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10834, D. London; its literary and historical curiosities. By F. Saunders. New York, 1854.

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8141, D. The tower, its history, armories and antiquities. By J. Hewitt. London, 1845.

10821, D. The palace and park (at Sydenham, near London); its natural history and its portrait gallery, together with a description of the Pompeian Court, in the under-mentioned guides: 1. Palace and park; 2. Portrait gallery; 3. Extinct animals; 4. Pompeian Court; 5. Ethnology and natural history. London, 1854. (See p. 1178.)

6345, D. Manebester; its political, social and commercial history, ancient and modern. By Jas. Wheeler. London, 1836.

9862, D. Historical sketches and personal recollections of Manchester. Intended to illustrate the progress of public opinion from 1792 to 1832. By Arcbibald Prentice. 2d edition. London, 1851.

11514, 0. A guide to Stratford-upon-Avon. By R. B. Wheler. Coventry.

8134, D. 1. An historical and descriptive guide to Warwick Castle; with an abridged history of the Earls of Warwick, from the Norman Conquest. By H. T. Cooke. Warwick, 1844. Gift of J. Jay Smith.

8133, D. 2. The royal Windsor guide; with a brief account of Eton, Virginia water, &c. Windsor.

12988, 0. The rivers, mountains and sea-coast of Yorkshire. on the climate, scenery and ancient inhabitants of the county. By John Phillips, F. R. S. With 36 plates. London, 1853.

13430, 0. 4. Letters respecting the mode of living, arts, commerce, &c. of Edinburgh in 1763, and since. By William Creech. Edinburgh, 1793.

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2547, Q. Memorials of Edinburgh in the olden time. By Daniel Wilson. Edinburgh, 1851.

8210, D. Chronicles of Gretna Green. By P. O. Hutchinson. 2 vols. London, 1844.

With essays

13350, 0. An essay on the population of Ireland. By Rev. J. Howlett. London, 1786. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esg.

1448, F. Census of Ireland for 1851. 3 vols.

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8115, D. The picture of Dublin; or stranger's guide to the Irish Metropolis. Dublin, 1835.


13303, 0. Sketch of the geography, political economy, and statistics of France. From the original work by Peuchet and others. By James N. Taylor. Washington, 1815.

10715, o. La France, tableau géographique, statistique et historique. Par MM. Artaud, Dufau, Lafaye, Miel, Mde. Ozenne, MM. Schnitzler et Simonde de Sismondi. Paris, 1839.

10267, D. Annals and legends of Calais. With sketches of emigré notabilities and memoir of Lady Hamilton. By Robert Bell Calton. London,

2660, Q. Recherches statistiques sur la ville de Paris. 2 tomes. A Paris, de l'imprimerie royale. 1826.

10139, 0. Description des Catacombes de Paris, par L. Héricart de Thury. A Paris, 1815.

11296, D. Galignani's new Paris guide for 1854. Paris.


1145, F. Digest of accounts of manufacturing establishments, &c., from the census of 1810 and 1820. Washington, 1811, 1823.

1145, F. Census for 1820. Washington, 1820. 1145, F. Fifth census. Washington, 1832. 9565, 0. 17. Abstract of the returns of the fifth census. Washington, 1832.

1294, F. Sixth census; or enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States, as corrected at the department of State in 1840. Washington, 1811.

1242, F. Compendium of the enumeration of the inhabitants and statistics of the United States, as obtained at the Department of State, from the returns of the sixth census, by counties and principal towns. To which is added an abstract of each preceding census. Prepared at the Department of State. Washington, 1841. Gift of Joseph R. Ingersoll, Esq.

1295, F. Statistics of the United States of America, as collected and returned by the Marshals. Washington, 1841.

2451, Q. & 1242, F. A census of pensioners for revolutionary or military services. Washington, 1811.

2633, Q. The seventh census of the United States, 1850, embracing a statistical view of each of the States and Territories, arranged by counties, towns, &c., under the following divisions : 1. Population by counties; classification of ages and color, aggregates. 2. Population by subdivisions of counties. 3. Nativities of the population. 4. Births, marriages, deaths, dwellings, and families. 5. Progress of the population. 6. Deaf and dumb, blind, insane, and idiotic. 7. Colleges, academies, schools, &c. 8. Attending school during year, as returned by families. 9. Adults in the State who cannot read and write. 10. Professions, occupations, and trades of the male population. 11. Agriculture, farms, and implements, stock products, home manufactures, &c. 12. Newspapers and periodicals. 13. Libraries other than private. 14. Churches, church property, &c. With an introduction, embracing the aggregate tables for the United States, compared with every previous census since 1790; schedules and laws of Congress relating to the census in the same period ; ratio tables of increase and decrease of cities and States, &c., by sex, and age, and color; table of population of every county, town, township, &c., in the United States, alphabetically arranged, together with some explanatory remarks and an appendix, embracing notes upon the tables of each of the States, &c. J. D. B. De Bow, Superintendent. Washington, 1853. Gift of Hon. J. R. Chandler.

