 to defray Baptist chapel in this town, in connec- the cost of cleaning, painting, &c., the tion with the settlement of the Rev. D. chapel and school-room. The children in MacCallum, late of Cupar, Scotland, who the Sabbath school were treated to tea and has recently accepted the hearty invita- cake the following day, and had a very tion of the church to the pastorate. In happy time with their teachers. the afternoon a large number partook of PRESENTATIONS.--The Rev. J. B. Locktea in the school-rooms, which were taste. wood has been presented with a valuable fully decorated with flowers, evergreens, time-piece on his resignation of the pasmottoes, &c.

In the evening there was a torate of the Baptist church, Infirmary public meeting in the chapel, presided Street, Bradford. On the same occasion over by the newly elected pastor. After sundry tokens of esteem were received by

Mrs. Lockwood.-At Lombard Street, Birmingham, on Sep. 1, many friends assembled to commend to God brother George Parkes, on the occasion of his leaving them to enter Chilwell College, and to present to him a collection of books suitable for his use as a student.

MINISTER'S REMOVAL. The Rev. G. Needham, of Ripley, has accepted the call of the church, Burnley Lane, and expects shortly to begin his labours there. We wish our esteemed brother great success and comfort in his new sphere.

BAPTISMS. COVENTRY.-On Lord's-day, Sept. 6, after a sermon by the minister, Rev. H. Cross, five persons were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. In the evening the Lord's Supper was administered, and the newlybaptized were received with great joy into the church.

NOTTINGHAM, Stoney Street.—On Sun. day, Sept. 6th, we baptized twelve, and in the evening of the same day they were all received into fellowship.

LOUTH, Eastgate.- On Lord's-day, Sept. 6th, we received three persons into the church, one having been baptized Aug. 2, and the other two Aug. 30.

HOSE.-Sept. 6, four were baptized and received into the church, after sermons by the Rev. Thos. Hoe. The church here is peaceable and happy.

DERBY, Osmaston Road.-Sept. 6, twelve were baptized, after a sermon by the Rev. Thos. Goadby, B.A.

BIRMINGHAM, Lombard Street.-Sept. 3, eight were baptized, and on the following Sunday received into the church.

BRADFORD, Tetley Street.-Sept. 6, seven were baptized, who, with one restored, were added to our communion.

SPALDING.—On Lord's-day, Sep. 6, eleven persons were baptized, two of whom belong to the household of the pastor.

AUDLEM.--Sept. 6, one candidate was baptized, and received into the church.

CONINGSBY.-On Lord's-day, Aug. 30, one was baptized.

and collecting for its support. Sometimes, however, the post through which many of them are sent has failed to deliver them. Should any failure have happened this year, or should any have been omitted to be sent, it is hoped the President may be informed, that he may supply what copies may still be wanted.

Our friends will doubtless be especially interested in the list of subscribers to the College premises—a list which suggests more thoughts than it might be wise to express. The preponderating sentiment in all of us should be one of devout gratitude to God, that an undertaking so necessary to our connexional existence and usefulness has now been accomplished. If the beginning of it had been delayed, even till the present time, the accomplishment would have been attended with increased difficulties; for as the names of the donors show, we have lost by death some of our most able and willing helpers in every effort where money is wanted. The first £30 were brought to us, in two separate sums, by Mr. Hill, of Basford, who died shortly after he had given the second of the two. And out of those who lived to see the premises procured, nearly forty were removed before they were quite paid for. The largest of the contributors are now in eternity, beyond the reach and above the need of any thanks which our gratitude would award them. But this conside: on tends to heighten our satisfaction with what has been done; for the work was not only good in itself, but was well-timed. A special service at the College, commemorative and congratulatory, ought to be holden during the current session. Meanwhile, let God have the praise of all past achievements, and let His more abundant blessing on the Insti. tution be asked and expected.

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THE COLLEGE. We have pleasure in acknowledging the following receipts :

£ s. d. London, Praed Street

15 1 71 Nottingham, Stoney Street 15 3 1 Hose and Clawson ..

2 1 6 Leicester, Archdeacon Lane 9 3 9

The College Reports have been sent to the churches and individuals subscribing

BRISTOL BAPTIST COLLEGE.—The annual meeting of the friends and subscribers to this institution was held on Thursday week, at Broadmead chapel, under the

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