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Rea, 2681, Q. 4. Map of Newcastle County, Del., from original surveys by

Samuel M. Rea, &c. Philadelphia, 1849.


Griffith, 45, M. Map of the State of Maryland. By Dennis Griffith. Phila

delphia, 1794. (On rollers.)


Madison, 42, M. Map of Virginia. By James Madison, D. D. 1818. (On



Coles, 47, M. Chart of the coast of North Carolina, between Cape Hatteras

and Cape Fear, from a survey taken in 1806, by Thomas Coles and

Jonathan Price. (On rollers.) Price, 43, M. First actual survey of the State of North Carolina, by Jona

than Price and John Strother. Philadelphia, 1808. (On rollers.)

LOUISIANA. Darby, 49, M. Map of the State of Louisiana, with part of the Mississippi

Territory. 'By Wm. Darby. Philadelphia, 1806. (On rollers.)


Hough, 34, M. Map of the State of Ohio, by B. Hough and C. Bourne.

Chilicothe, 1815. (On rollers.)


12345, 0. Vol. 1. A collection of public documents, pamphlets, &c. relating to the U. S. coast survey, 1828 to 1843. Washington. Gift of Hon. J. R. Ingersoll.

12345, 0. Vol. 2. Reports of the U. S. coast survey, for the years 1849 and 1850. With maps. Washington, 1849, 1850.

11964, 0. The same for 1847. Washington.

12345, 0. Vol. 3. Annual report of the superintendent of the coast survey, showing the progress of that work during the year ending November, 1851. Washington, 1852. Gift of Wm. Linn Browon, Esq.

12345, 0. Sketches accompanying the coast survey report of 1851. (Maps.) Washington, 1852. Gift of Professor A. D. Bache.

2646, Q. The same for 1850, 1852, and 1853. 3 vols. Gift of the same.

136+, F. Vol. 2. A report upon the military and hydrographical chart of the extremity of Cape Cod, from surveys under J. D. Graham. Washington, 1838.

1364, F. A collection of maps published by the United States Government, comprising the Coast Survey charts of Edgartown Harbor, harbors of Black Rock and Bridgeport, the extremity of Cape Cod, Cat and Ship Island Harbors, the Harbor of Hyannis, Pisquotank River, the Harbor of New Bedford, the Harbor of Annapolis and Narraganset Bay; also maps of the River Sabine and of the boundary between the U. S. and Texas north of the Sabine, by the boundary commissioners; maps of Oregon and Upper California, from the surveys of Col. Fremont, and a plan of the siege of Vera Cruz. Washington.

60, M. Triangulation of the entrance into Delaware Bay, exibiting the exact position of the capes and shoals, with reference to the site of the breakwater. By William Strickland, engineer. Philadelphia. (On rollers.) )

8 & 9, M. Maps of Delaware Bay and River, by the U. S. coast survey. Washington, 1846. (In frames.)

1446, F. 7. Cape May roads, including Crow Shoal, Delaware Bay (September, 1836), and showing the plan of an artificial harbor proposed for that place. Surveyed and drawn by Hartmann Bache, Maj. Topog. En. Gift of the author.

1443, F. 6. Core sound, North Carolina, surveyed 1837. Washington.

1443, F. 9. No. 1. Harbor Island bar, entrance into Core Sound, N. C. Surveyed, 1837. Washington.

1443, F. 7. No. 2. Drum Shoal in Core Sound, N. C. Surveyed, 1837. Washington.

1443, F. 13. No. 3. Piney Point Shoal in Core Sound, N. C. Surveyed, 1837. Washington.

1443, F. 3. No. 4. Bell's Point Shoal in Core Sound, N. C. Surveyed, 1837. Washington.

1443, F. 10. A chart of part of Sandusky Bay and its entrance into Lake Erie. Washington, 1826.

1443, F. 11. Richmond's Island Harbor (Maine). Washington, 1851.

1444, F. 5. Charleston Harbor and the adjacent coast and country, South Carolina. Surveyed, 1823, '4 & '5.

1414, F. 4. Map of the territory of Florida, from its northern boundary to latitude 27° 30' north, connected with the delta of the Mississippi. An. nexed to the report of the board of internal improvements, dated Feb. 19, 1829, relating to the canal contemplated to connect the Atlantic with the Gulf of Mexico, &c.

39, M. Pensacola harbor and bar, Florida. Surveyed in 1822 by Major James Kearney, &c. (On rollers.)

1445, F. 5. Entrance to Mobile Bay. Washington, 1851.

1445, F. 1. Map of the mouth of Connecticut River and Saybrook Harbor. Washington, 1838.

1445, F. 2. Chart of Cape Cod Harbor, and the adjacent coast of Provincetown and Truro. Washington, 1841.

1445, F. 6. Map of the river Sabine, from its mouth to Logan's ferry, in latitude 31° 58' 24" north, showing the boundary between the United States and Texas. Surveyed in 1840.

