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Falconer, 250, Q. A new universal dictionary of the marine; being a copious

explanation of the technical terms and phrases usually employed in the construction, equipment, machinery, movements, and military, as well as naval operations of ships; with such parts of astronomy and navigation as will be found useful to practical navigators. Illustrated with a variety of modern designs of shipping, &c.; together with separate views of the mast, yards, sails and rigging. To which is annexed a vocabulary of French sea-phrases and terms of art. Originally compiled by William Falconer, now modernized and en

larged by William Burney, LL. D. London, 1815. Fincham, 12616, Ó. A history of naval architecture ; to which is prefixed, an

introductory dissertation on the application of mathematical science to the art of naval construction. With 58 plates. By John Fincham,

Esq. London, 1851. Griffiths, 2578, Q. Treatise on marine and naval architecture; or theory and

practice blended in ship building. By John W. Griffiths. Illustrated.

New York, 1851. Herbert, 1362, F. A new directory for the East Indies; containing general

and particular charts for the navigation of those seas. By William Herbert, Hydrographer. 4th edition. London, 1776. Gift of Dr.

C. C. Cooper. Herschell, 9090, D. A manuel of scientific enquiry; prepared for the use of

H. M. Navy and Travellers. Edited by Sir J. F. W. Herschell. Lon.

don, 1849. Jal, 10355, 0. Archéologie navale. Par A. Jal. Publiée par ordre du roi.

2 tom. Paris, 1840. Johnson, 11263, 0. A report to the navy department of the United States on

American coals, applicable to steam navigation and other purposes.

By Walter R. Johnson. Washington, 1814. Lee, 13278, 0. Report and charts of the cruise of the U. S. Brig Dolphin,

made under direction of the navy department. By Lieut. S. P. Lee, U. S. N. (Deep sea soundings, &c.) Washington, 1854. From

the National Observatory. (The map in a separate vol.) Macfarlane, 9790, D. History of propellers and steam navigation, with bio

graphical sketches of the early inventors. By Robert Macfarlane,

C. E. New York, 1851. Maury, 1313, F. Wind and current charts, north and south Atlantic trade.

By M. F. Maury. Washington. Gift of the author. 2639, Q. Explanations and sailing directions to accompany the wind and current charts; approved by Commodore Charles Morris, and published by authority of Hon. J. C. Dobbin, Secretary of the Navy. By W. F. Maury, LL. D., U. S. N. 6th edition, enlarged. Philadelphia, 1854. Gift of the author. 13402, 0. The physical geography of the sea. By M. F. Maury.

New York, 1855. Methven, 1403, F. The log of a merchant officer: viewed with reference to

the education of young officers and the youth of the merchant service. By Robert Methven. With a preface by Dr. Lyon Playfair. Illus

trated. London, 1854. Mills, 11513, 0. The American light-house guide; with sailing directions for

the use of the mariner. By Robert Mills. Washington, 1845. Nystrom, 13183, 0. See

See p. 1171.
Phillips, 9319, 0. A code of universal naval signals. By H. C. Phillips.

London, 1835.
Reid, 9703, 0. The law of storms. By W. Reid. London, 1838.

12413, 0. The development of the law of storms, with the application

to navigation. By W. Reid. London, 1849.


Ringgold, 1389, F. A series of charts, with sailing directions, embracing

surveys of the State of California. By Cadwalader Ringgold, U. S.

N. Washington, 1852. Smyth, 12045, 0. See p. 1173. Steinmetz, 2537, Q. The ship, its origin and progress from its first invention.

By Francis Steinmetz. London, 1849. Sumner, 11577, 0. A new and accurate method of finding a ship's position

at sea, by projection on Mercator's chart. By Captain T. K. Sum

2d edition. Boston, 1845. Ter Reehorst, 8922, D. The mariner's friend; or Polyglot indispensable and

technical dictionary. By R. P. Ter Reehorst. Amsterdam, 1849. Walker, 13632, 0. 7. New directions for sailing along the coast of North

America. By George Walker. London, 1803. Wilcocks, 11207, D. An essay on the tides : theory of the two forces. By

Alexander Wilcocks, M. D Philadelphia, 1855. Woodcroft, 12194, 0. A sketch of the origin and progress of steam navigation,

from authentic documents. By Bennett Woodcroft. London, 1818. 8950, 0. The nautical magazine. 23 vols. London, 1832 to the present time.

