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guirse nel Teatro di Barcellona, Composizione di Domenico Botti

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Schiller ; translated by Wm. Peter, A. M. Cambridge, 1843. Gift of the translator. 7004, D. William Tell, and other poems from the German of Schiller,

By William Peter, A. M. Philadelphia, 1810. Gift of the translator. 7749 & 7771, D. The poems and ballads of Schiller. Translated by Sir E. B. Lytton, Bart. With a sketch of the author's life. New

York and London, 1814.
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Stuttgard, 1837.
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poema da l’Inglese di Edmondo Spenser recato en verso Italiano de

Tommaso Jacopo Mathias. Napoli, 1826. Stalberg, 6802, D. Gedichte der Brüder Christian und Friedrich Leopold

Grafen zu Stalberg. 2 Bde. Wien, 1821. Suarez de Figueroa, 6925, D. La constante Amarilis, prosas y versos de

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Swedish of Esaias Tegner, bishop of Wexio, by Oscar Baker. London, 1841.

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