Ballads and Other Poems, Numero 74

C. Kegan Paul, 1880 - 184 sivua

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Sivu 44 - Sir Richard spoke and he laugh'd, and we roar"da hurrah, and so The little Revenge ran on sheer into the heart of the foe, With her hundred fighters on deck, and her ninety sick below ; For half of their fleet to the right and half to the left were seen, And the little Revenge ran on thro
Sivu 40 - AT FLORES in the Azores Sir Richard Grenville lay, And a pinnace, like a flutter'd bird, came flying from far away : ' Spanish ships of war at sea ! we have sighted fifty-three ! ' Then sware Lord Thomas Howard : ' "Fore God I am no coward ; But I cannot meet them here, for my ships are out of gear, And the half my men are sick. I must fly, but follow quick. We are six ships of the line; can we fight with fifty-three?
Sivu 18 - To be hang'd for a thief — and then put away — isn't that enough shame? Dust to dust — low down — let us hide ! but they set him so high That all the ships of the world could stare at him, passing by. God...
Sivu 159 - O dear Spirit, half-lost In thine own shadow and this fleshly sign That thou art thou — who wailest being born And banish'd into mystery, and the pain Of this divisible-indivisible world Among the numerable-innumerable Sun, sun, and sun, thro...
Sivu 178 - Never had huger Slaughter of heroes Slain by the sword-edge — Such as old writers Have writ of in histories — Hapt in this isle, since Up from the East hither Saxon and Angle from Over the broad billow Broke into Britain with Haughty war-workers who Harried the Welshman, when Earls that were lured by the Hunger of glory gat Hold of the land.
Sivu 164 - THEY rose to where their sovran eagle sails, They kept their faith, their freedom, on the height, Chaste, frugal, savage, arm'd by day and night Against the Turk; whose inroad nowhere scales Their headlong passes, but his footstep fails, And red with blood the Crescent reels from fight Before their dauntless hundreds, in prone flight By thousands down the crags and thro
Sivu 46 - Philip, she bethought herself and went Having that within her womb that had left her ill content; And the rest they came aboard us, and they fought us hand to hand, For a dozen times they came with their pikes and musqueteers, And a dozen times we shook 'em off as a dog that shakes his ears When he leaps from the water to the land. IX And the sun went down, and the stars came out far over the summer sea...
Sivu 106 - Then on another wild morning another wild earthquake out-tore Clean from our lines of defence ten or twelve good paces or more. Rifleman, high on the roof, hidden there from the light of the sun One has leapt up on the breach, crying out: 'Follow me, follow me!
Sivu 48 - And half of the rest of us maimed for life In the crash of the cannonades and the desperate strife; And the sick men down in the hold were most of them stark and cold, And the pikes were all broken or bent, and the powder was all of it spent...
Sivu 93 - Emmie, you put out your arms, and you leave 'em outside on the bed The Lord has so much to see to ! but, Emmie, you tell it Him plain, It's the little girl with her arms lying out on the counterpane.

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