1228, F. Report to the House of Commons on steam vessel accidents. London, 1839.

Note.—For other charts, see GEOGRAPHY; and for Nautical Almanacs, see p. 1175. See also TRADE, COMMERCE, &c., p. 1102.


Barton, 11079, D. See p. 1156.
Burn, 10393, D. A naval and military technical dictionary of the French

language. By Lt. Col. Burn. London, 1852. Charnock, 2292, 0. Biographia navalis, or memoirs of officers of the navy

of Great Britain, from 1660 to the present time. By John Char

nock. 6 vols. London, 1795. Douglass, 13499, 0. A treatise on naval gunnery. By Gen. Lee Howard

Douglass. 4th edition, revised. London, 1855. Frost, 10607, 0. The book of the navy. By John Frost, A. M. New York,

1842. Giffard, 10210, D. 1. Deeds of naval daring; or, anecdotes of the British

navy. By E. Giffard. London, 1852. Glasscock, 6272, D. The naval service, or officer's manual for every grade in

his majesty's ships. By Capt. W. N. Glasscock, R. N. 2 vols.

London, 1836. Hillsborough, 5849, 0. The United States naval chronicle. By Charles W.

Goldsborough. Washington, 1824. Horner, 11025, D. See p. 1154. Jeffers, 12393, 0. A concise treatise on naval gunnery. By Wm. N. Jeffers,

Jr. New York, 1850. Joinville, 12701, 0. 3. Remarks on the naval forces of France. By the

Prince de Joinville. Boston, 1844. Melville, 1105, F. 2. Letter from Viscount Melville, relative to the manage

ment of the civil service of the navy. London, 1810. Nelson, 11296, 0. The dispatches and letters of Lord Nelson. 7 vols.

London, 1844, &c.

Nicolas, 11608, 0. Historical record of the royal marine forces. By Paul

H. Nicolas. 2 vols. London, 1845. O'Byrne, 12307, 0. A naval biographical dictionary, comprising the life and

services of every living officer in H. M. Navy. By William R.

O'Byrne, Esq. London, 1849. Paizhans, 2336, Q. Nouvelle force maritime, et application de cette force a

quelques parties du service de l'armée de terre, par H. J. Paixhans. Paris, 1822.

10245, 0. 3. Expériences faites par la Marine Française, sur une

arme nouvelle, par H. J. Paixbans. Paris, 1825. Plunkett, 8467, D. 2. The past and future of the British navy. By Hon. E.

Plunkett. London, 1846. Rittenhouse, 12699, 0. 8. Reply to a pamphlet on the subject of “ assimilated

rank,” referred to in a memorial submitted to the Secretary by sundry

line officers of the navy. By J. B. Rittenhouse, U. S. N. 1850. Ruschenberger, 12699, 0.9. Å brief history of an existing controversy on

assimilated rank in the navy of the United States. (By W. 8. W. Ruschenberger, M. D.) Philadelphia, 1850.

12315, 0. 7. Hints on the reorganization of the navy, including an examination of the claims of its civil officers to an equality of rights. By W. S. W. Ruschenberger. New York, 1845. . Gift of the author.

12087, 0. 11. Naval; an examination of the legality of the general orders which confer assimilated rank on officers of the civil branch of the United States Navy. By a Surgeon. (W. S. W. Ruschenberger.) Philadelphia, 1848. Gift of the author.

12315, 0. 8. Examination of a reply to hints on the reorganization of the navy. New York, 1845. Gift of the author.

12315, 0. 9. The marine hospital fund of the United States. By

W. S. W. Ruschenberger. Skinner, 12682, 0. 5, & 12683, 0. 3, & 12684, O. 11, & 12686, O. 3. Nau

tical education. Letter to a young gentleman on his entrance into

the navy of the United States. (By J. S. Skinner.) 1841. Sue, 11365, 0. Histoire de la Marine Française. Par Eugene Sue. 4 tomes.

