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in the years 1844, 1845, 1846, 1847, 1818, 1819, 1850 and 1851. Together with the rolls and messages ; with a vol. of indices. Boston, 1844. Gift of Hon. Geo. Livermore.

13215, O. The charter and ordinances of the city of Boston, together with the Acts of the Legislature, relating to the city; collated and revised pursuant to an order of the city council. By Peleg W. Chandler. Boston, 1850. Gift of Thomas Balch, Esq.

9271, 0. 20. Constitution of the State of Michigan, as adopted 1835. Detroit, 1835. Gift of J. Jay Smith.

2615, Q. State of New York, second, third and fourth reports of the commissioner of practice and pleadings. Code of procedure. Albany, 1829. Gift of Wm. B. Reed, Esq.

13016, O. Code of procedure of the State of New York, as amended by the Legislature, by an Act passed July 10th, 1851. Albany, 1851. Gift of the State.

12667, O. Laws of the State of New York, for the years 1806, 1812, and 1833. Albany, 1806, &c. Gift by the same.

12667, 0. Laws of the State of New York, passed at the 73d Session of the Legislature, 1850; and the names and residences of the Judges, Surrogates, county Clerks, Sheriffs, and District Attorneys of the State of New York. Also for 1851, 1852, &c., to the present time. Albany, 1850, &c. Gift of the State of New York, through Dr. T. R. Beck.

12715, 0. 3. Laws of New Jersey, regulating fisheries in the River Delaware, and the agreement between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, settling the jurisdiction of the Delaware and its islands. Camden, 1831.

12715, 0. 19. Report of the Commissioners of the State of New Jersey on the river Delaware. Camden, 1835.

413, F. 8. Defence of the Legislative Constitution of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1728.

12715, 0. 22. Report of the commissioners to revise the civil code of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 1834-5.

13032, 0. 2. Report of the commissioners appointed to revise the code of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg. Gift of Hon. G. H. Hart.

413, F. 6. Charter granted by the Hon. William Penn, Esq., to the Freeholders of Pennsylvania, October 28th, 1701. Philadelphia, 1725.

233, F. Laws of Pennsylvania. By A. J. Dallas, Esq. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1789 and 1793.

311, F. Laws of Pennsylvania from settlement to 1781.
535, 536, 537, and 1116, F. Do. from 1781 to 1801.
3069, 3070, & 3071, 0. Do. from 1801 to 1831.
11016, 0. Do. from 1831 to 1813.
11201, 0. Do. for 1841.
11541, 0. Do. for 1845.
11717, 0. Do. for 1846.
11912, 0. Do. for 1847.
12091, 0. Do. for 1848.
12248, 0. Do. from 1849 to the present time.

420, F. 2. Collection of all the Laws of the Province of Pennsylvania now in force. Philadelphia, 1742.

420, F. 3. Appendix containing the laws now expired, altered, or repealed. Philadelphia, 1742.

2466, Q. Laws enacted in third sitting of the ninth General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1785.

11546, O. Laws of Pennsylvania for 1841. Harrisburg

10323, 0. 3. Draft of a revised common school law. By Thos. H. Bur. rowes. Harrisburg, 1839.

12900, 0. A digest of the Acts of Assembly relating to the first School

District of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1852. Gift of R. J. Hemphill, Secretary.

26+1, Q. 1 & 2. Daily Legislative Union, January 4th, 1854, to May 8th, 1854. Harrisburg, 1851. Gift of Hon. Wm. C. Patterson and G. H. Hart.

13137, 0. 11. Charter, constitution and by-laws of the Law Academy of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1848.

13137, 0. 12. The argument lists of the Law Academy of Philadelphia. Sessions of 1849 '50, 1851 ’52, and 1852 '53.

10558, 0. A digest of the ordinances of the corporation of the city of Philadelphia, and of the acts of Assembly relating thereto. Published by authority of Councils. Philadelphia, 1811. Gift of Councils.

