Sivut kuvina

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Comprenant: la fin de l’Empire, la restauration, la Monarchie de
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bracing the exploits of Boone, Brady, Kenton, Whetzel, Fleehart, &c.

By Henry C. Watson. With woodcuts. Philadelphia, 1852. Watt, 9825, 0. Life of James Watt. By M. Arago. To which are subjoined

Arago's memoir on machinery, and Lord Brougham's account of the

discovery of the composition of water. Edinburgh, 1839. 13721, 0. The origin and progress of the mechanical inventions of

James Watt, illustrated by his correspondence, &c. By James

Patrick Muirhead. 3 vols. London, 1854. Webber, 12729, 0. The hunter-naturalist. Romance of sporting, or wild

scenes and wild hunters. By C. W. Webber. Philadelphia, 1851.


Webster, 10258, D. The private life of Daniel Webster. By Charles Lan

New York, 1852. 12956, 0. 8. Funeral oration on Daniel Webster. By Charles S. Drake. St. Louis, 1852. 12956, 0.9. A discourse on the life and character of Daniel Webster. By H. A. Boardman, D. D. Philadelphia, 1852. 12956, 0. 12. A eulogy on Daniel Webster. By Cortlandt Van Rensselaer. Burlington, N. J., 1852. 10930, D. Webster and his master-pieces. By Rev. B. F. Tefft, D. D. 2 vols. Auburn, 1854. 13130, 0. Obituary addresses on the occasion of the death of the Hon. Daniel Webster, delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives of U. 8., 14th and 15th Dec., 1852. Washington, 1853.

. Gift of Hon. J. R. Chandler. 13136, 0. 3. A discourse at Dartmouth College, commemorative of Daniel Webster. By Rufus Choate. Boston, 1853. 10257, D. Life and memorials of Daniel Webster. From the New York Daily Times. 2 vols. New York, 1853. 9558, D. Reminiscences of Congress. By Charles W. March. New York, 1850. (Being a life of Daniel Webster.) 13665, O. 15. Sermon on the death of Daniel Webster.

By Rer. H. J. Morton, D. D. Philadelphia, 1852. Wellesley, 11613, 0. Memoirs and correspondence of the most noble Richard

Marquess Wellesley. By Robert Rouiere Pearce. 3 vols. London,

1846. Wellington, 11295, O. Maxims and opinions of the Duke of Wellington,

selected from his writings. By George Henry Francis, Esq. Lon-
don, 1845.

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embracing his civil, military and political career. Edited by Sir J.
C. Alexander. 2 vols. London, 1840.
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&c. By W. H. Maxwell, prebendary of Balla. 3 vols. London,

10368, 0. The military life of Field-marshal the Duke of Welling-
ton, K. G., &c. &c. By Major Basil Jackson and Captain C. Roche-
fort Scott. 2 vols. London, 1840.

10487, 0. Life and campaigns of the Duke of Wellington. By
the Rev. G. N. Wright, M. A. 4 vols. London, 1841
10240, D. Lives of Wellington and Peel. From the London
Times. New York, 1852.
10582, D. Life, military and civil, of the Duke of Wellington.
Digested from the materials of W. H. Maxwell, and in part rewritten,
by an old soldier. With some account of his public funeral. Illus-
trated. London, 1852.

10595, D. On the life and character of the Duke of Wellington.
Substance of a discourse delivered to the members of the Worsley
Literary Institution, and others, Oct. 14, 1852. By the Earl of Elles.

2d edition. London, 1852. 10567, D. Three years with the Duke of Wellington in private life. By an ex-aide-de-camp. 2d edition. London, 1853.

10595, D. 2. The Duke of Wellington ; his character, his actions and his writings. By Jules Maurel. With a preface by the Earl of Ellesmere. London, 1853. (See p. 1212.)

8475, D. Mary Anne Wellington, the soldier's daughter, wife and

widow. By the Rev. R. Cobbold. 3 vols. London, 1846. Welsby, 11661 & 11695, 0. Lives of eminent English Judges of the seven


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