Paris, 1844. Ward, 11255, 0. An elementary course of instruction on ordnance and

gunnery; prepared for the use of the midshipmen at the naval school, Philadelphia; together, with a concise treatise on steam. By J. H.

Ward, U. S. N. Philadelphia, 1845. 12680, 0. Vol. 1. A general register of the navy and marine corps of the United States, alphabetically arranged, containing the names of all officers since the establishment of the navy department in 1798. And a revised edition of all the laws in relation to the navy and marine corps. By authority. Washington, 1848. Gift of the Navy Department.

12680, 0. Vol. 2. Registers of the navy of the United States for the years 1848 to 1853. Washington. Gift of the same.

11002, 0. 16. Rules and regulations of the medical department of the navy of the United States.

4809, 0. The naval monument, containing official and other accounts of all the battles fought between the navies of the United States and Great Britain during the late war, and an account of the war with Algiers. Boston, 1816.

7187, D. The ports, arsenals, and dock yards of France. London, 1841.

Note.-For other navy lists, see ALMANACS, page 1174, and in the Index Blue Book,

For other naval histories, see HISTORY, and in the Index Allen, Beatson, Brenton, Clark, Cooper, Entick, James, Lediard, Nicolas, Rose, Saint Croix, Southey, &c.


Bellange, 11304, 0. Collection des types de tous les corps et les uniformes

militaires de la République et de l'Empire. 50 Planches coloriées

d'après les desseins d'Hippolyte Bellange. Paris, 1843. Burn, 10393, D. See page 1206. Chambray, 10058, 0. Philosophie de la guerre, suivie de mélanges, par le

M. de Chambray. 2d edition. A Paris, 1820. Chesney, 12805, 0. Observations on the past and present state of fire-arms,

and on the probable effects in war of the new musket; with a proposi-
tion for reorganizing the royal regiment of artillery, &c. By Colonel

F. R. Chesney. London, 1852.
Dalrymple, 1133, 0. 2. Extracts from a military essay.

Extracts from a military essay. By Lt. Col. C.
Dalrymple. Philadelphia, 1776.
Deverell, 2288, Q.2. Two letters addressed to the late Rt. Hon. William Pitt,

on the subject of the ancient Aries, or battering ram. By Robert

Deverell, Esq. London, 1804. (Privately printed.) Dubuat, 10236, O. See p. 1170. Evans, 7105, 0. On the practicability of an invasion of British India, and

the resources of the empire. By Col. De Lacy Evans. London, 1829. Faddy, 12001, 0. 7. The defence and military system of Great Britain. By

Col. Faddy. 1848. Fergusson, 12995, 0. 2. The peril of Portsmouth; or, French fleets and En

glish forts. By James Fergusson. With a plan. London, 1853. Frederick II., 1820, 0. The works of Frederick II., King of Prussia.

vols. London, 1789. Grafton, 11150, D. A treatise on the camp and march ; with which is con.

nected the construction of field-works and military bridges. With an appendix of artillery ranges, &c. By Henry D. Grafton. Boston,

1854. Gregory, 10911, D. Strategical map showing the route of the Russian armies

in 1828-9. By Isaac Gregory. London, 1854. Gurowski, 13406, 0. A year of the war. By Adam G. de Gurowski. New

York, 1855. Halleck, 8301, D. Elements of military art and science; or, course of in

struction in strategy, fortification, tactics of battles, &c. Adapted to the use of volunteers and militia. By H. Wager Halleck, U. S. A.

New York, 1846. Head, 9688, D. The defenceless state of Great Britain. By Sir Francis B.

Head. London, 1850. Herbert, 9907, D. The captains of the old world, as compared with modern

strategists. By Wm. Herbert. New York, 1851. Hershberger, 8101, D. The horseman. With a sabre exercise for mounted

and dismounted service. By H. R. Hershberger, instructor of riding

at United States Military Academy. New York, 1814. Homans, 9:223, 0. The military and naval magazine of the United States. By B. Homans. 5 vols. Washington, 1833 to 1835.

