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Fléchier, 10194, 0. Euvres complettes de Messire Esprit Fléchier, Eveque

de Nismes. 10 vols. A Nismes, 1782. Fothergill, 11120 & 11172, 0. Memoirs of the life and gospel labours of Samuel Fothergill, with selections from his correspondence.

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1838; and New York, 1844. For, 6987, D. A memoir of the life, travels, and gospel labours of George

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cerning the doctrines, testimonies, and discipline of the Christian

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Society. Gregory Naz., 10001, D. Gregory of Nazianzum. By Dr. Carl Ullmann.

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Housman, A. B. By Robert F. Housman. New York, 1846, and

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ment, with Martin Luther's preface. By Émile de Bonnechose.

Edinburgh, 1846. Jay, 11211, 0. The works of the Rev. William Jay, of Argyle Chapel, Bath,

comprising matter not heretofore presented to the American public.

3 vols. New York, 1844. Jerome, 1329, F. Divi Hieronymi in vitas patrum percelebre opus. Lyons,

1512. Justin Martyr, 7616, D. Justin Martyr; his life, writings, and opinions. By

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Laud, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, now first published. London,

1648. Leighton, 11208, 0. The whole works of Robert D. Leighton, D. D. Arch

bishop of Glasgow. With a life of the author, by J. N. Pearson.

New York, 1841. Macarius, 10770, D. Institutes of Christian perfection of Macarius, the

Egyptian. Translated from the Greek, by Granville Penn, Esq.

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2d edition. To which is added the epistle to Celantia. London,

1828. Gift of Lloyd P. Smith.
Massillon, 11491, 0. Čuvres de Massillon, Évêque de Clermont. 13 tom.

Paris, 1810.
Melancthon, 9191, D. Liber de Animâ recognitus, ab avtore Philip Melanc-

thon. Viteberge, 1658.
Moore, 10748, 0. Memoir of the life of the Rt. Rev. Richard Channing

Moore, D.D. By J. P. K. Hensbaw, D. D., accompanied by a
selection of sermons.

Philadelphia, 1843.
More, 7250, D. Sir Thomas More; a selection from bis works, as well in

prose as in verse. Forming a sequel to “Life and Times of Sir
Thomas More." By W. Joseph Walter, late of St. Edmond's Col-

lege. Baltimore. Gift of the author.
Oxley, 6495, D. Some account of the life of Joseph Pike; also the gospel

labours of Joseph Oxley. London, 1837. Penington, 6487, D. Selections from the works of Isaac Penington. London,

Pike, 6495, D. Some account of the life of Joseph Pike. London, 1837.
St. Augustine, 11366, 0. Histoire de Saint Augustin, sa vie, ses æuvres, son

siècle, influence de son génie, par M. Poujoulat. 3 tomes. Paris,

9244, D. Aurelius Augustinus de civitate Dei omnia quæ ex.

tant. Genevæ, 1610. St. Bernard, 7469, D. The life and times of St. Bernard. By Dr. Augustus

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don, 1843.
St. Cyprian, 10447, 0. The life and times of Saint Cyprian. By Geo. A.

Poole. Oxford, 1840.
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London, 1842.
Simeon, 11836, & 11872, 0. Memoirs of the life of the Rev. Charles Simeon,

M. A., with a selection from bis writings and correspondence. Edited
by the Rev. William Carus, M. A. The American edition edited by

Rt. Rev. C. P. McIlvaine. New York and London, 1847.
Spinosa, 10869, 0. Histoire de la vie et des ouvrages de B. de Spinosa.

Par Amaud Saintes. Paris, 1842.
Swedenborg, 6737, D. The doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning the

Lord. By E. Swedenborg. Cambridge, 1821. Gift of the Church.

6738, D. The doctrine of the New Jerusalem concerning faith. By E. Swedenborg. Boston, 1828. Gift of the same.

6739, D. A treatise concerning the last judgment and the destruction of Babylon. By E. Swedenborg. Boston, 1828. Gift of the same.

6740, D. A treatise concerning divine love and divine wisdom. By E. Swedenborg. Boston, 1828. Gift of the same.

6741, D. On the intercourse between the soul and the body. By E. Swedenborg. Boston, 1828. Gift of the same.

11012, 0. Arcana Coelestia, quæ in Scriptura Sacra seu verbo Domini sunt detecta; opus Emanuelis Swedenborg. Tom. 12. Tubingæ, 1833. Gift of James A. Austin.

7095, D. Angelic wisdom concerning Divine Providence. By Emanuel Swedenborg. Second American edition. Boston, 1840. Gift of William Roberts.

9746, 0. Heavenly Arcana, which are in sacred Scripture, or word of the Lord laid open, together with wonderful things wbich were seen in the world of spirits and in the heaven of angels.


Emanuel Swedenborg. Boston, 1837. Gift of the New Church

Printing Society. Swedenborg, 9852, 0. Delights of wisdom, concerning conjugal love, after

which follow pleasures of insanity concerning scortatory love. By Emanuel Swedenborg. Boston, 1833. Presented by the same.

