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Sciences and Arts.

Bachman, 13543, 0. 7. Continuation of the review of "Nott & Gliddon's

Types of Mankind." By John Bachman, D. D. No. 2. Charleston,

1855. Gift of Lloyd P. Smith. Bacon, 11421, D. Infant school teacher's guide, as conducted by E. Bacon.

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Rev. C. David Badham, M. D. London, 1854. Baly, 13622, 0. Reports on epidemic cholera. By Wm. Baly, M. D. and

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Canada. By John Bell, M. D. Philadelphia, 1855. Bennett, 11442, D. System of arithmetic. By Titus Bennett. Philadelphia,

1815. Bollman, 13415, 0. 2. Paragraphs on banks. By Erick Bollman. Phila

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of the physical organization and the mental faculties.. (By Sir Benj.

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University. By Charles Caldwell, M. D. Lexington, Ky., 1836. Cato, 11361, D. Cato's distichs de moribus improved, for the use of schools.

By J. Roberts. London, 1760. Colton, 12020, 0. Public economy for the United States. By Calvin Colton.

New York, 1818. Comstock, 11413, D. A practical treatise on the culture of silk. By F. G.

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Redman Coxe, M. D. Philadelphia, 1842. Coultas, 11531, D. The plant, an illustration of the organic life of the animal.

By Harland Coultas. Philadelphia, 1855. 11539, D. The principles of botany, as exemplified in the Crypto

gamia. By H. Coultas. Philadelphia, 1853.

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