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ton, 1847.

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By the Chev. F. M. G. De Pambour. London, 1836.
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par le gouvernement général des Etats-Unis d'Amérique de 1824 à
1831, par Gme. Tell Poussin. Paris, 1834.
1231, F. Atlas to the same.
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tion, &c.; faisant suite aux travaux d'améliorations intérieures, par
Gme. Tell Poussin. Paris, 1836.
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d'améliorations intérieures, &c. Par Guillaume Tell Poussin. Paris,

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marks on railway accidents and their prevention. By Robert Ritchie.

London, 1846.
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London, 1838. .
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Second edition. London, 1835.
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destinées à les parcourir, par Th. Tredgold; traduit de l'Anglais par

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between the Mediterranean and Red Seas. By James Vetch. Lon

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mittee on the use of the railways of the commonwealth. By M.

Walker. Harrisburg, 1834-'5.
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canals of New York, and the agricultural societies. By Elkanah

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described and illustrated. By Francis Whishaw, civil engineer.

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influences. By Frederick S. Williams. With woodcuts. London, 1852.

12740, 0. The Isthmus of Tehuantepec : being the results of a survey for a railroad to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, made by the scientific commissioners under the direction of Major J. G. Barnard, U. S. E. Arranged for the Tehuantepec Railroad Co. of New Orleans, by J. J. Williams. Maps and engravings. New

York, 1852. 9841, 9842, 9843, 9844, and 9845, 0. Select newspaper scraps, collected, arranged and indexed by Mathew Carey. Certain vols. relating to and lettered "Internal Improvements." Bequest of the collector.

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11055, D. 18. Letter from Abner Lacock, canal commissioner. Pittsburg, 1830.

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13031, 0. 10. Documents referring to the controversy between the Canal Commissioners and the Harrisburg and Lancaster, and the Pennsylvania Railroad Companies. With remarks on the relative position of the State improvements and the Pennsylvania Railroad. Philadelphia, 1852.

11009, 0. 6, 10326, 6, 13411, 0. 6, 12315, & 12594, 0.1. Reports of the Board of Managers of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, for the years

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