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an extensive selection from the hitherto inedited Stuart papers. By James Browne, LL.D. 4 vols. Engravings and woodcuts. London, 1852.

2657, Q. Pacata Hibernia; or a history of the wars in Ireland during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Taken from the original chronicles. Portraits, maps and plans. London, 1633. Dublin, reprinted, 1810. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq. 1392, F. The history of the execrable Irish rebellion, from 1641 to 1662. London, 1680. 13365, O. The Irish historical library, pointing at most of the authors in print or manuscript which may be servicable to compilers. By William, Lord Bishop of Derry. Dublin, 1724. Gift of I. Lea, Esq. 2654, Q. The whole proceedings of the siege of Drogheda. To which is added a true account of the siege of Londonderry. Dublin, 1736. 1391, F. Hibernica: or some ancient pieces relating to Ireland, never hitherto made public. Dublin, 1767. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq. 13361, O. Debates relative to the affairs of Ireland (in the Irish Parliament), in 1763 and 1764. Taken by (Sir James Caldwell,) &c. 2 vols. London, 1766. Gift of I. Lea, Esq. 13362, O. The parliamentary register; or history of the proceedings and debates in the House of Commons of Ireland from Oct. 9, 1781, to June 5, 1795. 15 vols. Dublin, 1784 to 1795. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq. 13363, O. A report of the debates in the Parliament of Ireland in 1793, on the bill for relief of H. M. catholic subjects. Dublin, 1793. Gift of the soone. 1200, F. Rotulorum patentium et clausorum Cancellariae Hiberniae Calendarium. Vol. 1. Part 1. Hen. II.—Hen. VII. London, 1838. Gift of the British Government. 1201, F. Inquisitionum in officio Rotulorum Cancellariae Hiberniae asservatarum, repertorium. Vol. 1. London, 1836. Gift of the same. Note—For other records presented by the British Government, see Hardy, p. 1463, Nicolas and Balgrave, p. 1467, and p. 1472. 1271, F. 1. Report from the select committee on townland valuation of Ireland. London, 1844.


9477,0. The history of party, from the rise of the Whig and Tory factions, in the reign of Charles II. to the passing of the reform bill. By George W. Cooke, Esq. 3 vols. London, 1836.

TO 1800.

9247, D. A discourse of monarchy, as it relates to the succession of James, Duke of York. London, 1601. D.

9279, D. The rights of the people concerning impositions, with a remonstrance to the King. London, 1658.

9231, D. The common interest of king and people, showing the original antiquity and excellences of monarchy, compared with aristocracy and democracy. By John Nalson, LL.D. London, 1678. D.

13693, O. An essay upon ways and means of supplying the war. London, 1695.

13322, O. Six letters to the people of England (on national affairs). 2 vols. London, 1756. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq.

316, D. Sermons to asses. (By Rev. James Murray.) London, 1771.

11050, D. 3. A speech, intended to have been spoken on the bill for altering the charter of Massachusetts Bay. By Bp. Jonathan Shipley. 5th edition. Lancaster (Pa). 1774.

13328, O. Select letters taken from Fog's weekly journal. Vol. 1. London, 1782. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq.

13354, O. Miscellaneous tracts. By Amyas Griffith, Esq. Dublin, 1789. Gift of I. Lea, Esq.

12563, O. The history of two acts for the safety of his Majesty's person and for preventing seditious assemblies: including the proceedings of parliament and of the various clubs throughout the kingdom. London, 1796. Gift of James H. Castle, Esq.

1800 TO 1810.

13420, O. 8. Elijah's mantle : a poetical tribute to the memory of William Pitt. London, 1801. 13321, O. The crisis, a word to the plain understanding of Englishmen. (By Wm. Carey.) London, 1802. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq. 2653, Q. 2. Plan of national improvement: with remarks on Bonaparte's project to conquer Britain, &c. Brunswick, 1803. 13339, O. Extracts from The Press, a newspaper published in the capital of Ireland during part of the years 1797 and 1798; including Nos. 68 and 69, which were suppressed. Philadelphia, 1804. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq. 13419, O. 2. Letter to Lord Porchester, on the present degraded state of the English clergy. London, 1806. 13353, O. England's aegis: or the military energies of the constitution. By John Cartwright, Esq. London, 1806. Gift of Isaac Lea, Esq. 13541, O. 7. Speech in the committee of finance. By Lord Henry Petty. London, 1807. 13416, O. 2. Naval anecdotes; or a new key to the proceedings of a late naval administration. London, 1807. 13416, O. 3. Captain Foote's vindication of his conduct in the Bay of Naples in 1799. London, 1807. 13417, 0.1, & 13541, O. 4. Substance of a speech on the poor laws, in the House of Commons. By Mr. Whitbread. London, 1807. 13417, O. 2. General reflections on the system of the poor laws, &c. London, 1807. 13417, O. 3. Letter to Sam’l Whitbread, M. P., on his bill for the amendment of the poor laws. By Rev. T. R. Malthus. London, 1807. 13417, 0.4. Letter to S. Whitbread on Mr. Lancaster's system of education, &c. By John Bowles. London, 1807. 13417, 0.5. Observations on Mr. Whitbread's poor bill, &c. By John Neyland. London, 1807. 13417, 0. 6. The dangers of the country. London, 1807. 13419, O. 1. Letter to C. Abbot, Speaker of the House of Commons. London, 1807. 13419, O. 5. South American Independence; or the emancipation of South * the glory and interest of England. By William Burke. London, 807. 13419, 0. 6. Windication of the Court of Russia. London, 1807. 13419, O. 7. Speech in the committee of finance, by Lord Henry Petty. London, 1807. 13420, 0.1. All the talents A satirical poem in three dialogues. By Polypus. London, 1807.