13216, 0. Ordinances of the corporation of, and Acts of Assembly relating to the city of Philadelphia, chronologically arranged with a digested index. Philadelphia, 1851. Gift of Tho. Balch, Esg.

13217, o. Ordinances of the corporation of the City of Philadelphia, passed between 1850 and 1851: And Acts of Assembly relating to the city. Philadelphia, 1854. Gift of Thos. Balch, Esq.

13161, 0.6. Paper book : Sharpless and others vs. The City of Philadelphia, respecting the subscription to the Hempfield Railroad. Philadelphia, 1853.

1288, F. The Acts of Assembly now in force in the colony of Virginia. Williamsburg, 1769.

12658, 0. Abridgment of the laws in force and use in Her Majesty's plantations of Virginia, Jamaica, Barbadoes, Maryland, New England, New York, Carolina, &c. Digested in the method of Mr. Wingate and Mr. Washington's abridgments. London, 1704.


Allen, 12404, 0. 1. Inquiry into the rise and growth of the Royal Preroga

tive in England. By John Allen. London, 1849. Hardwicke, 11979, 0. The Life of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. With selec

tions from his correspondence, speeches, and judgments. By George

Harris. 2 vols. London, 1847. Hardy, 9700, 0. Rotuli de oblatis et finibus in Turri Londinensi asservati,

tempore Regis Johannis. Accurante Thoma Duffus Hardy. Lon

don, 1835. Gift of the British Government. Hatsell, 2381, Q. Precedents of proceedings in the House of Commons, with

observations. By Hatsell. 4 vols. and an index. London, 1785. Hawles, 7631, D. 1. The Englishman's right; a dialogue between a barrister

at law and a juryman. By Sir John Hawles, Knt. London, 1771.

Gift of James Gibson. Ilunter, 9361, 0. Magnum Rotulum Scaccarii, vel Magnum Rotulum Pipe,

de Anno tricessimo-primo Regni Henrici primi. Ed. Josephus Hun

ter. London, 1833. Gift of the British Government. 9365, 0. Fines, sive Pedes Finium: sive Finales concordiæ in curia

Domini Regis. Edente Josepho Hunter. Vol. 1. London, 1835.

Gift of the same. Laya, 11371, 0. Droit Anglais, ou Résumé de la Legislation Anglais sous la

forme de codes, par Alexandre Laya. 2 tomes. Paris, 1815. Palgrave, 9358, 0. Rotuli Curiæ Regis. "Rolls and records of the court of

the King's Justiciars or Justices. Vol. 1. Edited by Sir Francis Palgrave, K. H. London, 1835. Gift of the British Government, . 9367, 0. An essay upon the original authority of the King's council. By Sir Francis Palgrave, K. H. London, 1834. Gift by same.

Roberts, 9362, 0. Excerpta è Rotulis Finium in Turri Londinensi, temp.

Henrico Tertio Rege. Cura Caroli Roberts. Vol. 1. London, 1835.

Gift by same. Thomson, 9281, 0. An historical essay on the Magna Charta of King John.

By Richard Thomson. London, 1829. Toland, 12177, 0. Anglia Libera ; or the limitation and succession of the

Crown of England explained and asserted. By Jo. Toland. Lon

don, 1701. 1171, F. Ancient laws and institutes of England, comprising laws enacted under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, from Ethelbert to Cnut; the laws called Edward the Confessor's; the laws of William the Conqueror, and those ascribed to Henry the First : Also, monumenta ecclesiastica Anglicana, from the 7th to the 10th century, and the ancient Latin version of the Anglo-Saxon laws, with a compendious glossary. Printed by command of his late majesty William IV., 1840. Gift of the British Government.

11701, F. Ancient laws and institutes of Wales, comprising laws supposed to be enacted by Howell the Good, modified by subsequent regulations under native princes prior to the conquest of Edward the First; and anomalous laws consisting principally of institutions, which, by the statute of Ruddlan, were admitted to continue in force; with an English translation of the Welsh text. To which are added a few Latin transcripts, containing digests of the Welsh laws, principally the Dimetian code. Printed by command of William IV. London, 1841. Gift of the same.