. Joinville, 2701, 0. Remarks on the naval forces of France. By the Prince

de Joinville. Boston, 1844. Jomini, 13095, 0. Traité des grandes operations militaires, Première partie.

Histoire critique et militaire des guerres de Frédéric II. comparées au système moderne, avec un recueil des principes les plus importans de l'art de la guerre.

Par le Lieutenant-General Jomini. With an atlas in folio. 3me edition. 3 tomes. Paris, 1818. 13097,0. Tableau analytique des principales combinaisons de la guerre et de leurs rapports avec la politique des États, pour servir d'intro

duction au "Traité des grandes opérations militaires.” Par le Baron

de Jomini. 3me edition. Paris, 1830. Jomini, 13096, 0. Précis de l'art de la guerre, ou nouveau tableau analytique

des principales combinaisons de la stratégie, de la grande tactique et de la politique militaire. Par le Baron de Jomini. 2 tomes. Paris,

1838. 10676, D. Summary of the art of war, or a new analytical compend

of the principal combinations of strategy, of grand tactics, and of military policy. By Baron de Jomini, General in Chief, aide-decamp general to the Emperor of Russia. Translated from the French by Major 0. F. Winship and Lieut. E. E. McLean. New York,

1854. Kingsbury, 9134, D. Elementary treatise on artillery and infantry; adapted to

the service of the U. S. By C. P. Kingsbury. New York, 1849. Larrey, 12245, 0. Memoirs of military surgery, and campaigns of the French

By Baron Larrey, M. D. 2 vols. Balt., 1814. McClellan, 11326, D. Manual of bayonet exercise; for the use of the army

of the United States. Translated chiefly from the French of M.

Gomard, by George B. McClellan._Philadelphia, 1855. Mackintosh, 11244, D. A military tour in European Turkey, the Crimea, and

on the eastern shores of the Black Sea, &c. With strategical observations. By Major-General A. F. Mackintosh. Maps. 2d edition.

London, 1851. Mahan, 11149, D. An elementary treatise on advanced-guard, outpost and

detached service of troops, and the manner of posting and handling them in presence of an enemy:

With an historical sketch of tactics. By D. H. Mahan. New York, 1853. 11186, D. A treatise on field fortification, with the outlines of the arrangement, the attack and defence of permanent fortifications. By

D. H. Mahan. New York, 1852.

11650, 0. See p. 1170. Malius, 12001, 0. Plan for additional national defences. By Wm. Malius.

London, 1848. Marmont, 11321, 0. Esprit des institutions militaires. Par le Mareschal

Marmont. Paris, 1845. Marshall, 11702, 0. Military miscellany, comprehending a history of the

recruiting of the army, military punishment, &c. By Henry Marshall.

London, 1846. Mordecai, 11395, 0. See p. 1192. Napier, 12283, 0. 2. A letter to Sir J. Hobhouse on the baggage of the

Indian army. By Sir C. J. Napier. London, 1849. 13030, 0. 13. A letter on the defence of England by corps of volun

teers and militia. By Sir Charles J. Napier. London, 1852. Oudinot, 11344, 0. De l'armée et de son application aux travaux d'utilité

publique. Par M. Oudinot. Paris, 1845. Palmer, 12087, 0. 11. Memoir on the reconnaissance of the rivers, for the

use of l'Ecole d'état major. Translated by Lieut. W. R. Palmer.

Philadelphia, 1843. Pasley, 4302, 0. See p. 773. Pecqueur, 10893, 0. Des armées dans leurs rapports avec l'industrie, la morale,

et la liberté, ou des devoirs civiques des militaires. Par C. Pecqueur.

Paris, 1842 Rolt, 7453, D. Rolt on moral command. 3d edition. London, 1842. Scharnhorst, 9154, D. Unterricht des Königs von Preussen an die Generale

seiner Armeen, von G. Scharnhorst. Hannover, 1794. Schimmelpfennig, 13178, 0. 9. The war between Russia and Turkey. A military sketch. By A. Schimmelpfennig. Philadelphia, 1851.

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