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Francisco Draken Equite Anglo susceptæ. 1599.
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John Murray. London, 1854.
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kings, heralds and pursuivants. With a preliminary dissertation relative to the different orders in England, &c. By the Rev. Mark

Noble. London, 1805. Gift of Thomas Balch, Esq. Oliver, 11472, D. The revelations of a square ; being a graphic display of

the sayings of eminent Masons from 1717 to 1813. By Rev. G.

Oliver. Engraving. London, 1855. Parsons, 11540, D._ Inside view of slavery: or a tour among the planters.

By C. G. Parsons, M. D. Boston, 1855. Prescott, 13795, 0. History of the reign of Philip II., King of Spain. By

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of its industrial and commercial interests. By James Robertson.

London, 1855. Russell, 2690, Q. The history of America, from its discovery by Columbus to

the conclusion of the late war. With an appendix containing an account of the present unhappy contest between Great Britain and.

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London. By John Simon, F. R. S. London, 1854. Sims, 11274, D. Handbook to the library of the British Museum: with some

account of the principal libraries in London. By Richard Sims, of

the department of MSS. London, 1854. Smith, 11427, D. The Araucanians; or notes of a tour among the Indian

tribes of Southern Chili. By Edmond Reuel Smith. New York,

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China, &c. By J. W. Spalding. Illustrations. New York, 1855. Stern, 13587, 0. Dawnings of light in the East; a mission to the Jews in

Persia, Coordistan and Mesopotamia. By Rev. Henry A. Stern.

London, 1854. St. John, 11470, D. Travels of an Arab merchant in Soudan (the black

kingdoms of Central Africa). Abridged from the French. By Bayle St. John. London, 1854.

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