9853, 0. The true Christian Religion, containing the universal theology of the New Church foretold by the Lord. By Emanuel Swedenborg. Boston, 1833. Presented by the same.

6639, Þ. Concerning heaven and hell. From the Latin of Emanuel Swedenborg. Boston, 1837. Gift of the New Church Printing Society.

6734, D. Angelic wisdom concerning the divine love and the divine wisdom. By E. Swedenborg. Boston, 1835. Gift of the General Convention of the New Jerusalem Church.

6735, D. The Athanasian creed, extracted from the Apocalypse, or Book of Revelations, explained. By E. Swedenborg. Boston, 1828. Gift of the same.

6736, D. The doctrine of the New Jerusalem respecting the Sacred Scripture. By Emanuel Swedenborg. Boston, 1829. Gift

of the same. Taylor, 7297, D. Holy living and dying; with prayers ; containing the com.

plete duty of a Christian. By Jeremy Taylor; to which is prefixed

a memoir of the author. Philadelphia, 1842. Tonno, 7880, D. Ridley, Latimer, Cranmer, and other English martyrs. By

Charlotte Elizabeth (Mad. Tonno). New York, 1844. Warburton, 10134, 0. A selection from unpublished papers of the Rt. Rev.

William Warburton, D. D., late Bishop of Gloucester. By the Rev.

Francis Kilvert. London, 1841. Wesley, 10448, 0. The life of the Rev. Charles Wesley. By Thomas Jack

2 vols. London, 1841. Wordsworth, 13071, 0. Ecclesiastical biography; or lives of eminent men,

connected with the history of religion in England, from the commencement of the Reformation to the Revolution. Selected and illustrated with notes. By Christopher Wordsworth, D.D. Fourth edition, with many additional historical and biographical notes. 4 vols. London,

1853. Zwingli, 11413, 0. Ulrich Zwingli et son époque. Par J. J. Hottinger.

Traduit de l'Allemand, par Aimé Humbert. Lausanne, 1844. 1319, F. Vitæ Sanctorum Patrum. 1470.

9669, 0. The book of the fathers; containing the lives of the celebrated fathers of the Christian church, and the spirit of their writings. London, 1838.

6620, D. Letters on the writings of the fathers of the first two centuries. By Misopapisticus. London, 1838.




Achilli, 9738, D. Dealings with the Inquisition; or Papal Rome, her priests

and her Jesuits. With important disclosures. By the Rev. Giacinto

Achilli, D. D. London, 1851. Alison, 10183, D. 2. The second Reformation; or Christianity developed. By

A. Alison, Esq. 2d edition. London, 1851. Allilone, 10242, D. A review, by a layman (Samuel A. Allibone, Esq.), of a

work entitled "New Themes for the Protestant Clergy." Philadelphia,

1852. Aquinas, 2505, 0. 1. Divi Thomæ Aquinatis angelici illuminatissimi, Summa

contra Gentiles. Cologne, 1501.
1237, F. Bibliotheca interpretum ad universam summam theologiæ
Divi Thomæ Aquinatis, ecclesiæ doctoris. Auctore P. M. Xanthes

Mariales. 4 vols. Venetiis, 1660. Bequest of Dr. Joseph Parrish. Argyle, Duke of, 8928, D. Presbytery examined. By the Duke of Argyle.

London, 1848. Babbage, 9525, 0. The ninth Bridgewater treatise. A fragment. By Charles

Babbage. London, 1837. Babington, 12283, 0. 7. Mr. Macaulay's character of the clergy in the 17th

century considered. By C. Babington. Cambridge, 1819. Badeley, 12493, 0. 3. Speech before the committee of the privy council on the Gorham case.

By Edward Badeley, Esq. London, 1850. Bailey, 1338, F. Operis historici et chronologici libri duo á creatione mundi

ad Constantinum magnum ; unà cum tribus diatribus quarum prima est de Hereticorum autocatacrisi, secunda, an quicquid in Deo est, Deus sit, Tertia de Predestinatione per D. Robertum Ballium. Am

stelodami, 1668. Gift of Sally N. Dickinson. Bakewell, 9326, 0. Natural evidence of a future life. By F. C. Bakewell.

London, 1835. Balles, 11217, 0. 12. The Episcopal church defended. By James A. Balles.

Batavia. Barrington, 1364, 0. An essay on the teaching and witness of the Holy

Spirit. From the miscellanea sacra of Lord Barrington. (In vol. 4

of Watson's tracts.) Cambridge, 1785. Beecher, 9045, D. The incarnation. By Charles Beecher. New York, 1849.