13252, 0. Statistical view of the United States, embracing its territory, population-white, free colored, and slave-moral and social condition, industry, property, and revenue; the detailed statistics of cities, towns, and counties, being a compendium of the seventh census, to which are added the results of every previous census. By J. D. B. De Bow, Superintendent of United States Census. Washington, 1854. Gift of the author.

12887, 0. The industrial resources, &c., of the Southern and Western States, embracing a view of their commerce, agriculture, manufactures, internal improvements; slave and free labor, slavery institutions, products, &c., of the

South, together with historical and statistical sketches of the different States and cities of the Union; statistics of United States commerce and manufactures from the earliest period, compared with other leading powers; the results of the different census returns, &c. With an appendix. By J. D. B. De Bow. 3 vols. New Orleans, 1852.

13500, 0. Progress of the United States in population and wealth in fifty years, as exhibited by the decennial census from 1790 to 1840. With an appendix containing an abstract of the census of 1850. By George Tucker. New York, 1855. Gift of the author.

6505, D. Statistics of the west, at the close of the year 1836. By James Hall. Cincinnati, 1837.

8377, D. American facts. Notes and statistics relative to the United States of America. By George Palmer Putnam. London, 1845.

11003, 0. 1. Economica; a statistical manual for the United States of America. Washington, 1806. Gift of Jonathan B. Smith, of Washington County, Pa. 9918, 0.

Statistik von Amerika, oder Versuch einer historisch pragmatischen und raisonirenden Darstellung des politischen und bürgerlichen Zustandes der neuen Staaten-Körper von Amerika, von D. Alexander Lips. Frankfurt M., 1828.

10762, D. American statistical annual. New York, 1854, to the present time.

1368, F. Census of New York State for 1845. Albany, 1846. 12339, O. Statistics of Georgia. By George White. Savannah, 1849. 2498, Q. vol. 2, 4. On the physical geography of the Mississippi Valley, with suggestions as to the improvement of the navigation of the Ohio and other rivers. By Charles Ellet, C. E., Smithsonian Institute. Washington, 1851. 8309, D.

The American guide book; being a handbook for tourists and travellers. Philadelphia, 1846.

12893, 0. Pictorial sketch-book of Pennsylvania. By Eli Bowen. Philadelphia, 1852.

11068, D. Hints to emigrants, or a comparative estimate of the advantages of Pennsylvania, and of the Western Territory. By John Lorain, of Philipsburg, Pa. Philadelphia, 1819. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq. Note.—For the topography, &c. of particular states, see HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES- Particular history.


Herschel, 9090, D. A manual of scientific inquiry; prepared for the officers

in H. M. Navy, and travellers in general. By Sir Jno. E. W. Her

schel. London, 1851. Jackson, 7152, D. What to observe; or the traveller's remembrancer. By J.

Jackson. London, 1841, &c. Loudon, 7732, D. Glimpses of nature and objects of interest described during

a visit to the Isle of Wight, designed to assist and encourage young persons in forming habits of observation. By Mrs. Loudon. Lon

don, 1844. Martineau, 6564 & 6613, D. How to observe; morals and manners. By

Harriet Martineau. Philadelphia and London, 1838. 6960, D. The real and the ideal; or illustrations of travel. 2 vols. London, 1840.


De Bry, 1212, F. The celebrated collection of voyages by Theodore De Bry.

5 vols. (German.) Containing the voyages and travels in Asia and

Africa, with 160 finely engraved plates. Frankfort am Mayn, 1609. Ternaux-Compans, 10430, 0. Voyages, relations et mémoires originaux pour

servir à l'histoire de la découverte de l'Amérique, publiés pour la premiere fois en Français, par H. Ternaux-Compans. 14 vols.

Paris, 1840. 2332, Q. Recueil de voyages et de mémoires, publié par la société de Géographie. 2 tomes. Paris, 1825, 1830.

12927, 0. Publications of the Hakluyt Society. 4 vols. London, 1847, to the present time.


Adalbert, 12295, 0. Travels of his R. H. Prince Adalbert, of Prussia, in the

south of Europe and in Brazil. With a voyage up the Amazon and

the Xingu. Translated. 2 vols. London, 1849. Ansted, 13208, 0. Scenery, science and art; being extracts from the note

book of a geologist and mining engineer. By Prof. D. T. Ansted.

London, 1854. Bryant, 9497, D. Letters of a traveller; or notes of things seen in Europe

and America. By Wm. Cullen Bryant. New York, 1850. Burritt, 10165, D. Thoughts and things at home and abroad. By Elihu

Burritt. With a memoir of Mary Howitt. Boston, 1854. Byrne, 12034, 0. Twelve years' wanderings in the British Colonies, from

1835 to 1847. By J. C. Byrne. 2 vols. London, 1848. Campbell, 8600, D. Rough recollections; or rambles abroad and at home.

