Sivut kuvina

traduit de l'Allemand, avec un préface par J. Trullard. 2 tomes.

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Society. .
2594, Q. The Friend. A religious and literary journal. Edited by

Robert Smith. Vols. 1 to 16. Philadelphia, 1828, &c. Gift of Horace
Binney, Esq. Also, vols. 17 to 24, 1844 to 1853. Gift of the con-

tributors to the Friend.
9679, 0. 6. Second letter to Archdeacon Singleton. By Rev. Syd-

ney Smith. London, 1838. Smyth, 10932, 0. Presbytery and not prelacy the scriptural and primitive

polity, proved from the scripture; the fathers; the schoolmen; the reformers; and the English and Oriental churches; also, the antiquity of Presbytery; including an account of the ancient Culdees, and of St. Patrick. By Thomas Smyth. Boston, &c. 1843. 8272, D. Solace for bereaved parents; or infants die to live. By the

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or defensive war defended; and its consistency with true Christianity represented. In a reply to some exceptions against war in a late com posure (By John Smith) intituled “The doctrine of Christianity as held by the people called Quakers, vindicated.” By Gilbert

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God the Word. By John Trappe. London, 1641. Trelawney, 8207, D. Perranzabulce, the lost church found; or the church of

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York, 1848. Van Ranselaer, 12550, 0. 5. Man's feasts and fasts in God's church. A new

year's gift : being a review of the "Rector's Christmas Offering."

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ties in England. By Robert Vaughan, D. D. London, 1838.
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viewed in relation to the state and tendencies of modern society. By
Robert Vaughan, D. D. London, 1812.

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and upon the separation of church and state, considered with reference to the fulfilment of that duty. Translated from the French of

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Mather, his calumnies, lies, and abuses of the people called Quakers.

By John Whiting. London, 1702. Wiggers, 9913, 0. An historical presentation of Augustinism and Pela

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Christ in relation to mankind and to the church. By R. I. Wilber

force. Philadelphia, 1849. Willison, 9171, D. A free and impartial testimony to the Church of Scot

land. By the Rev. John Willison. Pittsburg, 1808. Wilson, 9252, 0. Records of a route through France and Italy; with sketches

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advanced by the Rev. R. Buchanan. By John Wilson. Edinburgh,

1850. Wood, 9376, D. Old and new theology. By James Wood, D.D. Philadel

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the Church of Rome. By Christopher Wordsworth, D.D. London,
8756, D. Sequel to letters to M. Gondon on the destructive cha-
racter of the Church of Rome, both in religion and polity. By
Christopher Wordsworth, D. D. London, 1848.

8234, D. 1. Diary in France, mainly on topics concerning educa-
tion and the church. By Christopher Wordsworth, D. D. London,

1845. Worsley, 11683, 11901, 12075, 2, & 12283, 0. The province of the intellect

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Philadelphia, 1812. 9556, D. 2. Perforations in the latter day pamphlets (of Carlyle).

By one of the eighteen millions of bores. Edited by Elizur Wright.

No. 1. Boston, 1850. 1364, 0. Plain reasons for being a Christian. (In vol. 3 of Watson's tracts.) Cambridge, 1785.

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London, 1836. 11006, 0, 7. Man's feasts and fasts in God's church. By a Presbyterian. Burlington, N. J., 1842.

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8495, D. English church-women in the 17th century. New York, 1817.

8482. D. The sailor's hope for himself and the nation. By a naval officer. London, 1846.


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