10626, D. The conflict of ages; or the great debate on the moral re

lations of God and man. By Edward Beecher, D. D. Boston, 1853. Belcher, 10052, D. The baptisms of the New Testament. By Joseph Belcher,

D. D. Philadelphia, 1848. Gift of Baptist Publication Society. Benezet, 2343, D. 4. The plainness and simplicity of the Christian religion

with its effects compared to the dreadful effects of war. Collected by

Anthony Benezet. Philadelphia, 1800. Bennetius, 9217, D. Repertorium theologiæ á Jacobo Bennetio. Holmiæ,

1735. Benson, 1364, 0. An essay concerning the unity of sense; to show that no

text of Scripture has more than one single sense. From D. Benson's
paraphrase of St. Paul. (In vol. 4 of Watson's tracts.) Cambridge,
1364, 0. An essay concerning inspiration. From D. Benson's para-
phrase and notes on St. Paul's epistles. (In vol. 4 of Watson's
tracts.) Cambridge, 1785.
1361, 0. An essay on the man of sin. By D. Benson. (In vol. 5

of Watson's tracts.) Cambridge, 1785. Best, 9527, 0. 1. Afterthoughts on reading Dr. Buckland's Bridgewater trea

tise. By the Hon. and Rev. S. Best. London, 1837. Beveridge (Bp.), 9169, D. Private thoughts on religion and a Christian life.

By Wm. Beveridge, D. D., Bishop of St. Asaph. Philadelphia, 1796. Binney, 9611, D. 1. The great Gorham case. A history. By John Search

(T. Binney). London, 1850. Blakey, 12301, 0. The temporal benefits of Christianity exemplified.

By R. Blakey. London, 1819. Boardman, 9647, D. 3. The Rev. Dr. Boardman's letter on Bishop Doane's

pamphlet and the Oxford controversy. Philadelphia, 1841.

9647, D. 4. Correspondence between the Rt. Rev. Bishop Doane,

du pape.

of New Jersey, and the Rev. H. A. Boardman, of Philadelphia, on the alleged popish character of the Oxford divinity. Philadelphia,

1841. Boardman, 12512, 0. 14. The importance of religion to the legal profession;

with some remarks on the character of the late Charles Chauncey, Esq. A discourse. By Henry A. Boardman, D. D. Philadelphia, 1849.

Gift of Wm. H. Dillingham, Esq. Bonar, 9470, D. Prophetical landmarks; or Christ's pre-millennial advent.

By Rev. H. Bonar. 2d edition. London, 1848. Booth, 10016, D. 2. Vindication of the Baptists from the charge of bigotry,

in refusing communion to Pædobaptists. By Abraham Booth. Pbila

delphia. 1819. Gift of the Baptist Publication Society. Bossuet, Bp., 9166, D. Maxims and reflections upon plays. By the Bishop

of Meaux (Bossuet). London, 1699. Bouvet, 11345, O. Du Catholicisme, du Protestantisme, et de la philosophie

en France. Par Francisque Bouvet. Paris, 1814. 11326, 0. De la confession et du celibat des pretres, ou la politique

Par Francisque Bouvet. Paris, 1845. Boyd, 10542, 0. Episcopacy and Presbytery. By the Rev. A. Boyd. Lon

don, 1841. Branagan, 9200, D. The curse of Christendom: An answer to the Rev. Wm.

White. By Thomas Branagan. Philadelphia, 1808.

7397, D. The pleasures of paradise; or a glimpse of the sovereign beauty. To which is added the guardian genius of the federal union.

By J. Branagan. Philadelphia, 1837. Gift of the author. Brewster, 10774, D. More worlds than one, the creed of the philosopher and

the hope of the Christian. By Sir David Brewster. New York, 1854. Brown, 7687, D. The exclusive claims of the Puseyite Episcopalians to the

Christian ministry indefensible, with an inquiry into the divine right of Episcopacy and the apostolic succession. In a series of letters to

Dr. Pusey. By John Brown, D. D. Edinburgh, 1812. Bryan, 9180, D. Living Christianity delineated in the diaries and letters of

Mr. Hugh Bryan and Mrs. Mary Hutson, of South Carolina. Lon

don, 1760. Bungener, 10736, D. The priest and the Huguenot; or, persecution in the age

of Louis XV. From the French of L. Bungener. 2 vols. Boston,

1854. Bunsen, 10270, D. Hippolytus and his age; or, the doctrine and practice of

the church of Rome under Commodus and Alexander Severus : and
ancient and modern Christianity and divinity compared. By Christian
Charles Jonas Bunsen. 4 vols. London, 1852.
8602, D. The constitution of the church of the future; a practical
explanation of the correspondence with the Hon. W. Gladstone. By

Christian Charles Jonas Bunsen. London, 1817.
Bunyan, 8187, D. The Jerusalem sinner saved : The Pharisee and the publi-

can; the trinity and the Christian; the law and a Christian, &c. &c.
By John Bunyan. To which is appended, an exhortation to peace
and unity; with a life of Bunyan. By the Rev. J. Hamilton. New
York, 1846.
10688, D. The pilgrim's progress. By John Bunyan. A new edition,
with a memoir, by J. M. Hare. Illustrated. London, 1853.
9193, D. Agoriad i Athrawiæth y Ddau Gyfammod, gan John Bun-

yan. Caevfyrddin, 1767. Burrows, 13101, O. American Baptist register for 1852. J. Lansing Bur

rows, editor. Philadelpbia, 1853. Gift of the American Baptist

Publication Society. Burscher, 2528, Q. 8. Christus, divinæ Mosaicæ pentateuchi auctoritatis vin

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