1443, F. 14, 15 & 16. Part of the boundary between the U. States and Texas, A. 2, B. 2, C. 2. From Sabine River, northward to Red River. (Surveyed, 1841.)

1446, F. 4. Sabine Pass, and mouth of the river Sabine in the sea. 1840.

1446, F. 5. Map of the river Sabine from Logan's ferry to 32d degree of north latitude. Surveyed by the joint commission in 1841.

1446, F. 6. Chart of Narraganset Bay, surveyed in 1832. · 1413, F. 17, 18, 19, 20. Maps of New York Bay and Harbor. 4 sheets.

1443, F. 8. Sachem's Head Harbor; also Hart and City Island (N. York). Washington, 1851.

1446, F. 3. Hell Gate and its approaches. Washington, 1851. 1445, F. 4. Western part of the southern coast of Long Island. Wasbing

ton, 1851.

The following are in a portfolio, and are the gift of the Department:-
City of San Francisco and its vicinity. California, 1853.

Reconnaissance of the western coast of the United States, from San Francisco to San Diego. 1853.

Map of New York Bay and Harbor and the environs. 1845.
Preliminary sketch of Mobile Bay. 1852.
Savannah River. 1851.
Reconnaissance of the entrance of Savannah River. 1851.
Preliminary chart of North Edisto River. 1853.
Reconnaissance of New River and bar, N. Carolina. 1852.
Galveston entrance, Texas. 1853.
General chart of the coast from Gay Head to Cape Henlopen. 1852.

Sketch F., showing the progress of the survey in section VI., with a general reconnaissance of the western coast of Florida. 1848, 1851.

Wellieet Harbor, Massachusetts. 1853.

Reconnaissance of the harbors of Santa Cruz, San Simeon, Coxo and San Luis Obispo. California, 1852.

Preliminary survey of Shoalwater Bay, Wasbington. 1853. .
Reconnaissance of San Pedro Harbor, California. 1852.
Reconnaissance of Catalina Harbor, &c., California. 1852.

Reconnaissance of the western coast of the United States, from Gray's Harbor to the entrance of Admiralty inlet. 1853.

Reconnaissance of Cuyleis Harbor, Island of San Miguel, of San Clemonte Harbor and Prisoner's Harbor, California. 1852.

Cape Flattery and Neé-ah Harbor, Washington. 1853.
Preliminary sketch of Santa Barbara, California. 1853.
Preliminary sketch of Galveston Bay, Texas. 1852.
Sea coast of Delaware, Maryland and part of Virginia. 1852.

Reconnaissance of the western coast of the United States, from Monterey to the Columbia River. In 3 sheets. 1851.

San Diego entrance and approaches, California. 1853.
Little Egg Harbor. 1846.
Oyster or Syosset Harbor. 1847.
Harbors of Captain's Island east and Captain's Island west. 1849.
Harbors of Sheffield Island and Cawkin's Island. 1848.
Huntingdon Bay. 1849.
New Haven Harbor. 1846.
Fisher's Island Sound. 1847.
The harbor of New London. 1848.
Nantucket Harbor. 1848.
The harbor of Holmes' Hole, and the harbor of Tarpaulin Cove. 1847.
Mouth of Connecticut River. 1853.
Monterey Harbor, California. 1852. .
Preliminary survey of Humboldt Bay, California. 1852.
Preliminary survey of the entrance to Umquah River, Oregon. 1854.

Reconnaissance of the passes of the Delta of the Mississippi River, showing the changes since 1839. 1852.

Reconnaissance of the bar and channel of St. Mark's, on the western coast of Florida. 1852.

Preliminary chart of the entrance to St. John's River, Florida. 1853.
Preliminary chart of Key West Harbor and approaches. 1852.
Preliminary chart of San Luis Pass, Texas. 1853.
Sketch of Fryingpan shoals and Cape Fear River. 1851.
Preliminary sketch of Beaufort Harbor, N. Carolina. 1851.
Sketch of Ocracoke inlet, N. Carolina. 1852.

Preliminary sketch of Chincoteague inlet and shoals in the vicinity, seacoast of Virginia. 1852.

Preliminary sketch showing the positions of Davis' shoal and other dangers recently discovered by the coast survey, &c. 1853.

Mouth of Chester River. 1849.
Reconnaissance of False Dungeness Harbor, Washington. 1853.

Reconnaissance of Trinidad Bay, California. 1851. (See also Coles, supra, p. 1360.) Note.—The above coast survey maps include all published to July 1, 1855.


Banfield, 8875, D. The statistical companion. By T. C. Banfield and C. R.

Weld. London, 1848.
9614, D. The statistical companion for 1850. By T. C. Banfield

and C. R Weld. London, 1850. Mc Culloch, 10440, 0. See p.

1353. 12675, 0. Principles of statistical inquiry, as illustrated in proposals for uniting an examination into the resources of the United States with the census to be taken in 1840. By Archibald Russell. New York, 1839.

9730, 0. Journal of the statistical society. 17 vols, and index. London, 1839, &c. to the present time.