Gadrat, 10652, 0. Traité des faillites et banqueroutes. Par M. J. M. V.

Gadrat. Paris, 1841. Hennequin, 10692, 0. Introduction historique à l'étude de la legislation Fran

çaise. Par Viator Hennequin. 2 tom. Paris, 1841. Lindôrp, 2393, Q. Der Romischar Reisserlichen, auch zu Hungern und Böh

Acta Publica. Durch Michaelem Casparum Lindorpium.

Weiss, 1622. Gift of F. A. Packard, Esq. Montlosier, 10127, 0. Denonciation des Cours Royales relativement au sys

tème religieuse et politique signalé dans le mémoire à consulter, par

M. le Comte de Montlosier. Paris, 1826. Renouard, 10865, 0. Traité des faillites et banqueroutes. Par A. C. Re

nouard. 2 tom. Paris, 1842. 10905, 0. Code civil de l'empire de Russie, traduit sur les editiones officielles. Par un jurisconsulte Russe. A Rennes, 1841.

6917, D. Codice civile de Napoleone il grande col cenfronto delle Leggi Romane. 3 vols. Milano, 1809.

19:23, 0. 1. Le procés de Montargis, affaire de liberté des cultes, jugée en appel par la cour royale d'Orleans. Paris, 1838.

821, D. 2. Recueil d'Édits, etc. concernant l'Administration des Colonies Françaises de l'Amerique, &c. Paris, 1744.


11494, 0. Ayeen Akerby; or the Institutes of the Emperor Akber. Translated from the original Persian by Francis Gladwin. 2 vols. London, 1800.



Addison, 10503, D. 4. Liberty of speech and of the press. A charge to the

grand juries. By Alexander Addison. Washington, Pa., 1798. Adshead, 11601, 0. Prisons and prisoners. By Joseph Adslead. London,

1845. Alauzet, 10649, 0. Essai sur les peines et le système penitentiaire. Par

Isidore Alauzet. Ouvrage couronné par l'institut. Paris, 1842. Barclay, 12086, 0. 10. Address delivered at the laying of the corner-stone

of the House of Refuge for colored juvenile delinquents, July, 1818.

By James J. Barclay, A. M. Philadelphia, 1848. 'Gift of the author. Beccaria, 10274, 0. Opere di Cesare Beccaria. 2 vols. Milano, 1821.

10217, 0. Des delits et des peines, par Beccaria, traduction nouvelle accompagnée de notes, par P. J. S. Dufey (de l'Yonne). Paris,

1821. Browning, 7455, D. England's exiles; or a view of a system of instruction

and discipline as carried into effect during the voyage to the penal

colonies of Australia. By C. A. Browning, M. D. London, 1842. Burr, 9920, D. 3. Review of Rev. Dr. Berg's discourses on capital punish

ment. By Rev. C. C. Burr. Philadelphia, 1845. Cepola, 9145, D. Consilia criminalia Bartholomei Cepolæ Veronensis. Lug

duni, 1543. Cheever, 7296, D. Punishment by death ; its authority and expediency. By

Rev. Geo. B. Cheever. New York, 1842. Crawford, 10328, 0. 6. Extracts from the second report of (Wm. Crawford

and W. Russell, Esq.) the inspectors of prisons for the Home Dis

trict. London, 1838. Dix, 11642, 0. Remarks on Prisons and Prison Discipline in the United

States. By D. L. Dix. Boston, 1845. 12506, 0. 2. Letters to convicts in twenty-six State Prisons, and ten

Houses of Correction or County Penitentiaries. (By Miss Dorothea

Dix.) 5th thousand. 1848. Dixon, 9469.John Howard, and the prison world of Europe. By H. Dixon.