13420, O. 2. All the talents; dialogue the fourth. Frontispiece. London, 1807. 13420, O. 3. A pastoral epilogue to, and by the author of All the talents. London, 1807. 13420, O. 4. All the talents in Ireland ' A satirical poem. London, 1807. 13420, O. 5. All the talents' garland. London, 1807. 13420, O. 6. The second Titan war against Heaven; or the talents buried under Portland Isle. A satirical poem. (Colored caricature.) London, 1807. 13420, O. 7. The groans of the talents. London, 1807. 13420, O. 9. The uti possidetis, and status quo: a political satire (in verse). London, 1807. 13420, 0.10. Gr—lle Agonistes, a dramatic poem. London, 1807. 13420, O. 12. All the blocks! By Flagellum. London, 1807. 13420, O. 11. Flagellum flagellated; a satirical poem. By Ben Block. London, 1807. 13421, O. 1. The fallen angels! A review of the late administration, &c. Frontispiece. London, 1807. 13421, 0.2. Letters to Lords Grenville and Howick, on repeal of the test laws. London, 1807. 13421, O. 3. Speech of Wiscount Howick on the change of administration. London, 1807. 13421, 0.4. Remarks on recent political occurrences. London, 1807. 13421, 0.5. Speech of John Keogh at a meeting of Catholics. London, 1807. 13421, 0. 6. Thoughts on the present crisis. London, 1807. 13421, 0.7. Catholic vindication. Speech by Edward Quin. London, 1807. 13421, O. 8. An alarm to the church established in these kingdoms. London, 1807. 13422, O. 1. Letters on the subject of the Catholics to my brother Abraham, who lives in the country. By Peter Plymley (Sydney Smith). London, 1808. 13422, O. 2. Brother Abraham's answer, &c. London, 1808. 13422, O. 3. A sketch of the state of Ireland, past and present. London, 1808. 13422, 0.4. Corruption and intolerance. Two poems. London, 1808. 13423, 0. 6. Statement of the conduct of the ministry and opposition towards the Duke of York. London, 1808. 13544, O. 1. Speech of Lord Erskine against the legality of the orders in council. London, 1808. 13423, 0.1. Appeal to the public. By Brevet Major Hogan, who resigned his commission in consequence of the treatment he experienced from the Duke of York, and the system respecting promotions, &c. London, 1808. 13423, 0.2. An examination of the “Appeal to the Public.” London, 1808. 13423, 0.5. Letter to the Duke of York, on the appointment of Sir Hew Dalrymple. By Thos. Hague. London, 1808. 13423, 0.3. The royal urinead. (A poem.) Dedicated to the Duke of Sussex. (Colored caricature.) London, 1808. 13423, O. 4. Statement of the conduct of the Duke of Sussex, and of the causes which led to the prosecution of Woodfall. By Thos. Hague. London, 1809.

1810 To 1830.

13551, O. 5. Mr. (Henry) Grattan's speeches on the Catholic petition. London, 1810.

13551, O. 3. Speech of Wm. Adam, Esq. on the expedition to the Scheldt. London, 1810.

13551, 0.4. Speech of Wm. Adam, Esq. on the great question of privi. lege. London, 1810. 13551, O. 6, & 13541, O. 2. Correspondence between Secretary Canning and Hon. D. Erskine (relating to the affair of the Chesapeake, &c.). London, 1810. 13551, 0, 2, & 13554, 0. 6. Speech of Earl Grey on the state of the nation. London, 1810. 2655, Q. Speeches of the Duke of Sussex on the regency. London, 1811. 2653, Q. 3. Speech of the Duke of Sussex on the Catholic question. Lon. don, 1812. 4566, O. Historical sketches of politics and public men for the years 1812 and 1813. 2 vols. London, 1813–14. 11047, D. 10. Letter of the Queen (Caroline) to the King, on the subject of the proceedings against her. With a letter from Sir G. Noel. Edinburgh, 1820. 13414, O. 4. A letter from the king to his people. Philadelphia, 1821. 13414, O. 5. The queen's answer to the letter from the king to his people. Philadelphia, 1821. 6413, D. 4. Speech on the elective franchise. London, 1824.