10919, 0. 9. Société royale académique de Nantes, et du départment de la Loire inférieure; statistiques. A Nantes, 1839.


1447, F. Abstract of the answers and returns made pursuant to the acts for taking an account of the population of Great Britain.” Enumeration abstract and age abstract: Part 1, England and Wales ; Part 2, Scotland. London, 1843. .

1449, F. Census of Great Britain for 1851. 3 vols.

13238, 0. 3. The results of the census of Great Britain in 1851; with the processes to obtain the returns. By Edward Cheshire. London, 1853.

13562, 0. Census of Great Britain, 1851. Religious worship in England and Wales. Abridged from the official report made by Horace Mann. London, 1851. 9123, 0.

General statistics of the British empire. By Jobn McQueen, Esq. London, 1836.

9191, 0. A statistical account of the British Empire. By J. R. McCulloch, Esq. 2 vols. London, 1837.

9821, 0. Statistics of the colonies of the British Empire, in the West Indies, South America, North America, Asia, Australasia, Africa and Europe. From the official records of the colonial office. By Robert Montgomery Martin, Esq. London, 1839.

13563, 0. Canada; past, present, and future. Being an historical, geographical, geological, and statistical account of Canada West. By W. H. Smith, 2 vols. Toronto, 1851.

9225, 0. The history of the boroughs and municipal corporations of the United Kingdom, from the earliest to the present time. By Henry A. Merewether and A. J. Stephens. 3 vols. London, 1835.

2539, Q. The land we live in. Woodcuts. 6 vols. London, 1849.

11174, D. A new description of all the roads in England and Wales, &c. &c. By Daniel Paterson. London, 1789.

8132, D. Black’s picturesque tourist and handbook of England and Wales. Edinburgh, 1845.

9046, D. The journey book of England. Kent, Berkshire, Hampstead and Derbyshire. 2 vols. London, 1847.

9541, 0. Birmingham and its vicinity, as a manufacturing and commercial district. By Wm. H. Smith. With plates. London, 1836.

9411, 0. The parochial history of Bremhill, in Wilts. By the Rev. W. L. Bowles, A. M. London, 1828.

10538, D. The story of Corfe Castle, and of many who have lived there. Collected from ancient chronicles and records; also from the private memoirs of a family resident there in the time of the civil wars; which include various particulars of the Court of Charles I., when held at York, and afterwards at Oxford. By Rt. Hon. George Bankes. London, 1853.

9612, 0. The parochial history of Cornwall. By D. Gilbert. 4 vols. London, 1838.

2389 & 2591, Q. An illustrated itinerary of the county of Cornwall. Lon. don, 1842.

10501, 0. The history of Guernsey, with notices of Jersey, Alderney and Sark, and biographical notices. By Jonathan Duncan, Esq. London, 1841.

8133, D. 1. Beck's guide to Kenilworth Castle. Leamington.

9248, 0. Annals and antiquities of Lacock Abbey, in the county of Wilts. By the Rev. W. L. Bowles and J. G. Nichols. London, 1835.

11031, D. 3. A topographical and statistical description of the county of Leicester. By G. A. Cooke, Esq. Map and views. London. Gift of I. Lea, Esq.

12971, 0. History of the commerce and town of Liverpool, and of the rise of manufacturing industry in the adjoining counties. By Thomas Baines. London, 1852.

1342, F. The survey of London. By John Stow. London, 1633. Gift of R. Ashurst, Esq.

1293, F. Londinopolis, an historical discourse ; or perlustration of the city of London. By James Howel, Esq. London, 1657.

6497, D. A history of London. By Charles Mackay. London, 1838.

10040, D. The stranger in London; or visitor's companion. With an account of the great exhibition. By Cyrus Redding. London, 1851. 10525, 0. London. Edited by Charles Knight. 6 vols.

London, 1811. 8135, D. Cruchley's picture of London. 10th edition. London, 1845.

11931, 0. Literary and historical memorials of London. By J. H. Jesse. 2 vols. London, 1847.

12536, 0. London and its celebrities. By J. Heneage Jesse. 2 vols. London, 1850.

9015, D. The town ; its memorable characters and events. By Leigh Hunt. 2 vols. London, 1848.

11812, 0. An antiquarian ramble in the streets of London ; with anecdotes of the more celebrated residents. By John Thomas Smith. Edited by C. Mackay. 2 vols. London, 1846.

10130, D. London as it is to-day. London, 1851.

6325 & 6325, D. The great metropolis. By (Grant). 2 vols. New York and London, 1837.

6391, D. The same. 2d series. London, 1837. (See, on p. 1325, Grant's other works.)

9988, D. 2. London in 1850–51; from the geographical dictionary of J. R. McCulloch, Esq. London, 1851.

9104, D. A handbook for London. By Peter Cunningham. 2 vols. London, 1819.

10282, D. Picturesque sketches of London, past and present. By Thomas Miller. Wood-cuts. London, 1852.

9919, D. 2. Where to go and what to pay in London. By H. G. Tuckett. Philadelphia, 1851.

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