The British Critic


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Sivu 611 - A weary chase and wasted hour, Then leaves him, as it soars on high, With panting heart and tearful eye : So Beauty lures the full-grown child, WUh hue as bright, and wing as wild ; A chase of idle hopes and fears, Begun in folly, closed in tears.
Sivu 70 - Succinct History of the geographical and political Revolutions of the Empire of Germany, or the principal States which composed the Empire of Charlemagne, from his Coronation in 800 to its Dissolution in 1806; with some Account of the Imperial House of Hapsburgh, and of the six secular Electors of Germany ; and of Roman, German, French, and English Nobility.
Sivu 359 - He made signal to tack in succession. Nelson, whose station was in the rear of the British line, perceived that the Spaniards were bearing up before the wind, with an intention of forming their line, going large, and joining their separated ships, or else of getting off without an engagement.
Sivu 56 - With sparkling flames the trees unburning shine, And round their boles prodigious serpents twine. The pious worshippers approach not near, But shun their gods, and kneel with distant fear : The priest himself, when, or the day or night Rolling have reached their full meridian height, Refrains the gloomy paths with wary feet, Dreading the demon of the grove to meet ; Who, terrible to sight, at that fixed hour, Still treads the round about his dreary bower.
Sivu 611 - Ah, where shall either victim rest ? Can this with faded pinion soar From rose to tulip as before ? Or Beauty, blighted in an hour, Find joy within her broken bower ? No: gayer insects fluttering by Ne'er droop the wing o'er those that die.
Sivu 529 - I befeech you, that ye walk worthy of the " vocation wherewith ye are called ; with all low" linefs and meeknefs, with long-fuffering, forbear" ing one another in love ; endeavouring to keep " the unity of the fpirit in the bond of peace...
Sivu 391 - England's Elizabeth : her Life and Troubles, during her Minoritie from the Cradle to the Crowne. Historically laid open and interwoven with such eminent Passages of State as happened under the Reigne of Henry the Eight, Edward the Sixt, Q. Mary ; all of them aptly introducing to the present Relation.
Sivu 434 - ... if the cows look towards the heavens, and turn up their noftrils as if catching fome fmell ; if the oxen lick their fore feet ; and if oxen and dogs lie on their right fide, all thefe are figns which announce ia!n.
Sivu 132 - Thursday, they truly performed their due rites (deviled) — on the Friday, the victims were conducted round the circle — on the Saturday, their united exertion was displayed without the circular dance (didwrn)-— on the Sunday. the men with red blades were conducted round the circle— on the Monday, was seen the deluge of gore, up to the belt...
Sivu 166 - Heavens, what a nose ! Forbear to look Whene'er you drink, in fount or brook : For, as the fair Narcissus died, When hanging o'er a fountain's side, You, too, the limpid water quaffing, May die, my worthy Sir, with laughing.

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