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John Hancock, President of Congress.
John Jay, President of Congress.
Patrick Henry.
Major General Joseph Warren.
Major General Henry Knox.
Major General Benjamin Lincoln.
Major General David Wooster.
Major General Philip Schuyler.
Hon. Alexander Hamilton.
Governor John E. Howard.
Brigadier-General Otho H. Williams.
Governor John Brooks.
Colonel Francis Barber.
John Barry, United States Navy.
Daniel Boone.
David Rittenhouse, LL.D.
David Humphreys, LL. D.
Edward Preble, United States Navy.
Oliver H. Perry, United States Navy.
Major General Jacob Brown.
Governor De Witt Clinton.
Hon. James A. Bayard.
Hon. John C. Calboun.
Governor Robert Y. Hayne.
Hon. William Gaston.
Hon. Levi Woodbury.
Mrs. Maria Van Ness.
Noah Webster, LL. D.
Caspar Wistar, M. D.
David Hosack, M. D.
James Kent, LL.D.
Charles Ewing, LL. D., Chief Justice New Jersey.

Governor George Wolf.
Vol. 3 contains-

James Madison, Fourth President United States.
Mrs. Madison.
James Monroe, Fifth President United States.
John Dickinson.
Francis Hopkinson.
Elias Boudinot.
Benjamin Rush, M.D.
David Ramsay, M. D.
Major General Arthur St. Clair.
Major General Lachlan McIntosh.
Major General Daniel Morgan.
Brigadier-General Francis Marion.
Brigadier-General Andrew Pickens.
Brigadier-General Henry Lee.
Brigadier-General Wm. A. Washington.
Major General Morgan Lewis.
Benjamin Tallmadge.
Governor James Jackson.
Governor William R. Davie.
Paul Jones, United States Navy.
Ricbard Dale, United States Navy.
William Bainbridge, United States Navy.
Stephen Decatur, United States Navy.

Fisher Ames.
Rufus King
Stephen Van Rensselaer.
William Pinckney.
Lindley Murray
Charles Brockden Brown.
Robert Fulton.
Joseph Story, LL. D.
Major General William Henry Harrison.
Martin Van Buren, President United States.
Mahlon Dickerson, Secretary of Navy.

Felix Grundy, United States Senate.
Vol. 4 contains

John Adams, Second President United States.
Abigail Adams, Consort of John Adams.
Samuel Adams, Governor of Massachusetts.
Jonathan Trumbull, Governor of Connecticut.
John Rutledge, Governor of South Carolina.
Henry Laurens, President of Congress.
Thomas Sumter, United States Army.
Richard Montgomery, United States Army.
Charles C. Pinckney, United States Army.
Thomas Pinckney, United States Army.
Oliver Ellsworth, Chief Justice United States.
Thomas Miflin, U. S. A. and Governor of Pennsylvania.
Thomas McKean, Governor of Pennsylvania.
Robert Morris.
Joseph Habersham, Postmaster-General.
Mordecai Gist, United States Army.
George R. Clarke, United States Army.
Simon Kenton, Brigadier-General.
Joshua Barney, United States Navy.
Luther Martin.
Samuel Chase, Associate Justice United States.
Abraham Baldwin, Senator United States.
Robert R. Livingston, Chancellor New York.
John Quincy Adams, Sixth President United States.
Louisa C. Adams, Consort of J. Q. Adams.
William H. Crawford, Secretary of Treasury.
Hugh L. White, United States Senate.
John Randolph.
W. C. C. Claiborne, Governor of Louisiana.
John McLean, Associate Justice United States.
Edward Everett, Governor of Massachusetts.
Thomas Say.
Nathaniel Bowditch, LL. D.

Syng Physick, M. D.
John W. Francis, M. D.
Lydia H. Sigourney.
Winfield Scott, United States Army.
E. P. Gaines, United States Army.

Nicholas Biddle.
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9581, 0. The life and times of Louis the Fourteenth. By G. P.
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