London, 1850. Dole, 12506, 0. 8. An examination of Mr. Rantoul's report for abolishing

capital punishment in Massachusetts. By Benjamin Dole. Boston,

1837. Dumas, 10949, 0. Celebrated crimes. By Alexander Dumas. London, 1813. Hill, 13084, o. Crime : its amount, causes and remedies. By Frederic Hill,

barrister at law, late inspector of prisons. London, 1853. Lieber, 10323, 0. 2. A popular essay on subjects of penal law, and on unin.

terrupted solitary confinement at labor. By Francis Lieber. Phila

delphia, 1838. Livingston, 11005, 0. 2. Remarks on the expediency of abolishing the

punishment of death. By Edward Livingston, LL. D.; with an

appendix by James Mease, M. D. Philadelphia, 1831. Gift of Dr.

J. Mease. May, 11294, 0. 2. On punishments and prisons. Translated by A. May.

London, 1844. Moreau Christophe, 11396, O. 2. Defense du projet de loi sur les prisons, par

M. Moreau Christophe. Paris, 1844.

10723, 0. De la réforme des prisons en France. Par L. M.

Moreau Christophe. Paris, 1838. Mudie, 9622, O. The felonry of New South Wales, being a faithful picture

of the real romance of life in Botany Bay. By James Mudie. Lon.

don, 1837. Nicholas, 9442, 0. A treatise on the law of adulterine bastardy, with a re

port of the Banbury case, and others. By Sir Harris Nicholas.

London, 1836. Gift of the author. Nugent, 10102, 0. 3. On the punishment of death by law, with a letter to

Basil Montagu, Esq. By Lord Nugent. London, 1810. O'Sullivan, 13010, 0. A report in favor of the abolition of the punishment

of death by law, made to the Legislature of New York, April 14th, 1841, by John L. O'Sullivan. 2d edition. New York, 1841. Gift of

Dr. T. Romeyn Beck. Packard, 11005, 0. 11. Memorandum of a late visit to the Auburn Peniten

tiary. By F. A. Packard. Philadelphia, 1841. Gift of the author. 12228, & 12506, 0. An inquiry into the alleged tendency of the separation of convicts, one from the other, to produce disease and derangement. Philadelphia, 1849. Gift of the author, F. A.

Packard, Esq. Raoul Chassinat, 2426, Q. Études sur la moralité dans les bagnes et dans les

maisons centrales de force et de correction, depuis 1822 jusqu'à 1837,

par M. Raoul Chassinat Paris, 1844. Sampson, 8403, D. Rationale of crime, and its appropriate treatment. By

M. B. Sampson. With notes by E. W. Farnham. New York, 1846.

10951, o.' Criminal jurisprudence considered in relation to cere

bral organization. By M. B. Sampson. 2d edition. London, 1843. Sumner, 12315, 0. 20. The Pennsylvanian system of prison discipline

triumphant in France. By George Sumner. Philadelpbia, 1851. Swift, 12695, 0. 7. A vindication of the calling of the special superior

court at Middletown, for the trial of Peter Lung for murder. By

Zephaniah Swift. Windham, 1816. Varrentrapp, 11397, 0. 5. De l'emprisonnement individuel sous le rapport

sanitaire. Par George Varren trapp. Paris, 1844. Winslow, 12701, 0. 9, & 7605, D. The plea of insanity in criininal cases.

By Forbes Winslow, Esq. Philadelphia and London, 1843. 12087, 0. 8. The impropriety of capital punishments, or the report of a committee on Dr. Cuyler's sermon. Philadelphia, 1842.

12001, 0. 5. Convict treatment. London, 1847.

1354, F. 1 & 2. First, Second, Third, Fourth and Seventh Reports of Her Majesty's Commissioners for revising and consolidating the criminal law. London, 1837 to 1848.

1341, F. Report of the select committee on transportation, together with the minutes of evidence, appendix and index. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 3d Aug. 1838. London.

1350, F. Correspondence on the subject of convict discipline and transportation. Presented to Parliament. 2 vols, London, 1849.

1202, F. Second report of the inspectors appointed by parliament to visit the different prisons of Great Britain. London, 1837.

10307, 0. Extracts from the second and third reports of the inspectors of

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