1830 TO 1840.

12589, O. 5. The West Indian Manifesto examined. London, 1831. 12696, O. 4. East India question. Facts and observations intended to convey the opinions of the native population of Bengal respecting the past and the future. By H. Newnham. 2d edition. London, 1833. 9311, O. Windication of the English constitution, in a letter to a noble and learned lord. By D'Israeli, the younger. London, 1835. 9335, O. Speeches by the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Peel, Bart., during his administration. 2d edition. London, 1835. 9988, O. 4. Letter to Wiscount Palmerston, on the British relations with China. By H. H. Lindsay. 3d edition. London, 1836. 9499, O. 2. Letters on the agitation of the question of Catholic emancipa. tion by Daniel O'Connell. By Fergus O'Connor. London, 1836. 6622, D. Observations on the advantages of emigration to New South Wales. 2d edition. London, 1836. 6413, D. 3. Thoughts in times past tested by subsequent events. By the Duke of Newcastle. London, 1837. 6413, D. 5. An address to all classes and conditions of Englishmen. By the Duke of Newcastle. London, 1837. 9220, 0.7. Lord Nugent on the ballot. London, 1837. 9620, O. 2. The conservatives (sic) of our wooden walls and shipping, against any enemies whatever. London, 1837. 9499, O. 3. The conservative Peers and the reform ministry. London, 1837. 9620, 0.8. Whig and tory; or the balance of party in 1837. By a reformer. London. 96.20, O. 3. The prospects of an Augustan age, during the reign of Queen Victoria. By Libra. London, 1837. 9499, O. 1. The right of primogeniture. By a younger brother. London, 1837. 2298, Q. 4. England, Ireland and America. London, 1837. 2298, Q. 3. Ireland and O'Connell. London, 1837. 12316, O. 2. Rules for the guidance of members of Parliament in the preparation of reports. London, 1837. 9520, 0.9. The reform of the reform bill. By Wm. Ewart. London, 1837. 6380, D. England under seven administrations. By Albany Fonblanque, Esq. 3 vols. London, 1837.

9687 & 1219.2, O. Speeches of Henry Lord Brougham upon questions relating to public rights, duties, and interests; with historical introductions and a critical dissertation upon the eloquence of the ancients. 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1838.

9648, O. The rise and progress of the English constitution; the treatise of J. L. de Lolme, LL. D. With an introduction and notes. By A. J. Stephens. 2 vols. London, 1838.

9905, 0.4. Canada and Australia, their relative merits considered. By T. Rolph. London, 1839.

11437, D. The iniquities of the opium trade. By Rev. A. S. Thelwall. London, 1839.

1840 To 1850.

9888, 0. The opium question, as between nation and nation. By a barrister at law. London, 1840. 9988, O. 2. The rupture with China and its causes, including the opium question and other important details, in a letter to Lord Wiscount Palmerston. By a resident in China. London, 1840. 9988, O. 3. Some pros and cons on the opium question. London, 1840. 9988, 0.5. Observations respecting the pending disputes with the Chinese, and a remedy. London, 1840. 10736, 0.3. Quelques considerations politiques à l'occasion de la question d'Orient. Paris, 1840. 6756 & 6791, D. Chartism. By Thomas Carlyle. London and Boston, 1840. 10924, 0.2. Mémoire sur les institutions politiques des Colonies Anglaises dans les differentes parties du globe. Par M. le Vicomte Santarem. Paris, 1840. 2370, Q. Saunders' portraits and memoirs of eminent living political reformers. London, 1840. Junius, 7176, D. Junius. “A letter to an honorable Brigadier-General Commander in Chief of his Majesty's forces in Canada.” London, 1760. Now first ascribed to Junius. Edited by N. W. Simons. London, 1841. 7586, D. The history of Junius and his works; and a review of the controversy respecting the identity of Junius. By John Jaques. London, 1843.

12060, O. The authorship of the letters of Junius elucidated, including a biographical memoir of Lieutenant-Colonel Isaac Barré. By John Britton. London, 1848. 10712, D. Junius discovered (in Gov. Pownall). By Frederick Griffin. Boston, 1854. Gift of the author. 13121, O. See Busly, p. 1322; and also p. 806. 7283, D. Peerage for the people. London, 1841. 10428, O. Lights, shadows and reflections of whigs and tories. By a country gentleman. London, 1841. 7204 & 7214, D. The glory and the shame of England. By C. Edwards Lester. 2 vols. New York, 1841. 7299, D. The fame and glory of England vindicated, being an answer to “The glory and shame of England.” By Libertas. New York, 1842. 7433, D. The condition and fate of England. By the author of “the Glory and Shame of England,” (Lester). 2 vols. New York, 1843. 11202, O. 4. Another Whig crisis. By Eneas MacDonnel, Esq. London, 1842. 7681, D. Ireland and its rulers since 1829. Part 1st. London, 1843. 11047, O. Ireland, as a kingdom and a colony. By “Brian Borohme” the Younger. London, 1843.

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