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the Baptists' union in England to the

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the question whether a Catholicke or any other person before a magistrate being demanded upon his oath whether a prieste were in such a place, may (notwithstanding his perfect knowledge to the contrary) without perjury and securely in conscience answere, No, with this secreat meaning reserved in his mynde, That he was not there so that any man is bounde to detect it. Edited by Daniel Jardine, Esq.

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to wbich are added, meditations and prayers for sick persons, by

George Stanhope, D. D. London, 1809.
Kenrick, 11968, 0. The primacy of the apostolic See vindicated. By Francis

Patrick Kenrick, Bishop of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1815. Gift
of the author.
6998, D. The primacy of the apostolic See, and the authority of gene-
ral councils, vindicated. In a series of letters addressed to the Rt.
Rev. J. H. Hopkins, D. D. By the Rt. Rev. Francis Patrick Kenrick,
D. D. Philadelphia, 1838. Gift of the author.
10298, 0. Theologiæ dogmaticæ, quos concinnavit Revmus Dāus
Franciscus Patricius Kenrick. Tomi 4. Philadelphiæ, 1839. Gift
of the author.
12706, 0. Theologiæ moralis concinnatæ a Francisco Patricio Ken-

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inner life of man, and the interdiffusion of a world of spirits in the
one we inhabit.

Communicated by Justinus Kremer. From the
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constitution, and ordinances of the Catholic church. By F. D. Dau-
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wicked: a letter to the Rev. Dr. Jelf, principal of King's College.
By Frederick Denison Maurice. New York, 1854.

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direction and auricular confession, their history, theory, and conse-
quences, being a translation of “ du prêtre, de la femme, de la famille."
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Barrow, South, Brown, Fuller, and Bacon. By Basil Montagu. New

York, 1845. Montgomery, 6194, D. The Christian correspondent; letters by eminent persons

of both sexes. By James Montgomery, Esq. 3 vols. London, 1837. Morell, 12204, 0.& 8972, D. The philosophy of religion. By J. D. Morell.

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Casper Morris), from slanders contained in a book entitled, "Quaker-
ism; or the story of my life.” Philadelphia, 1852.
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phical Hindus. By the Rev. J. B. Morris. London, 1843. Münter, 2353, Q. Sindbilder und Kunstvorstellungen der alten Christen,

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phetical office of the Church. New York, 1846. Neunham, 12302, 0. Essay on superstition. By W. Newnham. London,

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principles of their composition investigated. By the Rev. S. Noble. Boston, 1828. Presented by the General Convention of the New

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Norris, 11217, 0. 6. Methodism and the church opposed fundamentally. By

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life. By Edward O'Brien. Philadelphia, 1843. London, 1842. Oliorth, 12356, 0. A dialogue between Timothy and Philatheus in answer

to “ The Rights of the Christian Church.” By Mr. Oldsworth. Vol.3.

To which are added seren tracts on the same subject. London, 1711. Olmstead, 10691, D. Noah and his times; embracing the consideration of

various inquiries relative to the antediluvian and earlier postdiluvian periods, with discussions of several of the leading questions of the present day. By Rev. J. Munson Olmstead. Boston, 1851. Gift

of the author. Onderdonk, 11002, 0. 3. An essay on regeneration. By Rt. Rev. H. U.

Onderdonk, D. D. Philadelphia, 1835. Ostervald, 1364, 0. A treatise on the causes and remedies of the present

corruption of Christians By J. F. Ostervald. Translated into English by C. Mutel. (In vol. 6 of Watson's tracts.) Cambridge,

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Paget. Oxford, 1842. Pascal, 11352, 0. Pensées, fragments, et lettres, de Blaise Pascal. Edités

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M'Crie. Edinburgh, 1847. Pengilly, 10046, D. 1. The Scripture guide to baptism. By R. Pengilly.

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London, 1847.
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Richard Phillips. London, 1809.
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the Edinburgh Review, No. 193, entitled, “Bishop Phillpotts." By Henry, Lord Bishop of Exeter. Third edition. London, 1852. 12493, 0.1. A letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the

Bishop of Exeter. London, 1850. Phipps, 4529, 0. 1. All swearing prohibited under the Gospel. By Joseph

Phipps. London, 1784. Ponsonby, 7175, D. The Countess D'Auvergne; or sufferings of the Protes

tants in France, in the sixteenth century. By Catharine Ponsonby.

Edinburgh, 1841. Pope, 10317, 0. Roman misquotation; or certain passages from the fathers,

adduced in a work entitled “The Faith of Catholics," &c., brought to the test of the originals, and their perverted character demonstrated. By the Rev. Richard T. P. Pope, A. M. London, 1840. Gift of

the author. Reed, 9235, 0. A narrative of the visit to the American churches, by the

deputation from the Congregational Union of England and Wales. By Andrew Reed, D.D. and James Matheson, D.D. 2 vols. London.

1835. Remington, 10048, D. Reasons for becoming a Baptist. By Rev. S. Reming

ton. Philadelphia, 1851. Gift of Baptist Publication Society. Richardson, 8071, D. The churchman's reasons for his faith and practice.

By Rev. N. S. Richardson, A. M. New York, 1845. Ripley, 9158, D. The bank of faith and works united. By Dorothy Ripley.

Philadelphia, 1819. Ritter, 11348, 0. Histoire de la philosophie chrétienne. Par Henri Ritter,

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