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I urisprudence.


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the different States of our Union. A. discourse before the Law

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12695, 0. 4. A succinct statement of the grounds of the demands of the legal representatives of the late Francis Pettetreau, on the parties interested in the American vessels, the Hart, the Two Friends, the Alpha and Minerva, destroyed at sea by a French squadron commanded by Captain Lallemand. New York, 1838.

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12695, 0. 2. Further remarks on the precedent afforded by the decision of the Board in the case of the Barque Richards.


Aiken, 7514, D. A comparative view of the constitutions of Great Britain

and the United States of America. By P. F. Aiken. London, 1842. Constant, 10014, 0. Commentaire sur l'ouvrage De Filangieri, par M. Ben

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scritti del Signor Benimino Constant, prima traduzione Italiana. Italie,

1828. Marshall, 9754, 0. The writings of John Marshall, late Chief Justice of the

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By Joseph Moseley. London, 1852.


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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to propose amendments to the constitution, commenced and held at Harrisburg, on the 2d day of May,

1837. Reported by John Agg. 13 vols. Harrisburg, 1837, 1839. Binns, 11516, 0. Binns' magistrate's daily companion. A treatise on the

office and duties of aldermen and justices of the peace, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. By John Binns, alderman of Walnut

Ward, Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1815. Gift of the author. Binney, 13159, 0. 10. The alienigenæ of the United States under the present

naturalization laws. (By Horace Binney, Esq.) Philadelphia, 1853. Calhoun, 12738, 0. Vol. 1. A disquisition on government, and a discourse on

the constitution and government of the United States. By John C.

Calhoun. Edited by Richard R. Cralle. Charleston, 1851.

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the United States, delivered annually in Columbia College, New York. By Wm. Alexander Duer, LL. D. New York, 1843.

Dunlop, 11752, 0. The General Laws of Pennsylvania, from 1700 to April

22, 1846, with notes and references to all the decisions of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, giving construction to said laws, and an index.

Compiled by James Dunlop. Philadelphia, 1817. Getz, 11917, 0. A general collection of precedents in conveyancing. By

George Getz. Philadelphia, 1845. Graydon, 11741, 0. Graydon's forms of conveyancing and of practice in the

courts of common pleas, quarter sessions, oyer and terminer, the supreme and orphan's courts, &c. A new edition. By R. E. Wright.

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regulations in New York, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and

Wisconsin. By B. F. Hall. Auburn, N. Y., 1847. Hickey, 9654, D. The Constitution of the U. States, with an account of the

State Papers, &c. &c. By W. Hickey. Philadelphia, 1853. Hopkinson, 10323, 0. 1. Speeches of Joseph Hopkinson and Charles Chaun

cey, on the judicial tenure, delivered in the convention of Pennsyl

vania for revising the constitution. Philadelpbia, 1838. McLauyhlin, 12824, 0. 5. Appointments of auditors, &c., by the inferior

courts of Philadelphia, briefly reviewed. By Daniel McLaughlin.

Philadelphia, 1851. Purdon, 11740, 0. A Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania from the year 1700

to 1816. 7th edition; the first four editions by the late John Purdon, Esq. The last three by George M. Stroud. Philadelphia, 1847. 11740, 0. The same. 5th edition. Philadelphia, 1837. Gift of

J. J. Burclay, Esq. Read, 13161, 0. 8. Argument of John M. Read, in favor of the constitu

tionality of the subscription by the City of Philadelphia to the

Hempfield Railroad. Philadelphia, 1853. Washburn, 11393, 0. Sketches of the judicial history of Massachusetts, from

1630 to 1775. By Emons Washburn. Boston, 1810. Wharton, 12312, 0. 6. A letter on the right and power of the city of Phila

delphia to subscribe for stock in the Pennsylvania R. Ř. Co. By

Thos. I. Wharton, Esq. Philadelphia, 1846. Gift of the author. 12817, 0. The Constitutions of the several States of the Union and United States, including the Declaration of Independence, and articles of confederation : Taken from authentic documents. New York, 1852.

5052, 0. Laws of the United States of America, from 4th March, 1789, to the 4th of March, 1827, including all treaties, &c. &c. To which is added (in vol. 7) a general index to all laws, treaties and resolutions, froin the adoption of the Federal Constitution to the close of the 19th Congress. (Printed by Bioren and Duane and P. Force.) 7 vols. Philadelphia and Washington, 1815 to 1827.

12247, 0. Acts and resolutions passed at the second session of the 30th Congress of the United States. With an appendix. Washington, 1819.

12344, 0. Laws of the United States, resolutions of Congress under the Confederation, treaties, proclamations, Spanish regulations, and other documents respecting the public lands. 2 vols. Washington, 1828.

12713, 0. Pension Laws now in force relative to invalid, navy, revolutionary and other pensions; together with the constructions placed thereon, and forms for applicants, &c. Compiled by the Commissioner of Pensions. Wasbington, 1819. Gift of the War Department.

12701, 0. 6. A commentary on the Bankrupt Law of 1841, showing its operation and effect. By a member of the Bar of New York. New York, 1811.

12733, 0. Acts of the Second Biennial Session of the General Assembly of Alabama, commencing Nov., 1819; also session 1851-2, &c., to the present time. Montgomery, 1850, &c. Gift of the State.

12832, 0. Acts and resolves passed by the General Court of Massachusetts,

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