By Calder Campbell. 3 vols. London, 1847. Cleveland, 7311, D. A narrative of voyages and commercial enterprises. By

Charles J. Cleveland. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1842. Coggeshall, 12595, 0. Voyages to various parts of the world between 1799

and 1844. By George Coggeshall. New York, 1851. C'houles, 10683, D. The cruise of the steam yacht North Star; a narrative of

the excursion of Mr. Vanderbilt's party to England, Russia, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Madeira, &c. By Rev. John

0. Choules, D. D. Boston, 1854. Debary, 9857, D. Notes of a residence in the Canary Islands, the South of

Spain and Algiers ; illustrative of the state of religion in those

countries. By the Rev. Thomas Debary, M. A. London, 1851. Fraser, 7688, D. Scientific wanderings. By the Rev. R. Fraser. Edinburgh,

1843. Fulton, 7161, D. Travelling sketches in various countries. By Henry Fulton.

2 vols. London, 1840. Gavock, 10818, D. A Tennessean abroad; or letters from Europe, Africa and

Asia. By Randall W. Gavock. New York, 1854. Grattan, 8614 & 10376, D. Adventures of the Connaught Rangers, from 1808

to 1814. By W. Grattan. 1st & 2d series, 2 vols. each. London,

1847. Hakluyt, 12927, 0. Publications of the Hakluyt Society for the years 1847,

1848, 1849, 1850, 1851, 1852, &c. London, 1847, &c. to the

present time.

Hart, 8909, D. The romance of yachting. Voyage the first. By Joseph C.

Hart. New York, 1848. Holthaus, 7722, D. Wanderings of a journeyman tailor through Europe and

the east, 1824 to 1840. By P. D. Holthaus. Translated from the

German, by William Howitt. London, 1844. Jewett, 6431, D. Passages in foreign travels. By Isaac A. Jewett. Boston,

1838. Lesson, 10081, 0._Voyage medical autour du monde pendant les années 1822,

1825. Par R. P. Lesson. Paris, 1829.' Little, 7868, D. Life on the ocean; or twenty years at sea. By George

Little, now entirely blind. 2d edition. Boston, 1844. Napier, 7702, D. Wild sports in Europe, Asia and Africa. By Lieut. Col.

E. Napier. 2 vols. London, 1844. 7055, D. Scenes and sports in foreign lands. By Major E. Napier.

2 vols. London, 1840. 6957, D. Lights and shades of military life. Edited by Major-Gen.

Sir Charles Napier, K. C. B. 2 vols. London, 1840. Polo, 7796, D. The travels of Marco Polo, greatly amended and enlarged.

By Hugh Murray. London, 1846. Rockwell, 10570, 0. Sketches of foreign travel, and life at sea. By the Rev.

Charles Rockwell, late of the United States Navy. 2 vols. Boston,

1842. Ruschenberger, 13164, 0. Notes and commentaries during a voyage to Brazil

and China, in the year 1818. By W. J. W. Ruschenberger. Rich

mond, 1854. Gift of the author. Schmidel, 9619, 0. Histoire véritable d'un voyage curieux, fait par Ulrich

Schmidel de Straubing. Paris, 1837. Scoresby, 6189, D. Memorials of the sea.

Memorials of the sea. By the Rev. William Scoresby. London, 1835. Schopenhauer, 8634, D. Youthful life and pictures of travel. From the

autobiography of Madame Schopenhauer. 2 vols. London, 1847. Stahlschmidt, 6479, D. A pilgrimage by sea and land. By John C. Stahl

schmidt. London, 1837. St. John, 10900. There and back again in search of beauty. By James

Augustus St. John. 2 vols. London, 1853. Terry, 9034, D. Scenes and thoughts in foreign lands. By Charles Terry.

London, 1848. Urquhart, 12417, 0. The pillars of Hercules; or a narrative of France in

Spain and Morocco in 1848. By David Urquhart. 2 vols. Lon

don, 1850. Ward, 9697, D. Letters from three continents. By M. (Mathew Ward), the

Arkansas correspondent of the Louisville Journal. New York, 1851. Willis, 10643, D. Health trip to the tropics.

Health trip to the tropics. By N. Parker Willis. New
York, 1853.
Wood, 9140, D. Wandering sketches of people and things in South America,

Polynesia, California and other places visited during a cruise in the
U. S. ship Levant, Portsmouth and Savannah. By W. M. Wood,

M. D. Philadelphia, 1849.
Yvan, 10852, D. Romance of travel from Brest to the Isle of Bourbon,

Brazil, &c. By Dr. Yvan. Wood-cuts. London, 1854. 10575, D. Voyages et recits.

Voyages et recits. Par le docteur M. Yvan. 2 tomes. Bruxelles, 1853. 10600, D. Sketches by a sailor; or things of earth and things of heaven. By a Commander in the Navy. London, 1853.

8191, D. Over the ocean ; or glimpses of travel in many lands. By a lady of New York. New York, 1816.

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